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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2005 11:21 pm    Post subject: Similar? Reply with quote

It was probably a year and half agao I had a similar type dream.

The whole dream was about the birth of stars.

The whole dream was taking place during night.

My younger brother, my father, and myself were in the dream along with
the rest of population. From within my brother a star like light was beginning to illuminate his being radiating outward until he was no longer visible just this star. This star (my brother) began an ascent upwards to take its place among the other stars. I remember he still had the ability to move around and wasnt fixed like most stars appear to be. Then other people began this same transformation and stars were being born more rapidly. I remember having a scared feeling of uncertainty and it was right about that time my brother (a star) somehow spoke to me and I was able to ask him questions. He said there is a city for the stars that are born and it is seeking inhabitants. He was telling many great things about the city and I asked when shall the immigration into this city be completed. He said " Within three years the end is, of that which ends and that which is always been is finally realized"
I then woke up.

The reason I included this dream was for the aspect of the city of stars. While my brother in the dream didnt give exact details as to appearances he said it was better than we had ever imagined and that the city is the sum of the lights or stars that rose from the hearts of mankind.

Anyway, as many I am completely convinced that there is a spiritual city that we are all have citizenship. I believe that maybe this plain is the union between us all and there in unity might are fellowship be one with another.

Peace Love and Cities in the Heights
Reverend Curt.
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