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Welcome to Amsterdam THC Ministry

First Universal Church of Kantheism

The Amsterdam THC Ministry, First Universal Church of Kantheism, is based on ancient wisdom, modern science and the enlightening and healing properties of the cannabis sacrament.

Our mission includes liberating the sacred cannabis hemp plant and the minds and spirits of those who do and of those who do not revere it. May we all enjoy the rich, abundant, joyful and awakened life that is part of our natural inheritance.

We all experience spiritual thoughts. It is simply part and parcel of our human experience. The use of cannabis is known to open the human mind for centuries, already, allowing us to access the deepest regions of our own consciousness and to commune with the divine essence, within.

Also for centuries humans have used cannabis and other naturally occurring entheogenic teacher-plants in their religious rituals all over the globe. Our members represent many different beliefs, many different nationalities and many different cultures, who share the Ancient Path of Kantheistic Shamanism

We are the most ancient religion on the planet.

The Amsterdam THC-Ministry, First Universal Church of Kantheism, is a growing global community of like minded people, shamans and mystics who recognize and practice the spiritual use of Cannabis.

Joy and happiness are our birthright, and our natural state of being.

The THC-ministry Amsterdam, First Universal Church of Kantheism, welcomes every spiritual cannabist from every part on this planet, regardless their beliefs or any other differences. We are free of dogma, and so must our members be, too. No preaching or attempts to “save-the-lost,” please.

In addition to joyful experience and medical uses, we use the herb for religious reasons. Feel welcome to join and become a member, register (free) at the forum and get to know about the ministry, events, the people, (new friends?)

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The THC Ministry began in September of 2000 on Hawai'i, founded by Reverend Roger Christie and has provided cannabis Sanctuary paperwork to thousands of people to help protect the practice of cannabis spirituality everywhere.

In 2003, the Amsterdam THC Ministry was founded by Reverend Ferre van Beveren, whose ancestral shamanic roots go back for thousands of years. Under Reverend van Beveren’s leadership, the ministry has grown to over 30,000 members world-wide, in 41 countries.

In 2001, the First Universal Church of Kantheism was founded by Reverend Ben Power as a ministry for fellow spiritual cannabists who walk the Path of Kantheistic Shamanism.

In 2005, a synergistic union between the Amsterdam THC Ministry and the First Universal Church of Kantheism was, at last, realized, in order to better serve those who walk the path of Cannabis Spirituality.

If this feels right to you, and you are over 21 years of age, come join us for free today.

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