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Was Maynard Campbell Murdered to save UNICOR?

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Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2004 3:09 pm    Post subject: Was Maynard Campbell Murdered to save UNICOR? Reply with quote
Above ^this is the site above that Ferre found about unicor the slave encampment forced labor and their production companys.

Was Maynard Campbell
Murdered to save
by Brian Mahoney

When Maynard Campbell was murdered in the Florence Colorado Federal Penitentiary on Jan. 16th, he may very well have been killed to keep an explosive legal document challenging Federal Jurisdiction over himself and his alleged crime from coming into play within the Federal Courts.

One might wonder “WHY” the Feds would go to such extreme measures to silence a man who was already in their custody and who was fighting only for his personal freedom. We all know that Maynard was a David size thorn in the Goliath of American tyranny and oppression. But do we really understand what it was that Maynard Campbell was doing that so threatened the Dept. of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons that they may have conspired to kill him?

I believe the answer to that question may be found in a little known Federal Government scam known as UNICOR. UNICOR is a privately owned corporation that maintains factories in every Federal Prison in the country. Of the 106,000 prisoners currently incarcerated within the BOP, approximately 40% are employed as cheap/slave labor for these prison factories.

The Federal Jurisdiction issue is a hot topic of legal interest within every Federal prison. Almost all Federal Prisoners are convicted of crimes that are also crimes within the states where the offense occurred. So why would the Feds take jurisdiction over a criminal act that would be prosecuted by the state anyway? Answer: UNICOR!

According to the Prison Industries Reform Alliance and as reported in an article written by Shirley Friar of “We Hold These Truths” Christian Newsletter (Jan. issue 1997), the nationwide sales of “PRISON PRODUCED PRODUCTS” by the year 2000 will be 8.9 billion dollars. That’s BILLION with a “B”. In order to maintain such lofty sales and on-going production of items such as “office furniture, high tech military cable and wiring systems, mattress and boxsprings, camouflage military uniforms, and even such everyday items as sheets, towels, pillow cases, along with brooms, mops, and other common janitorial tools, the DOJ needs to keep an ever increasing number of prisoners flowing into the BOP’S Federal Prison Factories.


If Maynard Campbell had been successful and gained his liberty through his challenge to the Federal Government’s claimed jurisdiction, would that have opened the proverbial prison gates for thousands of other Federal prisoners who were prosecuted by the Federal Criminal Justice System rather than the State Courts? The answer is of course “YES.” And if the Federal Government lost it’s ability to incarcerate large numbers of offenders in Federal Prisons, what would then happen to UNICOR and the 100 or so Federal Prison Factories that now operate on plentiful cheap labor? The answer is simple; No Prisoners, No Cheap Labor, NO PROFIT!!!!!

So, was Maynard Campbell assassinated by the Federal Government in order to head off a possible attack on the U.S. Governments ability to prosecute citizens under Federal law when state prosecution and incarceration would have occurred anyway in most cases? Most likely! The name of the game is PROFIT! Private Corporate GREED! Without the cheap/slave labor supplied to Federal Prison Industries by the Dept. of Justice, these factories would no longer be profitable to operate. r
Flow this link to The Christian Science Monitor newspaper's daily for this article: 'MADE IN USA' ... BUT BY CONVICTS.

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