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The High and the Higher Still

By Matthew Webb

Part 2

A scenario was then revealed to me by the Earth Mind, as one good way to approach the mutual expansion of consciousness. The information arrived as a compressed, intuitive packet of potential images, as sometimes occurs in higher states. To my knowledge such potentials have never been tried. I Saw a gathering of experienced practitioners coming together for a group mind raising. Each practitioner would understand the employment of intent to raise their own consciousness, and ideally, each would also have experience in elevating a groups’ state of consciousness. Group raising can be accomplished by intending it into place, just as one’s own state can be shifted. In essence, the intent to raise one’s self involves the same process as raising others in a group, as a four step process;

The Four Step Process in the Greater Mastery of Intent

  • 1) Know the current state in detail, (feel this body-wide).
  • 2) Be clear about what kind of state is desired, (such as greater energy, love or clarity).
  • 3) Shift from the current state to the state desired, (feel the desired state increasingly manifest).
  • 4) Once the new state has been gained sufficiently, hold it in place as permanent.

This process is relatively self-explanatory at a beginning level of understanding. But in the group setting, it is necessary to, "feel the group space" or, "sense the group vibe" constantly. While staying in touch with the group high then, the practitioner has accomplished step one above for group raising. Step 2 consists of all practitioners being clear about how a higher collective space would feel and be mutually experienced. Knowing this higher group state of consciousness is an intuitive indication, (unless of course the group has met before and raised in tandem). Step three, and perhaps the most critical stage, is where all practitioners employ their intent to raise the group, much in the same fashion as they would raise themselves. Step 4 occurs when a consensus is psychically reached between the participants that, for the time being, the group need only stabilize the elevated mutual state, rather than continuing to raise into higher levels of consciousness.

To further amplify the consciousness expanding effects, each practitioner of this 3-8 person gathering could employ a different entheogen whose effects would add synergistically to the group high. Ideally, each member of this, "conclave of shamans" or, "gathering of Masters" would be an expert in the handling of their particular sacrament. One could be the, "Master of Ayahuasca". Another would be the, "Master of Cannabis". Another still might be the, "Master of Psilocybin", (mushrooms) and another the Master of Peyote, Salvia Divinorum, etc., etc. Each expert would time the taking of their own sacrament to coincide in its’ maximum effect, with the sacraments of other practitioners, (those sacraments with longer, "onset times" are taken first). Each would be prepared to project the states induced by their sacrament, to the others in the circle, via progressive intention and the four steps above.

The Earth Mind further revealed to me that such a group mind raising scenario could be of extremely profound spiritual merit. It indicated that the establishment of a regular meditational group of Masters ought to be established somewhere on earth, for the sake of the further evolution of human kind, and the augmentation of a battered earth consciousness. I also got the impression that it would be beneficial to establish such a group somewhere in the Amazon basin or elsewhere in South America. The group should meet regularly, if not live together on a permanent basis. The core goal of this group would of course be the expansion of consciousness and the progressive attainment of mutual, high Mastery as a God/Nature inspired group mind. Additional persons using the same sacrament could form sub-groups within the overall organization. Experts in their particular sacrament or sacraments would instruct others as to their correct spiritual use, and take on "initiates" who earnestly seek to embody the greater wisdom entheogens and the Path has to offer. The essential value of such an, "inter-sacramental" group is impossible to fully elucidate. Suffice it to say however, that highest and best properties of each substance can in this way be psychically co-transmitted. Each practitioner and their sacrament-raised state of consciousness, would be like a spiritual carrier wave. Each would bring forth particular aspects of ancient Earth Mind knowledge, just as the shamans of old had knowledge of, to every person present within the circle. Every other person would in turn provide the particular frequencies and benefits of their sacrament in reciprocation, simultaneously. In essence, a super high mutual state would be formed, composed of the best properties of each sacrament in synergistic combination, and which could then be built upon via the group intention to raise.

