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The High and the Higher Still

By Matthew Webb

Part 4

June 9

To summarize this, "challenge of our fitness to evolve" would be to say that our greatest human need is to, "get over" our own faulty ideas and emotional attachments so as to competently address our true purpose. That purpose is to BECOME HIGHER, MORE SOPHISTICATED BEINGS, through the development of the consciousness that we ARE. Only in this development can true progress be achieved. Everything we do hinges squarely upon our state and level of consciousness, in each moment that passes. This development and this development only, is the ultimate solution for the worlds’ ills. No political of social measure will have such lasting benefit. No Senate-passed law can compensate for low consciousness in the public domain, as un-evolved minds will always erode legislature and other social measures sooner or later. Unchecked fear and pain will inevitably rip down all edifices of liberty, no matter how well they are constructed. Only the higher establishment of love, clarity, self knowledge and right alignment with God in sincere spiritual intention, will bring forth the Shining Age of Evolved Man, we all secretly wish to establish.

It is clear that a large part of the motivation to encourage others along the Path, arises from the Intent of God and Nature. In fact, it is notable that the higher ones’ state of consciousness at any given moment, the stronger is this Intended compulsion to raise others, and the world as a whole. God is of a very high order of consciousness and vibration. The modern human consciousness with its’ attendant fear and pain, has difficulty accessing the Intent of God because our feelings and intentions are usually too dissonant. However, the higher one is at any given moment, the more vibrationally resonant they are with God and Nature. This resonance induces a greater rapport or flow of information and intention. It roughly follows the same principle of frequency resonance seen between radio transmitters and receivers. Those receivers which are, "in tune" with what is being transmitted, (by virtue of being on "the right frequency") are enabled to receive the information sent. This is true of higher states of consciousness and the proportionally increasing ability to receive "Gods’ transmission". Spiritually smoked Herb clearly enhances this resonance with God, which is partly why it is a sacrament proper. Thus the appropriateness of the word, "ENTHEOGEN" as applied to cannabis, which means, (en) in, (theo), God and, (gen) active agent or catalyst, or in other words, "a catalyst for aligning with God".

I am "told" that God wants, (intends) that each human being BE as high as they possibly can, via entheogens, spiritual intent/practice, music, Tantra and a multitude of other methods. As with any world, God desires us ALL, each and every one, to be High Masters such as Christs and Buddhas. Even a handful of such High Masters could combine their spiritual intent, as a group mind of excellent quality, to change the karma of our race forever. Such a group could even usher in an evolutionary leap, a great expansion of collective consciousness, by casting their raising intent worldwide, in a very high and repeated fashion. Such a possibility exists for humanity even now. But that potential future requires those who have done the necessary inner work. It necessitates the psychic alignment of those few among us who have great inner strength, and who have traveled sufficiently far along the Path, to align their spiritual powers together for the good of the planet. This they must do regardless of the psychic and karmic pressures of the modern world, so as to shine in the High in ways that truly befit UNITY IN SPIRITUAL CAUSE. All ego must be laid aside. Those who would be High Masters must raise each other, just as they would raise themselves. There is no territoriality or egoistic reputation to uphold in high states of consciousness. In fact, it is these very social forces which the truly spiritual aim to dismantle, in favor of the Reality they obscure.

I am also told that although God can aid the practitioner in deeply profound ways, It will often intentionally NOT do so. It is necessary for each person to do all the real inner work which the Path requires. Not the least of these tasks is the valuing of truth above all other things, the elimination of attachment, the dismantling of the ego, (and it’s twin, fear) for the sake of spiritual Cause. Without actually working for these attainments, one does not gain the necessary richness of experience, and thus their depth of wisdom suffers. Consider for a moment the intense strength of living things as the result of millennia upon millennia of natural selection. Life forms are strong precisely because of having to overcome the pressures of mutual competition and environmental hazards. No greenhouse plant can ultimately be so strong even though it may be well fed and watered, as its’ counterpart in the wilds who is tested by wind, drought and predators. That which is catered to, (over-domesticated) grows weak, losing its’ spirit and vigor. So it is along the spiritual Path. The various trials and pressures of personal growth beyond the faulty norms of our day, and which the Path inherently affords, are the very best means by which we can gain real inner strength. This too is why knowledge does not imply wisdom. Anyone can read a book about meditation and self refinement, but without serious application of the words on the page, no real wisdom can arise. Enlightenment arises as much through trial as it does through knowledge. It often comes from adversity, not emotional pampering or intellectual convenience, (denial). Most of all it comes from the application of truth in daily life. There is no adequate replacement for this strength gained through adversity and application. There is no replacement for the trials of the sincere which lead to embodiment of truth, not even through the beneficent influence of God. God understands this. To use a crude analogy, a good parent knows this too...that although you can tirelessly speak of responsible action, only experience can fully teach the child.

