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The High and the Higher Still

By Matthew Webb

Part 5

The World Mind must be raised. If ever there were an ultimate, planetary task for the spiritually minded, it is this very cause. We must, as intelligent creatures, either take the responsibility for which we were designed by an intelligent universe, or fall back into oblivion in failing to evolve.

Seeing the truth of these revelations in subtle detail, (as many times previously) I was urged by my soul and the increasingly presence of God to act upon them. This compulsion to take spiritual action, to raise the consciousness at large especially when it labors under needless suffering, is in my experience common-place. Intuition strongly indicates that when any practitioner is sufficiently expanded they will spontaneously take up the larger spiritual Cause as their own. That Cause is the further evolution of ones’ own soul and the collective spirit of the world. This is a cosmic calling, and no soul can be truly fulfilled until they have done their best in fulfilling it in significant measure. Egoistic selfishness and narrow-minded self identity are largely responsible for the miseries of the modern world. The very best remedies for such a state of social confusion, is the joining together under this Causal banner, rendering nationality, political party and religion essentially meaningless. We must join together in a body of collectively high states of consciousness, whose progressive intent is exemplified by the beauty of God-in-nature. The future course of humanity if there is to be one, MUST be based firmly upon this foundation, while leaving behind all the petty, obsolete distinctions of class and ethnicity.

I would call the above, "Gods’ Standard Pitch" for collective redemption and further evolution. I receive some portion or version of it with each and every smoke. This smoke was no exception and that came as no surprise. I was intuitively prompted to cast my elevated high, and with the aid of the Intent of God, to the entire world. The visualized thought-form that spontaneously came to me was a band, about 500 miles in width, encircling the globe as if seen from space. This band slowly rotated, with its one axis where I stood in the forest, and its other axis on the opposite side of the world. My high and the intent to manifest it, circulated through this band. In essence, the band was my castings’ area of effect. I requested Gods’ aid of high and profound intent to amplify my area of effect, and this was immediately supplied. As I stood inside the circle with a staff in each hand, I chanted/intoned while slowly turning my body 360 degrees. As I turned, one staff pointing and one staff rhythmically shaking, the visualized band of world casting high, turned with me. I turned around and around in this way for at least 20 minutes, always using the intent that the high be manifest in everyone and everything it swept over, and that best benefit be gained for all as a result and in accord with the Intent of God for true progress. I’ve used this band-method of world casting before, and want to point out that there are a great many other methods and visualized thought-forms which can be employed. There are however, two consistent basics that must be taken into account for any successful casting regardless of technique used.

1) - One must first have something of value in order to give something of value. In other words, the higher ones’ consciousness is at any given moment, the greater their potential to manifest progressive karma and spiritual benefit.

2) - That the INTENT to manifest benefit, and in accord with Cause, be sincere. This relates to sufficient purity and height/level of intention.

With any successful casting, be it to a small or large area of effect, the observant practitioner will notice what can be called, "psychic reciprocation" or "instant (good) karma". Generally speaking, though not always, what is sent out is what comes back. This is a phenomena resembling an echo effect on the psychic level.

On this occasion I did receive various degrees of psychic reciprocation in the high from the world. The reciprocation was minor for the most part, so I concluded that my beneficial effects were similarly limited. Never the less, it was a progressive session of, "raising" and, "casting" whose lasting karmic impact is not to be easily underestimated. Like personal raisings of ones’ state, the cast effects of high and progressive intent to areas at large, are cumulative. Such effects DO linger and this is generally how a staff, a circle of stones or other spiritual tools gradually gain more and more of a "charge". This is to say that the atomic level of matter can and does become imprinted by intention and cumulatively so with repeated applications. Thus a staff can for instance, become an increasingly powerful tool for the work of channeling energy, awareness and intent. The same is true of casting circles, particularly where local and even regional Earth Mind forces are repeatedly concentrated and refined. Even though I’ve now picked up all the stones and shells which made the old meadow circle, the spot is still highly charged with palpable high and Earth consciousness.

My session on the 10th ended upon having exhausted much of my energy in casting, and because I indulged in some fear. It seems that various animals were attracted to my casting and intonations, and these could be heard in the heavy brush below the rise where the new circle is. The sounds of snapping twigs and moving branches were persistent, and I began to imagine, since that was a Sunday, that perhaps these were encroaching people. Since I strongly hesitate to reveal my practices in person until their intent is known, I hastily packed up and left quietly down the slope to the meadow below. After getting back to camp a short walk away, I discovered there were no cars parked about, and that those sounds were only animals after all.

It was on the morning of the 11th when I was picking up those stones from the old circle. To my great surprise I was strongly prompted to have another Smoke, after placing them around the new location. This is extremely rare to have two Smokes back to back on adjacent days like that. A practitioner’s smoke often depletes the physical and energetic bodies, because great energy is used to transform and upgrade them. Plus, it is very useful to assimilate the experiences had under more "normal" states of consciousness so that gains made may be methodically embodied. But the intuitively felt urge to smoke was strong, so I obeyed it regardless of my surprise. I actually was not at all fatigued by the smoke of the 10th, but my back, (between the second and third chakras) was still feeling great duress.

