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Members' Register Form comments

On this page you can read some of the comments THC Ministry receives when new members register, written in the 'comment' field of the registration form. The messages listed here are only a few random comments from the many we get every day. To protect and out of respect for our members' privacy we have only listed the country/area of their residence, we hope you understand.

Enjoy reading these Messages:

Viva Diamba!

São Paulo/Brasil

Cannabis helps calm the internal proccess so that only the important thoughts are focused on. It helps me have cosmic thoughts about the proccess behind nature and consiousness. As I study Alchemy these thoughts are highly spiritual for me and as such i smoke every day to help me meet the god inside.


Cannabis will save the world in more ways than One!


When God provided Cannabis he gave the world a tool to open their third eye and truly see Him.


I am a Christian who loves Jesus with all my heart and soul. However, I do use cannabis to open my mind as I worship God as well as when I am studying more about Him. Most religions do not understand nor do they except such practices. I was refered to this minisrty by a co-worker, and I think this is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you.

USA/South Carolina

Praise Jah Ras Tafari!!! May All Receive His Blessing!!! Amen


I am very happy to know that there are other spiritual freedom fighters who are not afraid to take a stand! Peace be with all of you. Jah Live!


Nothing compares to a leap of Faith.


Thank you very much Reverend Christie for all of your work. God bless you; everyone who participates in the ministry; as well as every human being on this beautiful earth.


Praise the Hemp God!!


Be at Peace with yourself and others and do not flounder with the un-known and the dangerous.

United Kingdom



The cannabis plant is the most beneficial plant known throughout the history of mankind. Yet I spent 9 years in Federal prison for growing it in my greenhouse to help cancer stricken patients.


I am a Wiccan Priest who uses cannabis as sacrament to the Goddess and God. Cannabis is the Essence of the Lord and Lady.


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