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The High and the Higher Still

By Matthew Webb

Part 3

June 8

I had to stop writing yesterday because of having very low energy...this process of transformation is a bit rough. As I purify out fear and pain, (pain in particular) my lower three chakras are really going through a difficult transition. I’ve had a great deal of pain and weakness in the calves and feet, and even worse discomfort in the lower back, (between the second and third chakra) making it difficult at times to even walk upright. I sleep a great deal, even napping during the day, and meditate upon upgrading the intent elements in these areas. With this focus they become pain free only to once again flare up. My general energy is minimal, and if I focus upon the ills of the world the pain is increased almost immediately, and my energy likewise drops. Purity of spiritual intent is highly called for, and I’m reminded frequently on a psychic level to align with God and Its intent, as revealed during the last smoke.

It becomes necessary to point out many things regarding the Path, or in other words, the expansion of consciousness and spiritual progression. These two are basically one and the same thing. In relation to this subject, it’s also necessary to clarify many points regarding the nature of God and God in nature. Be it known that when I speak of God I do not essentially refer to Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Apollo, or Santa Claus, nor any other religious figure, with the possible exception of the Native peoples’ perception, of the, "Great Spirit" worldwide. Most of the concepts of God, (or Goddess) around the world are just that...mere concepts of mind and not direct Seeings which cognize Its’ true nature. In other words these "Gods" and "Goddesses" are mainly of mental origin, as psychological projections of human-made wishful thinking upon the exponentially greater Essence which is truly God. Even the word, "God" is unfortunate, as it denotes the male sex, just as "Goddess" denotes the female sex. But the truth is that "God" is neither male nor female. God is an "It" which holds the potential for either of the sexes. I use the word "God" therefore, only because it is most commonly known and easily used, and in no way because of any religious or anthropomorphic attachment. If one were to combine certain key features of so-called, "animism", Taoism, Shamanism, Shinto, "The Force" of the movie Star Wars, Wicca, Vedic concepts of consciousness, and various Gnostic understandings, one would begin to get a more accurate picture of what God actually is.

But to clarify matters further it is useful to say that God, as a very high order of large-scale consciousness, is composed of three things: INTENT, AWARENESS and ENERGY. It is through these essences that God manifests its’ influence. This is especially true through the instrumentality of INTENT, and even now as you read this page, the intent of God flows through you and everything in your environment. This is going on each and every second. God-force flows through your atoms, your neighbors’ dog, the bush in the yard, the rain, the stone in the field and the presidents of distant nations too.

Because the word, "consciousness" also denotes intent, awareness and energy, "God" and "Consciousness" are basically synonymous terms. God IS consciousness. It is no mere accident that our essential identity, (the true self as soul) is likewise consciousness. Upon looking within the observant seeker of truth will find none other than their own energy given focus by awareness, and that this awareness is in turn given direction by intent. There is nothing in life that we can accomplish, no single act of any kind which does not entirely depend upon our intent to initiate motion, our awareness to stay appropriately focused, and chi, (energy) to carry it out. Know too that God acts through these same universal instruments, and in that same order.

It is precisely because we are all consciousness, (intent, awareness and energy) which makes true the phrase, "we are all one" with each other and all of nature. It is because our essential nature is consciousness that we may also know God. Consciousness likewise flows throughout nature, and has some degree of refinement and concentration in every living thing. Due to this fact we can likewise commune with nature just as we can commune with God and other human beings. Upon, raising or expanding our consciousness, it is a natural fact that our capacity to know the, "secrets" of God, Nature and Man is proportionally enhanced. To better understand, (realize) our true nature, (know thyself/soul) as consciousness, is to likewise have much clearer perception of that same force which animates the entire cosmos.

God did not, "create us in ‘His’ own image". God enhanced part of Itself on this planet, (as elsewhere) by assisting the increasing sophistication of biological forms over eons of time. God is STILL doing this, meaning that "creation" was not a 7-day process. It is an ongoing process partially understood by science as "evolution". In essence, God assisted, (and still assists) the creation of man, "in Its’ own intent". Our intent can rightfully be called, "a miniature God-force" that is capable of creations in its’ own right. The same may be said to lesser degrees about the rest of too is animated by God-force, but in ways generally less refined than in the potentials of Man.