Each sacrament, and in fact every animal, fungus and plant which exists, embodies a portion of the overall spectrum of frequencies, intentions and awareness that compose the planetary Earth Mind. Cannabis for instance, holds such Earth Mind feeling/intent elements as the euphoric high, one that resembles joy in many ways. Ayahuasca holds such feeling/intent elements as visionary perception, expansiveness, and a kind of burning vitality, (especially in the lower chakras). Psilocybin mushrooms enable a unique form of fluidity of state, of intuitive, transcendental perception and increased telepathic communion. Likewise do Salvia Divinorum and Peyote have their characteristic properties in the expansion of consciousness. Each of these, "Teacher Plants" share some properties in common, while also offering unique benefits to the spiritually-focused user. All of them have been evolved, in part, to enhance human evolution, and we should make every effort to acquire the benefits they offer as they are intended. To partake of these entheogens with appropriate spiritual intention, is to temporary or even permanently, "gain their spirit" or in other words their Earth Mind frequencies, intentions and attributes in large part. When this happens and is consciously appreciated by the user-practitioner, it is then that a sacrament becomes ones’, "ally" in like spiritual Cause, and through which we form a spiritual, shamanistic bond with the Earth Mind as a whole. In essence, entheogens can put us in greater touch with nature, much in the fashion of the Druid-mystics of old.

To combine the effects of these sacraments via their human-ally counterparts, in psychic, group mind alignment, and through such intention as the progressive expansion of consciousness without limit, is to engage an extremely potent process of collective transformation. It is for the sake of this kind of transformation that we human beings are here to start with. The expansion of consciousness is our very purpose.

Not only can different sacramental highs be combined, it is also true that the best properties of each practitioner are synergistically combined at the same time. The high of Cannabis and the vision-inducing comprehension of Ayahuasca can be combined, to produce a higher synthesis of both. Likewise can the best properties of various practitioners’ super high, love, mutual strength, clarity and transcendental wisdom, be shared without limit. It is our responsibility as serious practitioners, to cultivate the greatest personal purity and height of spiritual intention, not only for the sake of the Path itself, but to adequately transmit our inner strengths to fellow practitioners. We must cultivate the strong intent to manifest best benefit to others, so that they too may better acquire these, just as they acquire sacramental benefits. The combination of high mutual intent and sacramental benefit, is one of the most potent spiritual tools for world transformation that humanity has ever known. All of these Seeings and more, became apparent to me about 20 minutes after the third puff.

With a fourth puff about an hour and a half into this session, I was once again reminded that intent is a body-wide reality which manifests itself in our lives as a continuous stream. Never are we without intent, nor can there EVER be any action we take that does not have an underpinning of intent. Even emotions and thoughts are merely actions that we DO, with each and every one owing its’ existence to a corresponding intention. Just as thoughts occur in the average persons’ mind as a constant stream, so too does intent function as a never-ending flow of causation. The wise, self realized person moves ever closer to that center of intent within with their awareness and conscious mind. To emphasize the supreme importance of the greater mastery of intent to the wise, know that;

1) The average person knows nothing of intent, and uses it chaotically and without purpose. For this reason they may well be blown like a leaf in the wind of fate, without real say as to their destination in life.
2) The initiate practitioner knows that intent is very important to every moment, and will employ it occasionally to accomplish shifts of their state and direction in life. They are no longer the leaf, but the butterfly, who can choose, often through great effort, how they will BE and live.
3) The Adept realizes the subtle changes of intent in themselves and their environment. They will direct their intents’ direction with some proficiency, being able to steer their thoughts and emotions in any direction as desired, or to have no thought/emotion at all in meditative repose. The butterfly now becomes the bird, who knows the much larger vistas of life well understood.
4) The Master resides in their intent, rarely wavering from this essence of self and universe, Seeing clearly the mutual effects it has between persons and all of nature. They can readily project, (manifest) their intent into the environment, or other persons, and explain the doing of this to the initiate. In this the bird becomes the wind itself, blowing where it will to destinations named and unnamed.
5) The High Master not only resides in their intent, but also regularly raises the level of the intent that they employ, recognizing that intent and the thing intended, (center of soul) ever higher, are one and the same. The High Master knows of and can travel, very high levels of intention, and correspondingly enlightened levels of consciousness.

