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US Drug Czar: Growers = Terrorists

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Brother Adam
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Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 8:50 am    Post subject: US Drug Czar: Growers = Terrorists Reply with quote

U.S. Drug czar calls marijuana growers terrorists

Record Searchlight | July 16, 2007
Dylan Darling

The nation's top anti-drug official said people need to overcome their "reefer blindness" and see that illicit marijuana gardens are a terrorist threat to the public's health and safety, as well as to the environment.

John P. Walters, President Bush's drug czar, said the people who plant and tend the gardens are terrorists who wouldn't hesitate to help other terrorists get into the country with the aim of causing mass casualties. Walters made the comments at a Thursday press conference that provided an update on the "Operation Alesia" marijuana-eradication effort.

"Don't buy drugs. They fund violence and terror," he said.

After touring gardens raided this week in Shasta County, Walters said the officers who are destroying the gardens are performing hard, dangerous work in rough terrain. He said growers have been known to have weapons, including assault rifles.

"These people are armed; they're dangerous," he said. He called them "violent criminal terrorists."

Walters, whose official title is director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, said too many people write off marijuana as harmless. "We have kind of a reefer blindness,' " he said.

No arrests have been made so far in the four days of raids, the opening leg of what Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko has promised will be at least two straight weeks of daily raids.

That's right. You are now OFFICIALLY all terrorists! Raids are being performed using Blackhawk helicopters in Shasta county. Be careful people. Don't let the bastards take away your freedom.

Link: sts.htm

This is a very dangerous precedent due to our current anti-terror legislation like the Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act, Military Commissions Act, etc. Once labeled a terrorist you can be scooped up, thrown in jail, and held their indefinitely without even so much as a phone call.

Funny is how the article states they are attempting to make their raids "without anyone knowing" and "under stealth" using blackhawk helicopters. That should send up a warning sign or two. Hence the reason I posted it here and a couple other places. These are indeed scary times we live in, and I honestly fear for the safety of good hearted people and their families.

Be careful out there people. Watch your back.
-Brother Adam (we are all one family)

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison

Police officers acquitted for beating a 64 yr old man recently in New Orleans. In the words of their defense attorney "all he had to do was comply"....and they wouldn't have fractured his face.
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