Understanding this reveals the folly of the Christian doctrine of blind faith. "Be ye as sheep unto the fold" is clearly NOT a valid recipe for wisdom. One should certainly stand well prepared to accept into themselves high knowledge and influence. But a sheep cannot do this in a meaningful way, because they are basically MINDLESS. They lack the essential intelligence and wisdom necessary to spiritually progress as conscious beings. There can be no real trial for the blind follower, no test of spiritual proficiency or intellectual correctness, in the face of a mindless adherence to dogma. For what use is faith, (belief in the unseen) in the person who has clarity and therefore Sees? Does the person who perceives God directly need faith that there is a God? No, not any more than a person needs faith that they have a physical body. Furthermore, it is very often the act of adopting blind faith which creates spiritual blindness. Through faith in false ideas of Deity, God remains unperceived. God does not want us to be blind or sheep-like...It wants us to See as clearly as we can every moment, all there is to perceive of life and consciousness. God wants us to be competent spiritual leaders, not sheep who can do little more than graze the unproductive meadows of doctrine, and who in turn leave little more than the droppings of mediocrity.

This too has been revealed to me many times; that the pursuit of God and higher consciousness is far greater in value, than the following of any way-shower to God or enlightenment. The messenger of truth is never more important than the message itself. The finger that points at the moon is not the moon, nor should it be confused with anything else it may point at. Christ, Buddha and Herb are all way-showers to God and higher consciousness. They demonstrate the right direction of travel, the appropriate focuses, hazards along the way, and knowledge of the Path. But they are in no way the Path itself, nor would any true Master ever claim to be THE PATH. We must not become so enamored with the messenger that we lose sight of the essential meaning of the message. This is what has happened within the religions of the modern world. We’ve become so distracted by rituals, symbols and intermediaries to God, (Saints, Icons, Arcane Glyphs, Temples, Churches, Alters and Fancy Robes, etc.) that they have obscured the truth in the mind of Man. We have in essence given far too much credence to the wrapping, and ignored what is inside the box. "Look what wonderful wrapping...praises be!", people say, without going to the effort of unwrapping those spiritual gifts of God, contained in body, soul and nature. For these reasons no Master would ever make statements to the effect of, "No one can enter unto God except through me". This is a false teaching made up by power-hungry popes, not by any awakened Soul. The true teaching is this, "No one can enter unto God except through purity and height of intent", meaning of course that we do not ultimately require intermediaries to travel the Path. Once again, a way-shower is just that, one who shows the Path through example and insight. They are NEVER to be confused with the Path or the goals of the Path itself, and every true Master will tell you as much! To know God then, be of earnest and high spiritual intent. Know Thyself for therein you will know God to be of the same essential essence as your very soul, (intent, awareness and energy). Know too that there is no such thing as the, "only begotten son of God" since we are ALL, and without exception, fragments of God-force as less refined examples of intent, awareness and energy. We are as sparks of the same great fire. Upon Seeing the sameness-to-God that is our birthright, stand ever ready to reject the false doctrines of Man. Religions masquerade as an unquestionable orthodoxy, in an attempt to monopolize spiritual opportunity! Know the false by it’s resistance to questioning!

All of this and much more I Saw during the Smoke of June 6.

