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touches earth dialog with a sheriff

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touches earth
Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:05 pm    Post subject: touches earth dialog with a sheriff Reply with quote

I just posted this on Rogers site thought it should be here too....


AHO! grettings and blessings to all my brothers and sisters today. I realized a few days ago that I never posted my experience of being put to the test. I only have a member card that Roger emailed me for free when I first signed up and I also had my ministers cert. from ulc these helped but it was my sincerity of my beliefs that did the trick. heres the tale. I was headed home to southeast arkansas from monroe, La and going a different route than usual and on the way pulled off down a graqvel road and smoked a bowl which I never do but this day for some reason I broke my cardinal rule and had my bowl and stash near at hand in my truck. Of course I get pulled over by La. county mounty. He said I was driving erraatically I explained I had gumbo mudders on my little nissan and they caused the truck to weave you had to continually be steering it and he agreed and also admited I did not cross the line but now he had me pulled over he thought I seemed nervous and wanted to search my truck. Now I see another cop car pulling in front of my truck as well so I said a quick prayer and said sure if he would let me speack my say first. Now by this time the other cop was there and I saw he was a near 7 foot full blood indian. First I told him where he was going to finda my SACRED PIPE and my old metal film can with my stash then I explained to him how I felt first I do not se thiss as a legal matter if you arrest me for this it will be an issue of you persecuting me for my religon and I give you my word we will be in court all the way to the supreme court because here is what I believe I Pray with two Pipes both of them Sacred. One is my Father Pipe and the most Sacred thing I can do is Pray with it and I smoke only tobacco in it, Sacred Tobacco that has had prayers put in it by all of my Medicine teachers including being remade with Sacred tobacco that has been remade and added to in a continuos manner like sourdough for over 400 years so what I have is 400 year old Sacred Tobacco I do not inhale this when I smoke as it is for the Father and is the most Sacred thing I can do. Now my other Pipe is my Mother Pipe and like the air I breathe and the water and food that nourishes my body comes from the Mother this Pipe and the Sacred Plant that I smoke are my gifts from the mother and are for the nourishment of my spirit to help with stess and giveme balance in my walk. He looks at me funny and says OOOkayyy. I told him I had one request that my Fater Pipe bundle he let me open it to show him that he said OK (lied I saw afterward he looked in it anyway and didn't tell me) Now the big indian cop stands real close to me and is really paying attentio when I explain everything it took the cop 3 hours to go through all of my stuff a tub of all my medicne gear as well as my medicine bundle you knowhemust have asked me a hundred times whats this? about an herb or pouch with a medicine object and twice during the search he came back to stand by me and the indian cop and ask me explain one more time about this two Pipe thing and I was very careful to explain it in a different way each time so he would know it wasn't rote I learned to get out of a jam I am sincere then when he comes back to me and the indian, who has told me he was raqised white and knew nothing of his heritage., he says looking at a big sprig of white sage what in the world is this it is in every bag box and compartment of your truck and why do you carry all of this stuff. I explained to him first of all I couldn't teach your brother here more about who he is than he ever learned at home if I didn't have all that stuff and what it was is Sage and we burn it to smudge and purify our space whe we do things and as he had handed it to me without asking him I gave a demo I lit it up and Quickly smudged myself and as he leaned inlike he wanted some I SMUDGED HIM... now the indian had come around and was not going to be left out so I smudged him as well and knew then that this was going to be all right. Of course he asked the indian what he should do about me and he said no way its your call I ain't he dumps out my weed and says he's gona have to keep my Pipe I said fine but I really need to hold it for a moment and break the tenon so it can't be smoked as it is very Sacred to me he said that wasn't nessecary he used my hemostats to clean the bowl laid my stash can and hemosats on my dash and handed me my Pipe back. then he apoligized for detaining me for so long and told me to have a nice day. As he was walking back to the car I heard him say to the indian boy I would like to spend the day sometime with that guy an learn more....of course this is the short version of my beliefs I made sure I let him know I was a christian and that all of my teachers were as well this does not interfer with that it is the same God for us all the Creator is God I just have a different way of looking at it whew this is a long post ...enough for one I Love all you Brothers and Sisters here Peace touches earth
Peace from the Homestead touches earth
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you Brother Touches Earth for a very up lifting reminiscence of that holy day. It put me on the edge of my seat and my skin tingled with delight. We are learning to survive with great lessons. I hope I can contribute that well.
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Brother Adam
Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for your story. Cool
-Brother Adam (we are all one family)

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison

Police officers acquitted for beating a 64 yr old man recently in New Orleans. In the words of their defense attorney "all he had to do was comply"....and they wouldn't have fractured his face.
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