Microbiologists have been compelled by the sheer weight of modern evidence to concede that the structures of the cell are far too sophisticated to have evolved by virtue of sheer chance. In the mechanisms of DNA replication and RNA-initiated protein synthesis alone, the evolution-by-chemical-chance theory has been thoroughly discredited. These are elaborate multi-step processes which occur even at the molecular level of cell function, so much so that the chance they could have arisen on their own accord through blind probability are literally trillions to one. The "design" of "pattern" if you will, of even the most simple bacterium would fill encyclopedia sets of sophisticated and interlocking information. Modern scientists are in growing numbers feeling compelled by the mathematics of extreme improbability, to acknowledge the scientific validity of a God-source theory of living systems. Interestingly, the scientific models of natural selection, cell mitosis, species mutation and development remain provably valid regardless of God-source origins. Indeed, what is arising in modern science and religious Gnosticism both, is a comprehensive synthesis of evolution and creation. Perhaps this new field should be called, "Creavolution".

In repeated Seeings and under the test of methodical logic, I can attest to the reality of this synthesis, by saying that both creationists and evolutionists have been partly right and partly wrong. Creationists have been right in the fact that God has been "creative", as evidenced by the extreme sophistication of Man and nature at all levels of organization. They have been incorrect to advocate a 7-day "Creation" of all things however, and wrong to reject the scientific understandings of natural selection. Science has been right that natural selection through physical forces continues to shape species, but wrong to reject the notion that God has played a vital role in the process of evolution.

Within the promising seas of early Earth some billions of years ago, the molecular constituents for DNA formation were at hand. God-force entered these constituents via Its’ Intent and directed Awareness, thereby causing molecular energies to respond. That intent was the same as on every life-forming world, to cause greater and greater sophistication of form to arise, (initiate evolution). A very crude analogy for this molecular rearrangement is that of a magnet acting upon iron filings. God intent, as an organizing force, compelled the molecular constituents of single celled life to form into a sufficiently ordered pattern, (the first DNA). Once single cells began to replicate on their own, and over great periods of time, they gained in sophistication, (due in large part to the pressures described by natural selection). This was how the process of evolution was initiated on Earth, just as it has been in countless other places throughout the galaxy and cosmos at large.

The compelling nature of God-force, (intent) has subsequently and constantly intervened as It deemed appropriate, over the entire course of the evolutionary process described by science. The "mysterious" leaps and transformations of one species to the next, including our own so-called, "missing link" of human development, has occurred therefore, not only through the impetus of life and the natural laws which govern it, but also through the Intent of God, of Consciousness at Large. Every single plant and animal, fungus and microorganism great and small, are the result of creation and evolution both. It is the intent of God that life on this planet and elsewhere, continue to evolve into ever higher forms. It is therefore the intent of God that WE also become more sophisticated, not through technological advance, but through the expansion of consciousness which we ARE, and which God likewise IS.

The reader might be compelled to ask, "What then is the motive of God to oversee the process of evolution?" "Why all the effort?" The answer is this; as life in any one place flourishes and evolves, the God-force and presence in that place is enhanced. This fact implies many things;

  • 1) That God is not "perfect".
  • 2) That God learns.
  • 3) That the consciousness which is God is also expanding.
  • 4) That life serves as a type of "feed-back loop" for God, and through that loop It reflects on Its own nature and finds self refinement in this.

1) That God is not "perfect". There is no such thing as perfection, not even for God, because there is no single state of being, no ultimate and therefore finite level of consciousness which cannot be improved upon. No matter how high or knowing any state can become, it can ALWAYS be made higher and wiser. Ultimate knowledge to the exclusion of further knowledge is not attainable, because new and novel interactions of variables always arise in an infinite universe. This fact precludes the possibility of knowing ALL, even for God. It is therefore as much a desirable thing for God to continue to evolve, (gain greater sophistication) as it is for us and all other life.