June 12

Question; Who is the Gatekeeper?
Answer; The Master of fear and pain.
Q; What is the gate?
A; That threshold which allows significant passage to the High and the Higher Still.
Q; Why is there a gate?
A; Because fear and pain are vibrational inhibitors to the high, and they create it.
Q; Who is the Master?
A; Anyone who intentionally faces fear and pain, (like the seeking out of prey) with sufficient intent to surpass them.
Q; Why is the Gatekeeper the only one who can consistently pass the gate?
A; Because those who do not intentionally face fear and pain are still subject to their limiting influence.
Q; Besides the intent of transcending fear and pain, what else is required to permanently/consistently enter the High beyond the gate?
A; Self knowledge
Q: What does self knowledge reveal?
A: That we are NOT fear, pain or any other feeling-state.
Q; What else does it reveal?
A; That we are not thoughts, memories, occupations, social positions or any other learned thing. Neither are we psychological images or considerations.
Q; Since we are not these things, what then are we at our very base?
A; We are That which creates these things...consciousness.
Q; What is consciousness?
A; Consciousness permeates all things as intent, awareness and energy.
Q; What is the goal of consciousness?
A; To expand, to be High and Higher Still, beyond the gate.
Q; How is this goal achieved?
A; As with all other goals...through intent.
Q; What is the High?
A; An infinite set of spiritual states of consciousness, representing a direction of travel toward increasing vibration and spiritual purification.
Q; In this context, what is traveling?
A; The intentional movement of the practitioners’ state toward higher and higher levels of consciousness.
Q; Who is prevented from travel?
A; Those who will not place one foot, (intent) in front of the other, and who identify with fear and pain, or their false constructs in the modern world.
Q; Who is the Gatekeeper?
A; The Master of fear and pain...


Q; What is right action?
A; Living in accord with truth.
Q; What is the truth of the self?
A; That we are consciousness.
Q; What then, is right action with regard to the self?
A; The expansion of consciousness.
Q; Why is this action not taken by the vast majority?
A; Right action is most often lost by assuming the present is expendable.
Q; Why is the present not expendable?
A; Because all action occurs in the present, never in the past or the future.


Super-dynamic, ultra-high...
autonomous, self-replicating,
psychic engines of spiritual intention, ride!
Cast by the wise, vast, far and wide.

It is never certain as to the exact nature of a given Smoke before it is engaged. One may enter upon it with a given intention and achieve initial results in the High accordingly. But ultimately, the states encountered can be as diverse as formations of clouds in the sky. There are innumerable facets to the expansion of consciousness. Some are far more productive and well-traveled than others, such as the drawing/storing of chi and the raising of vibration, to name a few. However, there are a million different ways to accomplish either of these. Regardless of the Path followed to the heart of self and High however, it is intent which does the guiding, even when in unfamiliar territory. In essence, the experienced practitioner travels through various states of consciousness using their intent as propulsion. In part, the practitioner accomplishes such travel by staying focused on the desired goal….which is, generally speaking, higher spiritual attainment. Let this focus be your navigational beacon.

The Smoke on the occasion of the early morning of June 10th, was both powerful and difficult. At about 8AM I entered the High with the initial intent of personal refinement. I sought to better master and embody what I learned in the Smoke of June 6th. Finding ways and means, (mostly inner) to enter the High more proficiently is always desirable, as is being able to direct it effectively into useful manifestations.

My predilection in the last several years is to channel the High into shamanic-style motion and intonation. This is especially true when casting. To "cast" is once again the act of projecting the High and higher states into the environment, via intent. The High is a spiritual thing when properly recognized, and it can be manifest in a person or persons, a tree, a forest, or even the entire world, if that is the proficiency of the practitioner. To cast a thing, one must first have a thing. To cast a high, the practitioner has need of first solidly entering into that High within themselves. After this accomplishment, they may then endeavor to replicate such states/intentions into their surroundings. This is a learned skill that is somewhat beyond the scope of the present text.

