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Recommended Books

On this page you find books, recommended by The Amsterdam Cannabis Ministry.

  • Awakening: Theory and Practice for the Aspiring Shaman

    Author: Erik McBride

    A guide book for exploring spiritual alchemy, magical practice, the cultivation and use of several of the Sacred Teacher Plants, and the constructive application of altered states. Covers such magical applications as conjuring illusions, healing and necromancy, and basic alterations of the Material Plane. This guide also includes a complete break-down of existence itself, with a detailed explanation of the Seven Planes of Existence. It was my wish to disclose the "secrets" that others are bound by oath to not reveal, and in so doing, to reinforce and invigorate the magical practices of our day.

    You can order it as a printed hardcopy and also download this book directly from HERE

  • Cannabis & Meditation - An Explorer’s Guide

    Author: Simon Jackson

    Although cannabis has been used for thousands of years to help promote altered states and experiences of transcendence, up until now there has been no literature to help you use it in this context.
    Simon Jackson's fascinating book simply and concisely details a range of techniques from the Eastern traditions that are indispensable to anyone wanting to explore consciousness happily and safely - with or without the use of cannabis. The Explorer's Guide contains everything from how to reduce cannabis tolerance and avoid dope anxiety to a complete meditation primer. A must for every cannabis user and Psychonaut.

  • The CannaBible

    Author: Jason King

    Included are sidebar essays on a number of topics, including: cannabis breeding history, solar puffing, marijuana smoking and dreams, indica vs. sativa, ways to ease the effects of too much smoke, organic vs. hydro vs. bio, how to properly store marijuana, etc. A must have in any cannabis-lovers collection.

  • Marijuana: Not Guilty As Charged

    Author: David R. Ford

    In Marijuana: Not Guilty As Charged, Ford definitely examines and debunks each myth about marijuana, presenting facts based on meticulous studies. In a candid and common-sense tone, this book informs readers on the current debate over marijuana: its medicinal value, as well as it recreational, creative, and other uses. Testimonials from people with cancer (including the author himself), AIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, migraines, and other debilitating conditions offer convincing evidence of marijuana's medical relief. If marijuana is relatively harmless, why is it illegal?

  • Good Medicine, Great Sex!

    Author: David R. Ford

    If Grass Makes You Lazy and Stupid, How Did Dave Ford Get Rich and Smart?
    How does a kid get expelled from his high school – and then elected student body president? How does a man become a skillful journalist, a wildly popular broadcaster, a spellbinding public speaker, and a canny entrepreneur? Into this busy professional life, how does he manage to fit thousands of hours as a pilot, a record-breaking dive for science, years of tireless political activism – and hundreds of romantic adventures with beautiful women? How does he manage to survive a tidal wave, an earthquake, an erupting volcano, fire, cancer, and the tragic death of his soul mate?

    If you ask Dave Ford, he’ll tell you he owes much of it to pot. Yes, marijuana. Cannabis. The “killer weed” that the government insists turns people into potheads – unproductive drones. The author has interacted with thousands of respected men and women who use cannabis for creativity, medicine, fun, and sexual enhancement, with no hangover or negative effects. Dave strips away the lies of the scaremongers and tells the world how this relatively harmless herb has also brought him health, creativity, passion, and prosperity.

  • It's just a plant

    Author: Ricardo Cortés (Text and illustrations)

    We believe that a child's first awareness of drugs should come from a better source than the government, the media or drug manufacturers. It's Just a Plant is for parents who want to be involved in discussing and educating their children about the effects, the dangers and the benefits of marijuana.