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The High and the Higher Still

By Matthew Webb

Part 6

Last night I had the realization that nothing in life can ever be as important as the expansion of consciousness. All personal considerations, fears, pains, assumptions of lack, strife with the world and so forth, are but trivialities in comparison with this cosmic process. The greater depth with which I realized this, caused me to intend a greater personal purity, and to inwardly declare that I am solely dedicated to such expansion and in accordance with the will of God. Immediately thereafter there was a great spontaneous improvement of my back and general energy level. It is clear that even death or imprisonment cannot ultimately dampen the practitioner so realized. I found such revelations quite simplifying in terms of what is needed in life. Even the gaining of practical necessities such as food and shelter should be seen only as accessories which support the great purpose of consciousness expansion, personally and globally. I therefore urge every person to reject the falsehoods of the things = happiness and things = worthiness, consumer world. Cast these out of your lives in favor of simplicity, efficiency, love, logic, clarity and naturalness, starting right now!

Even the last person on earth, the moment before the end of the world, can and will find deep fulfillment in life by continuing along this Cosmic Path. It is our true purpose and the only one that is ULTIMATELY worthy of life-long attention.

I ran this morning for the first time in many days due to the improvement of my back, and the purification of intent which caused it. I usually run every other day in the woods, but have not felt that to be appropriate until now. All such improvements to the body count a great deal toward the establishment of ultra-high states and their maintenance. I’ve been eating only an organic, “trail mix” I make from bulk storage for days, and feel little desire for anything else except the occasional multivitamin and soymilk. This diet is very conducive and cleansing….

June 14th

Last night offered a very profound revelation. Clarity is something I tend to take too much for granted. It hasn’t been part of my conscious, intensive focus for some time. Using the WMS Advanced Chakra Meditation, and focusing primarily in the area of the forehead, I intended into place greater clarity there, via awareness of awareness. At first the results were a bit vague, but my recent inner work allowed a more sustained focus on awareness of awareness then I have ever before engaged at one time. Over the course of about an hour as I lay in bed, my clarity increased by subtle though cumulative degrees.

Then a minor threshold was crossed. Intuition indicated clearly that the clarity that was increased in my entire head should be differently focused then usual. It was indicated that awareness of awareness should be focused down into a more “micro-level” of the brain. Following this realization, I focused into very small areas of each brain hemisphere, about the size of golf balls at first, then marbles, then points of focus only the size of a pinhead. At each level of focus, I could feel clarity being enhanced in smaller and smaller regions of the brain. As the focus-areas grew smaller and awareness of awareness was established in them, the overall effect in increased clarity grew enormously. By the time I was intending greater clarity at the level of neural nets, smaller than a pinhead, and even at the level of individual neurons, my state of consciousness then passed a major threshold. Various revelations arose then as a result, as often happens with a threshold crossing.

One of the pieces of information that was indicated was that the brain is by no means the monopoly-holder of clarity or autonomous self direction. Increased clarity revealed that it is very beneficial to transfer, (intend into place) clarity gained at the brain level, to the various tissues and cells of the entire body. I had known from previous Seeings that clarity could indeed be instilled body-wide, but what I had not realized until now, is that actual autonomous awareness of awareness could be instilled into any cell of the body from head to toe! The importance of this escapes easy explanation, but it is a major key to the High Mastery.

In essence, just as the brain can gain greater clarity through meditation upon awareness of awareness, so too can the consciousness of any individual tissue and cell of the body! This need only be properly intended. After accomplishing this, I felt clearly that the majority of cells in my body were gaining in their level of clarity. As a result they were becoming far more self-guiding…intuitive feedback indicated as much. Intuition indicated that this instilment of greater clarity in tissues and cells is a large part of what is known as, “awakening the body”, which is an important basis for the ascension process. An awakened body requires less effort by the brain to reorganize and upgrade into high levels of health and consciousness. As I said, it is made more AUTONOMOUS. I’ve noticed too that my ability to draw chi and raise vibration this morning are enhanced by at least 30%. There is no doubt whatsoever that raised, body-wide clarity will aid the holding of higher states on a permanent basis, (even ultra highs). The entire body does not just have a significant interface with the mind, (thus the term body-mind in holistic medicine), it is MIND to a large degree. Cells have consciousness. Tissues are cellular group-minds of that consciousness. Ongoing are the group mind actions of tissues, while the body as a whole is a group mind composite of them all. This is s very important fact to note in any consideration of self improvement, from body-building and self healing, to gaining Christ-Level radiations of love/high. My back this morning, speaking of self healing, is 80% better.