Just as a focus of awareness of awareness generates clarity, so too does the, "intent of intent" generates more refined intention, and thus contributing to higher states of consciousness. Because intent is a body-wide reality, so too is the raising of intent and the expansion of consciousness which is it’s result. Regardless of whether or not we are a disembodied soul, or an incarnated one, intent is in both cases a, "whole-body" consideration, even if as souls our, "body" is just a field of cohesive energy. The meditative practitioner will readily perceive the fact that what their call their "state", (overall state of consciousness) is actually a composite of smaller "states" of like kind. The body is a cooperative of smaller elements...organs, tissues and cells. Each level of organization possesses and expresses intent. Feel the truth of this by observing how different parts of the body feel differently. Each of these minor and often subtle variations of feeling in arms, hands, legs, torso, neck and head have subtly different feelings in them. Each of these minor feelings has a corresponding intent behind it, thus the term, "feeling/intent elements". The adjustment and upgrade of these body-wide, intent/feeling elements is of paramount concern to the practitioner, since it is their collective effect which creates our overall state of consciousness. The "chakras" or major energy centers located along the spine, are significant examples of intent/feeling elements in clusters. The alteration of a chakras’ feeling/intent elements benefits the entire region of the body with which they are associated. And even if a person/entity is not in a body, they still have aggregates of feeling/intent elements, (chakras) as fields of cohesive energy. What makes a disembodied entity cohesive, (since it lacks a "physical" structure) is its’ awareness and intent. Even a soul can raise their consciousness, by upgrading their feeling/intent elements.

As the practitioner raises the vibration, (pitch of high) in say, their 3rd chakra, (solar plexus area) their overall state becomes slightly elevated. The body is an interconnecting group mind network of cooperative units, (cells) whose collective power is far greater than any one individual. When we make a change in any part of this network of intent/feeling elements, (the body) the whole system gains benefit. The practitioner will generally do most of their inner work in the upgrade of intent elements within the 7 chakras along the spine. More advanced practitioners will also address, (know with their awareness and raise with their intent) the more subtle feeling/intent elements throughout the body. Eventually, the practitioner has raised most or all areas of pain and fear throughout the body, and also elevated the vibration of those which were already high. As this process gains momentum, the overall effect on one’s state is profound.

When smoking Herb, the practitioner will wish to raise with the high the various intent/feeling elements of the body. Even though much of the highs’ effect is often temporary, it cumulatively acts to purify out pain and fear, replacing these with a much more spiritually suitable vibration. Upon taking a puff, some feeling/intent elements will immediately respond to the high and align with it. Other elements in the body will not. The practitioner will take care to recondition those areas which are of low(er) vibration, by intending the Herbal high into their pain and fear. Focus your awareness squarely upon any pain or fear in the body, avoiding nothing. Take a puff and intend that these areas are cleansed by the high as a medicinal and spiritual purification. Hold their high in these areas with awareness and intent for as long as necessary to offset any low vibration. Know that this will represent permanent and cumulative gains in the high. The saying, "a house divided will surely fall" is a legitimate spiritual principle. A body with "divided" intent elements, (some of pain and others of high for instance) is a body that is most likely in some degree of internal conflict. The degree of this conflict of housed intention/feeling is in fact generally proportional to the degree of mental and physical ill-health which manifests in any given person as a result. Greater unification of intent elements in the high is extremely beneficial to body, mind and spirit. The raising of any areas of fear and pain will greatly aid the process of healing, in almost any affliction known to man. Every part of the self simply works better under the auspices of higher vibration and greater clarity. A state with elements of pain and fear simply cannot be as high as one which does not have them. Upon inhaling a puff of the sacrament, intend that the high be manifest in each and every square inch/intent element throughout ones’ being. Take special care to raise those areas which are problematic.

After taking the fifth puff, I realized all of the above in greater detail than ever before. Through this realization and progressive intonations, I implemented/intended such improvements be made throughout my system, even at the cellular level. I also intended an upgrade of feeling/intent elements in the aura surrounding my body. The result was a correspondingly excellent set of states in which I repeatedly passed through various levels of consciousness. Some of these states even ranged into the High Master levels, and during these moments I Saw with great clarity many things regarding the embodiment of high intent, and how it can be manifest in others. On this occasion, the Path I Saw would have to be classified under the beauty/purification heading of intent types. I Saw how certain exceedingly marvelous states can and should be manifest consciously at the cellular and even DNA/molecular levels of the body, causing its’ overall state to become so spiritually powerful as to exceed even a Christ and Buddha combined. I was shown that the intent of cultivating extreme and progressive beauty of feeling in all of ones’ intent/feeling elements body-wide, is so desirable that it makes almost all other considerations in life comparatively irrelevant.