Upon each of the three puffs I took, I intentionally sent the high to this region of pain. The results were truly profound and amazing. This area of pain in my back is acting as a release point for fear and particularly stored pain I had since childhood. By intending the high to manifest there, an extreme shift of my energy occurred. I felt many times healthier and more vital, even at the spiritual and psychic levels, than just a moment ago. Whereas previously I was on hands and knees in pain in the circle trying to stretch and energize that area of the back, I was now upright, feeling like a towering psychic monolith, a spiritual engine of vitality. Clearly the Herb was initiating some serious healing upon me. Intuitively I was told that the exact spot of pain in my back is exactly where I should pay particular attention in the raising of my overall consciousness, as well as for physical and energy-body vitality. It said that this spot is really all I have left in terms of manifest issues, pain and fear, that constrict my ability as a soul to really unfold into this life. The extreme pain there made more and more sense to me. Rather than assume such discomfort and disability to be a weakness contrasting my usual good health, I understood it to be a process of purification. This pain is actually a physical, mental and spiritual detoxification...a release of stored emotion, just like the release of carcinogens from fatty tissues. There is in essence no real difference between these "detox" processes, as they follow the same principles, of purge-improve, purge-improve cycling of change. I noticed this same detox pattern occurred occasionally when I was in Peru taking the ayahuasca sacrament.

My intonations were the best they’ve ever been on this occasion...very high and with lasting force. Hours later, I was still intoning and playing didgeridoo in my van at camp.
I feel it important to mention that the practitioner should be mentally prepared for trials such as the detoxification process. These can occur at the physical, mental, energetic and even soulic level, and are a VERY important parting the gaining of Mastery. Be persistent in your intent to raise beyond these crises events, and know that they are a type of threshold to be crossed for the sake of achieving higher ground on the other side of the "doorway"...

June 13th

Given time to reflect in the clean of the forest with its psychic purity, there is much that becomes far more obvious! The psychic difference between woods and town is tremendous, for instance. In virtually any town or city in the modern age, it is not difficult to discern the often disquieting levels of fear and pain there. Some may call these prevalent states of consciousness, "tension", "nervousness" or "anxiety", but regardless of the names used, it is still the same modern phenomena. Contrast this with the relatively high, clear feelings of the woods, and it is self evident which environment is better suited for spiritual progress.

There is every need for the practitioner to keep clearly in mind the psychic variations in their environment. Just as weather effects the quality of our daily activities, so too do the prevailing psychic conditions. The collective psychic impact of the World Mind is also part of our "environment", and like local psychic conditions, it impacts our state of consciousness every moment, (unless the practitioner takes the appropriate measures).

Although history could have turned a very different way making our collective World Mind a global phenomenon of joy, clarity and spiritual progressiveness, what we have today is nearly the opposite. Pain and fear are the readily felt norms of modern society the world over. Were these not the average states of consciousness for nations and peoples everywhere, then this would not be so. But it is so, and thus, the practitioner must take into account such negative world karma and its impact upon all but a very few, who know how to deal with it. This is yet another good spiritual reason to go to the woods regularly to raise consciousness. While we are not inundated as heavily by pain and fear by not being in such proximity to it, and while being buffered by the high of the natural things of the woods, there is a better opportunity to raise self and world. The Earth Mind or collective consciousness of nature on this planet, is a spiritual resource for renewal, cleansing and real progress. This fact reflects the true understanding of native peoples the world over, in their reverence for the felt upliftment of ones’ spirit in nature. Native spirituality is a psychic and spiritual fact therefore, and others are wise to adhere to such ways. Psychic accord with nature and/or God is known in WMS terminology as, "Right Alignment". It is one of the 6 factors the practitioner may use for consciousness raising, along with the gaining of energy (chi), raising vibration, increasing clarity, expansion/manifestation and right intent/action.

Such discussion brings up another reason why the marijuana Herb is an excellent spiritual sacrament. First of all, marijuana is a plant of the good and aware Earth, a gift of high vibration from the Earth Mind. When we smoke it we obtain this high vibration. Not only does this put the practitioner in better psychic alignment with the high vibration of God and Nature, it tends to DISALIGN us from the chaos of the World Mind. The high, like orgasm, is not a very "socially acceptable" thing in the modern world.