Also there was/is a key revealed to me that invoked even more surprise. As I’ve mentioned many times before, intent and state of consciousness is a body-wide consideration. The body is composed of, “intent elements” which contribute to one’s overall intent and the state of consciousness. Just as the function of individual cells contribute to overall body function on the physical level, so too are there energetic feeling/intent elements which contribute to the overall state of the soul. To expand/raise their consciousness, the practitioner must address all these body-wide elements. They must identify areas of low vibration for instance, (pain and fear) and raise these so as to better free-up the entire system for spiritual gain. What had not been clear to me before was the full reason behind why change of some of these body-wide elements can be so difficult. Of course there are unsavory psychic effects, personal and world karma, the inertia of long-held pain and fear and so forth. But another more important factor in the raising of intent elements body-wide, is the level at which they are raised. By “level” in this context I mean level of bodily organization as in, system, organ, tissue, cell and even DNA on down to the atomic level of ones’ physical matter. I had on previous occasions met with limited raising success in certain intent elements, because I wasn’t focusing down to the appropriate level. In the address of fear in the third chakra, (stomach) for instance, and the intent to upgrade it to a higher feeling, (vibration) I made the mistake of focusing upon that fear only at a more, “macro-level” of solar plexus fear, instead of intending the very cells in the region to be raised. Fear and pain, I discovered last night, can be and are housed at the cellular level of the body, not just in the tissues and organs. This makes sense of course, I just never gave the matter its proper meditative investigation. So last night when I instilled greater clarity at the cellular level, I not only received such revelations, it also became clear that greater clarity at the cellular level implies a greatly enhanced ability to transform fear/pain there as well. This also is logical and predictable. In fact, I found the very presence of greater clarity at the cellular level to automatically remove some fear and pain. As these cells gain greater clarity-autonomy, they can also begin to take greater needed action at their own level and upon their own initiative. This is exactly what happened last eve, and my overall consciousness was greatly raised. My sleep was also unusually sound and with uplifting dreams.

The practitioner will find that an alternating focus upon the various aspects of consciousness expansion to be useful. As of midday, my focus gives an example as a rotating implementation of the following:

  • 1) The intent to relax, which helps dissolve pain and fear, (especially in problem areas).
  • 2) The intent to raise vibration (especially in problem areas).
  • 3) The intent to increase clarity, (especially in problem areas).
  • 4) The intent to gain and store energy, (especially in problem areas).
  • 5) The intent to purify intent, (especially in terms of improving the thought pattern of the mind) toward more progressive moment to moment focuses.

(See detailed descriptions of these in the Perpetual Raising series, where specific meditations are prescribed)

I’m using each of these intentions one after another, according to felt necessity. Sometimes the felt need for spiritual gain will indicate such a focus as one of the above, for an extended period. These "intensives" allow a greater depth of lasting effect. An intensive however, does not have the benefit, (necessarily) of working synergistically with other consciousness expanding focuses. It renders a deep effect but not a holistic one. A focus on clarity alone for 30 minutes for instance, will indeed generate deeper clarity than multiple focuses, but will not necessarily aid the practitioner in gaining of chi or right alignment with God. Meditating upon a series of consecutive intentions/focuses such as those just listed will work synergistically, meaning that they will aid each other in raising your state, (this may not result in the significant manifestation of any one desired quality though). The practitioner is advised to keep these facts in mind, and use their clarity/intuition/feelings to indicate what focus is most appropriate at any given moment. Keeping track of your state, (body-wide intent elements/feelings) all the time will provide the necessary self knowledge to make informed decisions regarding this. Generally speaking, what one most needs to focus on will make itself known in the form of discomfort or spontaneous desire.

That which is unknown remains basically unchanged!
That which is little-known remains little-changed!
That which is known well is subject to mastery.

Thus, KNOW THYSELF as a felt, body-wide state of consciousness every moment!

Glossary of some terms used in this text

Area of Effect; The parameters of manifestation for a given intention, (see casting).
Awareness of awareness; That state which occurs when the practitioner focuses their awareness, (from the world of objects or personal concerns) upon itself, resulting in enhanced clarity.
Cast/Casting; To psychically project whatever state one is in at the time. This is the primary precursor to manifesting intent into the environment.
Consciousness; The true self and the essence of soul, composed of three distinct, readily identifiable elements as follows; intent, awareness and energy.
Earth Mind; The collective consciousness of the natural world as a sum total. The planetary group mind of all living things found on Earth which can function semi-independently of its’ various parts.
Expansion of Consciousness; The elevation and greater mastery of ones’ intent, awareness and energy.
Group Mind; The psychic synthesis of two or more resonant members, which results in a whole that is geometrically greater than the sum of its’ parts. [examples, the cells of the body, the felt, combined excitement of sporting or music events, mobs, forests, atoms that combine to form a molecule, etc...]
Intent; The foremost component of consciousness, and the causal force of all personal action.
Intent/Feeling Elements; The felt sub-units of intent which compose any system, such as the physical body and soul.
Master; A soul that has achieved a certain minimum of self realization and refinement. A being who has expanded their consciousness to the point of being able to demonstrate and explain the Path.
Path, the; The name for the infinite progression which is the expansion of consciousness, and the purpose of all life. It is upon the Path which the practitioner spiritually travels.
Raising; The act of elevating consciousness via intent, personally, mutually and/or externally.
Right Alignment; The state of being psychically tuned to sources of high spirituality, such as God and nature.
Threshold; One of many points of significant change along the Path, which the practitioner must cross in order to progress. A spiritual and psychic barrier which when crossed, results in an upgrade of ones. level of consciousness.
World Mind; The collective consciousness of the human world as a sum total. The planetary group mind of all people as a whole, which can function semi-independently of its’ various parts.

I hereby affirm that the content of this article series, like others of its’ type in the World Mind Society Library, is completely true and accurate. These writings recount actual events, and are in no way theoretical, speculative or fictionalized. Each and every one of the psychic and spiritual activities described herein, are fully accessible to ANYONE who has sufficient purity and level of intention. I invite everyone who has read these pages to experiment with the reality of these findings to gain a greater Mastery of them on a progressive basis. Remember that the expansion of consciousness, even the gaining of such levels as that of a Christ or Buddha, is but an act, a DOING. Only through such DOING can a person hope to realize the full merits of the Path. I further invite others to consider the great potentials involved with DOING these focuses/intentions with others, to know that they can be much more powerful in tandem...

Matthew Webb
The World Mind Society