With a super-pulsation of ultra high forming the permanent foundation of one’s state, a practitioner would have the energy and dynamism to transform the world. They could transmit this ultra high to any person at will, even at a distance, whereas president and pauper alike would swear on bent knee in sudden fealty to the Cause of causes, in the expansion of consciousness. Such potentials exist, and I glimpsed them unwaveringly for many minutes, and at different moments.

I found however, that my energy level was dropping, and was somewhat insufficient for holding these states and their accompanying realizations. A drifting, somewhat undisciplined mind aggravated this condition. I indulged in pondering the possibilities of permanently embodying High Mastery, instead of staying focused upon the intent(s) which make it possible [This is a classic mistake made by the practitioner]. I drifted in and out of Adept, Master and High Master levels, while using various intonations, and repeating the phrase, "the intent to raise the intent to raise" like a mantra.

After the fifth and final puff, (I smoked perhaps a third of a bowl) I used the Smoke to rekindle some lost ground, and was only partially successful in this. I experienced the classic symptoms of what I call, "energy body fatigue". Never the less, some later moments yielded excellent intonations, of both single and quavering tones. Such Smoke sessions as these I once again realized, would be interesting to video tape for the sake of instruction and inspiring others. Certain motions and sounds could then be conveyed in a way which words cannot. The making of intonations and shamanic movements is always more sophisticated when immersed in higher states of consciousness, so much so that it is accurate to say that they hinge directly upon them.

I left my staff in the circle and walked back to my van to rest and contemplate...

June 7

Yesterday I had the second Smoke of the year, after assimilating much of what was gained on June 3rd. Most of this inner work has continued along the lines of upgrading my body-wide intent elements, and the purification of mental intent by purging pain and fear.

The Smoke of the 6th wasn’t just of a higher nature than the 3rd, it was exponentially greater. I attribute this to three factors; 1) I moved the casting circle from the meadow to a place within the nearby woods with old growth trees, 2) better Herb, and most of all, 3) to this intensive focus upon intent and intent elements. In fact, this last Smoke was many times over the highest I’ve ever had. The revelations I gained from this 2-hour period could fill several volumes, and it’s probable many of these subjects will never be given their proper due on paper.

After setting up the new circle with the three lesser staves, I scattered agates and shells to fill in the rest of the perimeter. My main staff formed the northern point. I brought along muira puama/damiana tea to drink, and the PVC tube I use as a didjeridoo.

The first puff provided a high of no great mention, though it was stable and of good clarity. After taking it I immediately focused upon vibrational raising and transcendental attainment via that climbing vibration.

The second puff built itself squarely upon the first. After this point, the exact chronology of what transpired is not clear. This was due to the fact that my state(s) went so high that my mind was ill-equipped to remember events in a "normal" fashion. In such cases information is always retrieved in full the next time the practitioner enters those states, as a general rule. At one point my mind was little more than an inconsequential speck. It belonged to a much larger whole, (of soul, Earth Mind and God) and when it Saw this, it was overwhelmed until I intended it to be matter of fact. It is difficult in the extreme to know where to begin, or how best to approach such subjects as they were revealed and traversed. So initially, it will have to suffice to say that the following major landmarks of consciousness expansion were encountered;

1) - The threshold known as, "I am that".
2) - The collective threshold known as, "We are that".
3) - The threshold known as, "Agent of God".
4) - The threshold/action known as, "the Will of God be manifest".
5) - The threshold known as, "I am your servant".
6) - The casting of world-raising high consciousness, and the, "manifestation of like kind".
7) - The partial embodiment of the love of God.
8) - The manifestation of the love of God worldwide.
9) - The use of the planet earth as a casting medium for galactic raising.
10) - The purification of world intent and karma.

[Continued in Part 3]