2) That God learns. Every time the God-force enters upon any world capable of supporting life, it must by necessity encounter unique conditions and variables seen nowhere else in the universe. For this reason God-consciousness must actually learn, step by step, what it specifically means to advance consciousness and life on that world. The earth has been no exception. As God learns to gain from and enhance life on a world, It then follows a local progression from simpler to more advanced when it comes to, "dealing with" that set of unique physical variables. On each world where life arises, the "local presence of God" (aka "local God") gains greater and greater enrichment from the life evolving there. Through each eye, (where consciousness dwells) It Sees. Through each ear, (where consciousness dwells) It hears in ways unique to that physiology. Through each nerve ending and brain, (where consciousness dwells) It perceives and understands each unique environment in ways similarly unique within each life form. Through each growing plant and even the tiniest micro-organism, (where consciousness dwells) God experiences Itself to some degree, and in so doing, gains an increasing understand of the peculiarities of evolutionary advancement in that place and time. And in all this, 3) the consciousness which is God is expanding, not only through Its’ own initiative, but through Its’ various extensions and manifestations collectively known as "life forms". The human being, we must keep in mind, is also such an extension of God consciousness on the material plane.

Thus, it is true; 4) That life serves as a type of "feed-back loop" for God, and through that loop It reflects on Its own nature and finds self refinement in this. This is an on-going, cumulative process. Every animal and plant which lives on Earth, and which has ever lived on Earth, has generated an arrangement of intent and awareness unique to its’ species. Each of these has had special properties of perception, and each understood the world in a way unlike any other. The God-force which is possessed to some level of refinement by all life, has thus experienced Itself in a myriad of ways throughout the natural history of this planet. Through each animal and plant, extinct and still living, Gods’ consciousness has been expanded and broadened by assimilating the essences of each arising form. The more rich, vital and diverse the expression of life on a given world, the more rich, vital and diverse is Gods’ enrichment by it, as a direct result. As God is progressively enriched by each unique form of life, It gains greater and greater ability to enhance the evolutionary progress of any ecosystem. Beyond physical factors, the feedback loop of God to evolving form, and evolving form to enriched local God-presence, is the primary engine behind the progress of life in all places and times.

Notably, there reaches a point upon all evolving worlds, whereupon life gains the ability to reflect upon itself and actually guide its’ own nature. Upon reaching this point, the intelligent life form is then enabled to begin consciously guiding its’ own development. In essence, the engine of the evolutionary dynamic is at this point given an advanced mind, whereby its’ own processes can be self known and self guided. Such a point is considered a very desirable outcome on any world. The evolution of form and the expansion of consciousness that implicitly accompanies it, then becomes greatly accelerated. It is in such places and times that God gains an exponentially greater benefit in Its’ own evolution, than what was seen previously in non-sentient forms. Humanity represents just such a sentient form. The evolutionary threshold of hominid to Homo Sapiens, was the Earthly version of achieving sentience and therefore self guidance, in the on-going expansion of consciousness.

The problem is of course that capability does not necessarily imply right action. There is a partial truth in the Christian doctrine of, "God giving us the freedom of choice" and in relation to, "good and evil". However, good and evil are NOT as they are (un) defined by the Bible, or any other mainstream religion that I am aware of. Good is defined precisely as follows, and in all places in the universe thus; "that which stands for the greater sophistication of life, as well as all that contributes to evolution and the expansion of consciousness". Evil is very simply that which runs contrary to this cosmic purpose.

Although humanity has evolved to the point of being CAPABLE of self reflection and the conscious guidance of its’ own true progress, it has not yet exercised this capacity in any real way. Humans have instead, (in the vast majority and historically) chosen instead to invent gods, ideas, religions and institutions of their own convenience, calling these, "reality". They have thereby neglected to simply look, to See the truth of self and universe directly and accurately, and have come to view even the word "truth" with contempt. Humans have primarily rejected the fact that existence runs by virtue of natural/spiritual laws. They have confused themselves through so many artificial and false images, that the true knowledge of self as consciousness has been largely replaced by self indulgence and dogma. They have confused themselves with so many small and false images of deity, that the true knowledge of God as consciousness has been largely replaced by empty ritual and religion. Humans have further entered this self-induced confusion so thoroughly, that most consider life to be a shallow and boring, 2-dimensional plane, of materialism and quick-fix consumerism. I tell you this with utmost urgency and clarity of Seeing, that if our true purpose as intelligent agents for the expansion of consciousness is not embraced by humanity, we are doomed to extinction. That which will not serve the purposes of God and Nature is eventually eliminated as worthless, like it or not. If we will not renounce our self made purgatories in favor of real human progress, then it is within those purgatories we will remain until the death of our kind. It is herein that the ultimate test of our fitness to survive will be found. If we will not carry the brightening torch of evolution onward into the night of possibilities, then another form will be chosen by circumstance and Intent, who will.

[Continued in Part 4]