Neither one of these are ever really talked about due to an unspoken, "pseudo taboo" against high feelings. But this is in a way very predictable, when you consider the so called, "daily grind" nature of the 40 hour work week, 3-4 weeks paid vacation, 30 year career retirement paradigm. It is this life-view putting up with triviality, pain and fear is considered a, "worthy" sacrifice in order to gain what really matters in life, which is of course more and more money. No one ever questions why these wage-slave life goals are to be what life is about, forever and ever, AMEN. That’s because if they did question the consumer-world ethic, it would fall to pieces under scrutiny. In that world, pain and fear are the accepted norm and so, it is not considered "polite" to speak of the high or of its kin, orgasm, since these run contrary to them. It’s arguable that the worker-mentality, who sees occupation as self, and as a reflection of self worth in the eyes of others similarly deceived, does not wish to be reminded of the natural life they have traded for money. Perhaps the career minded do not want the high in their presence because it tends to evoke the troubling thought that the 30 year career retirement, rest home-cancer plan isn’t worth their life-long devotion after all. Perhaps the high, like unrepressed sex, reminds them that feeling good, and having a progressively expanded consciousness is what life is really about, and so, we find the built-in deeply ingrained social defenses against them. I say "perhaps" of course, merely to be diplomatic, since I wish to avoid defensive reactions and truly transform the world with this information.

The practitioner is well advised to keep these social realities fresh in their mind, and know that the Herb lends itself to dis-alignment, psychically and spiritually, with the consumer world. The idle amusement of consumer items after all, is indeed hollow compared to the spiritual bliss and enhanced enlightenment which properly used Herb affords. The consumer group mind, like any other group mind, is compelling. This is true not because it is sane or truly satisfying, but because there are literally BILLIONS of human intentions who align themselves behind it every day. This creates a truly enormous energy and spirit-sucking psychic vortex, behind the thing = meaning and thing = happiness world. Such a vortex makes it seem to be a good idea, but actually, all these fads, trends and fashions, are just manifestations of the group mind principle. Smoking the Herbal Sacrament, especially while using spiritual intent, acts to snap a person out of these degenerately attractive group intentions. The Smoke gives one the vibrational inertia to achieve an, "escape velocity" beyond consumer fear and pain, for a time sufficient to make significant inner gains. This plant and the Earth consciousness behind it, seeks to purify the consumer tarnish from our bodies, minds and souls. Given the extreme nature of fear and pain the modern World Mind, this Herb makes a particularly excellent spiritual tonic for the progressive human being. We need the high and the spiritual help it gives, from as many sources as possible, music, sex, enlightening videos, health, knowledge, natural joy, progressive social relations, and entheogens like the marijuana Herb.

Some people experience what is called, "paranoia" on Herb, as well as other unpleasant effects. They might well question the validity of the above statements. Such persons should rest assured that there is no fear inherent with the Herb. Fear and paranoia are not part of its’ natural structure, nor are they part of the structure of nature from which it comes. Besides its’ vibrationally enhancing properties, Herb has the effect of not only dilating blood vessels, but also chakras. It acts to expand these energy centers for the body, increase our energy level and generally improve the smokers’ psychic sensitivity. Because of these effects and because the high is very dissonant with the pain and fear prevalent in the world, the smoker may suddenly find themselves psychically awash with these feelings from the environment. Normally we shield these feelings of others out, at least in part. But the healing Herb with its connect-us-all-in-the-high nature, acts to bring an overwhelming openness to what is going on in our environment. The uninitiated feel this and readily bring blame to bear on the plant. But paranoia and other fear or pain reactions from a smoker are not the doing of marijuana...these are either detoxification processes or the result of wrong focus and intent by the user. Examples of wrong intent include fun-and-games recreation, indulging in fearful thoughts or harmful psychic connections. Herb is not a toy! Neither is it a casual affair to be taken lightly! The marijuana sacrament, like all other entheogens, is a very serious spiritual booster. To toy with it is a hazardous affair indeed. The practitioner knows that when they ready themselves for a smoke, they do so with serious focus upon spiritual gain and upon the expansion of consciousness in the high. Also, the wise person will make every effort to find a progressive environment to be in, such as a forest in order to smoke. Lacking this opportunity, they will smoke alone in any undisturbed place to contemplate the high properly. Or, when smoking in tandem they will do so only with those who are likewise serious about this Sacrament and spiritual progress. NEVER will they smoke in the presence of a television and trivial talk, or drink toxins such as alcohol or soda at the same time. Doing so is a very foolish act. The practitioner will also wish to refrain from junk foods, and those foods which have unnatural ingredients as well, because their effect on the body is contrary to good health and therefore, the expansion of consciousness. Eat well on organic vegetables and a good protein source before a Smoke. Ginseng, Bee pollen and fresh fruit/vegetables are all excellent state and body boosters that will aid your high. Try the herbs; Muira Puama, Damiana and Ginseng as a tea (in equal parts) before, during and after your smoke.

The practitioner is also well advised to keep physically fit, doing aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week on most weeks, unless the body indicates otherwise. Use intent to help upgrade your body during work-outs, by intending healthy, high feelings into place... a greater high in the muscles, joints and tendons will most assuredly increase strength and vitality. It is necessary to hone all of the mental, energetic and physical "vehicles" that the soul uses to accomplish its’ ultimate mission...the expansion of consciousness.

I’ve been using intent in a similar way to upgrade this painful condition of the back. There’s definitely a parallel between negative thoughts/assumptions and greater pain there, and an equal parallel between high intent and no pain.

[Continued in Part 6]