The Smoke of the 10th was a typical example of small, area-of-effect casting to the local grove of trees which surround the new circle. Despite being slightly burdened by the pain I mentioned some days ago in my lower chakras, I entered a very dynamic level of High consciousness after three puffs of the Herb. This I successfully manifest in, (approximately) a 100 yard diameter sphere. Such intent initiated the expected alignment with the surrounding forest. I communed with, and felt psychic reciprocation from, the old growth trees which inhabit there. I used the standard WMS Chi Gaining Meditation, intended progressive vibrational raising, (especially in those pain-afflicted areas of my lower back) and did various intonations. The psychic alignment with the woods gave a significant boost to this raising process.

Then, a series of significant thresholds were passed, one after another. Typical of the upgrading effect that passing through a threshold induces, the quality of the tones I produced vocally and by didjeridoo increased again and again. I then focused on only two intentions...1) the quality of the tones produced, and, 2) the progressive, ever climbing High, (the intent of the Perpetual Raising). These formed a feedback loop that continued to spiral upward for many minutes...better tones to higher states, and higher states producing better tones in turn. Through this method which I now frequently use with each Smoke, I transitioned through at least three major thresholds of consciousness expansion. Such thresholds are readily perceived by the observant practitioner. With experience one learns to not only sense their approach and prepare, but to competently pass beyond each one with enough inner flexibility and unbending intent, to stabilize their state, "on the other side".

As I’ve said, a threshold is like a doorway or gate. If one has such energy and perseverance to, "step through it" internally, they have then passed into a place of higher quality. This can be likened to entering a room through a door. The environment has changed its’ character...there are distinctively different features to note and learn from. There are innumerable thresholds on the Path of consciousness expansion. A rare minority are very great and profound, others are merely significant, (major) and many more still, are minor. It is a fact that the practitioner must learn to cross thresholds great and small. They will find that the act of greater mastery is found not so much in actually passing through a threshold, but in holding in place such changes once they are gained, (or re-gained).

Three major thresholds did I cross on the early morning of the 10th, often with staff in one hand and didjeridoo in the other. From this greatly raised platform of high states, I could clearly see the psychic oppressiveness of human karma which I call, "the World Mind". This collective consciousness that is the modern world and everyone in it, is essentially a group mind on a global level. Just as an individual can employ wrong action and intent resulting in pain and fear, so too can a group, corporation, family, nation or entire species. This fact renders karma at each level, including the World Mind. Collective human karma, is the compounded intensity of wrong intent over many millennia, coupled with reciprocating pain and fear between members of the human race. It is not at all difficult to feel this pain and fear, especially for the more psychically aware practitioner. In fact, people feel the ill-effects of the World Mind quite often, but they fail to recognize its’ source, imagining instead that such feelings and even thoughts are purely of their own creation.

As I gained many levels of consciousness via herb and the intent to raise combined, I perceived the World Mind in energetic detail. I saw it as a system of intent elements, where billions of individual intents (people) comprise the matrix of a much larger field. Group mind phenomena at this scale, is similar to the organization of the body where billions of cells make up a larger whole, and whose actions are often beyond the perception of the individual. In essence, the psychic world community interacts on the level of the Unified Field, whereupon billions of transceivers, (human nervous systems) transmit and receive states of consciousness mutually and constantly. People are psychic broadcasting towers, some of which are on the same frequency, (resonance via like intent and feeling) and some of which are on different frequencies, (dissonance via antagonistic intent and divergent feeling). And like radio broadcasting, our thoughts, feelings, states and especially intentions, are carried by the invisible, subatomic realm. Our inner workings produce tangible waves of force that carry information encoded into them, just as a radio station transmits at a given frequency and provides information to those similarly, "tuned". It is upon this energetic medium that we are indeed, "All one", which is a fact that can have both advantages and disadvantages. When a collective, (group mind) has digressive, (un-evolutionary/evil) intent, then this is exactly the type of compounded effect it manifests. Examples of destructive manifestations which are antagonistic to nature and even our own bodies, is everywhere to be seen today. On the other hand, when a group mind has progressive intent, (evolutionary/good) its’ manifestations are likewise progressive, and felt by all as joy even in the company of strangers.

[Continued in Part 5]