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This Friday, everything changes....

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:10 pm    Post subject: This Friday, everything changes.... Reply with quote

> you forget that cleveland is a dying town and if you dont have a power to bein your pocket you might as well forget about trying to start up something like what you are trying to do because cleveland will never except a group like your they will snub nose you
> "Rev.Toby Nixon" <> wrote

This is also why I stress that this be community built by people that can be a part of it every single day. These things don't build themselves, they grow over time as if our attention were the sun and the ministry is were a seed freshly planted. It will need our regular attention in order to grow, thrive and get stronger.

Our attention, our surplus, our time goes into it. As much as we can spare, even if it comes down to putting other seemingly more important things first. This is everything it's taken from me to get it this far.

I never would've gotten here had I not been able to single out and pursue my dream at every foresakable and even unforesakable cost. Yes, we've had our breakups, arguments and even our hard times financially and emotionally. But the seed is still there--and life is like a bountiful valley. There is an infiniate supply of resources (spiritual and physical), it's simply a matter of putting them to good use.

The time is starting to come when the nature of this whole thing will change. We're in a position to take over the rent on the home, which means our financial expenses will double--prompting us as to the need for daily and weekly activities.

The home is now open two days a week--Fridays and Saturdays. To celebrate this, we're throwing one last party at Cyber City this Friday Night (the 15th). Come on down and hang out to support the cause. Friday and Saturday activities will include Pizza & Beer Night for the nights we don't feel like going out and music circle/barbecues when the weather is right--or anything else that comes to mind.

Starting on the 25th we will be having open-house coffee socials where everyone will be welcome along to have a discussion over coffee and then maybe plan a car trip to wherever we feel like going. This usually leads to lunch and then a second place of the day to go. Families and kids are welcome along, as this will provide the backbone for our community school.

For wednesday Nights, starting with the last Wednesday in August, we will be holding Drum Circles in downtown lakewood. So please email for directions to that.

The larger and more visible our group gets, the more we will be capable of doing. I can't stress any other way that this has to be believed in in order to work.

The hidden benefit to the open home is that it becomes a channeling point for a variety of different energies. Like a caring generator, when people go there to feel good about themselves they start to give back and before you know it magical things start to happen. Like healing and friendship and acceptance and learning.

The key to maintaining this will be a steady flow of activity. The emphasis during the day needs to be on healing, educating and accepting. Night time is for play--anyone that teaches during the day or provides to the party at night will be welcome to come along to whatever good time the ministry can afford.

People need to share this with their friends, it needs to spread by word of mouth. The apartment's only phone will soon be under lock and key and the cable has been disconnected leaving us only with DVD and Video. From this point forward, only things willingly brought into this home will remain here. And thanks to the help of local food co-ops and other kind, generous people...there is always food and beverage in the house.

This is where the real world gets told to turn itself off for a little while. Bedroom and sleep space can be rented weekly or daily or by bartering of supplies and services. You can either work to live there or live to work's up to you. But my plan is to generate a steady flow of people through here so that there's something going on here every day.

There's always something interesting going on at Brother Petty's House. =0)

It took us a year to do it, but we have saved up nearly $1000 in donations. This will sustain the place for the next 3 months. If we can get others involved between now and October, we can get ourselves up to a running start that'll take us through winter. There's still a few chances to party and throw some really big concerts before the end of summer.

This will all be added to what we make at the fundraiser tomorrow. Whatever we have left-over will go into paying the rest of the rent on the place and filing for our 501 status--which very much needs to be done.

We've made it this far by throwing a keg party a month for any artists and musicians that want to hang out. We've been having a pretty good time at it too. Even though we've had to slip and slide on the financial end, we always come out on top with more volunteers and more resources to share.

With the weekend open houses and the coffee socials, there is now the potential to keep a steady flow of activity going through the home. And if we can pair this up with some classes, we have a valid reason to be earning an income out of the home as a cooperative.

Please remember that "Open" means exactly that--no one is turned away from anything we do for any reason (except of course destroying things and hurting people) so please drop by.

We're always looking for support, donations and feel free to join any of our mailing lists, blogs and message boards in order to know what's going on.

Here's to burning one down with god.
Don't forget to look behind you every once in awhile
and always exhale with a grin.

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