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The "HalleluJah Diet"

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 12:00 am    Post subject: The "HalleluJah Diet" Reply with quote

Do you know of the "HalleluJah Diet"?

Hello everyone,

Aloha. I hope this finds you and those you love to be well and happy.

Either to get well and happy or to stay there, this is one lifestyle 'diet' that looks to be optimally-healthy and restorative in nature.

The healthier we are the more we can enjoy the many pleasures of life ... longer.

All the best of health to you,


1. Begin to reprogram your mind with knowledge about how the body really works.

If you’re experiencing a health issue, then you know the discomfort of those aches and pains, or maybe even the severe symptoms from a major illness or disease. What you may not know is that most health problems today are caused by nutrient deficiency, toxicity, or both.

While you probably wouldn’t consciously deprive yourself of nutrients or fill your body with toxins, you may unknowingly be doing just that if you consume the Standard American Diet – the SAD. Most of the SAD food consumed today has little nutritional value, which basically starves your body of what it needs to function properly; and much of that same food is filled with chemicals and other noxious substances that stay trapped in the cells of your body, which causes toxic effects such as illness.

You can learn a lot about proper nutrition and health from the myriad of sources available today – books, videos and audiotapes, seminars, and websites. Since you’re already here, start with this website. We have hours upon hours worth of articles, research, education programs, and more to help you better understand why “you are what you eat”.

2. Increase your intake of living foods.

Cooking destroys virtually all of the life force in food – the vital enzymes – and denatures and diminishes most of the nutrients needed to achieve excellent health. To get this life force in your body, eat living foods – fruits and vegetables in their raw (and preferably organic) form.

The National 5 A Day for Better Health Program recommends that each of us consumes at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and we agree! We also suggest that you consume more vegetables than fruit for their broad range of nutrients and lower sugar levels.

3. Start drinking live vegetable juices.

Fresh, live, raw vegetable juices are loaded with the most abundant source of nutrients used by our bodies. Most of the nutrients from vegetable juices reach the cellular level of our bodies – the basic level at which we receive nutrition – while a much smaller percentage of the nutrients of whole raw food reaches the cellular level. So drink your veggies!

We recommend that you do not drink canned or processed juices, as they must be pasteurized before being made available for sale, so they do not contain the critical live enzymes your body needs for proper nourishment.

For those times when juicing fresh vegetables or obtaining freshly made juices are not an option, you can use a convenient vegetable juice powder that is specially prepared to preserve nutrients and enzymes. Try our BarleyMax®, CarrotJuiceMax™ and BeetMax products and get your nutrients wherever you go.

4. Begin drinking lots of purified water.

Water constitutes, regulates, hydrates, cleanses, and helps nourish every part of our body. About 70% of our body is composed of water, so it simply makes sense to drink it often. However, most drinking water – from spring water to filtered water – still has some level of contaminants, so we recommend distilled water instead, since the distillation process truly purifies water, and pure water was God’s provision for us in the form of distilled rainwater

A rule of thumb is to drink a minimum of one-half ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. This guideline includes the live vegetables juices in addition to water. Cheers to your health!

5. Start some exercise and bask daily in sunshine.

Exercise really can be easy – just start moving! The energy you spend exercising will actually give you more energy, and help every system, organ, gland, muscle, and cell in your body function better!

You can start by walking at a steady pace, and work up to completing a mile in 15 minutes; once you’ve reached that level, you can set a long-term goal of walking two to three miles per day. If you prefer jogging or tennis or another sport, go for it! Exercise of any kind is beneficial when you do it!

In addition to helping you stay fit, exercise helps your body get rid of toxins. We accumulate toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the general environment we live in. Exercise stimulates the lymph system, which then moves toxins out of our tissues and then out of our body. So make sure you get some kind of exercise every day. Your body – inside and outside – will thank you for it.

(You can read more about the necessity of exercise on toxin removal in this article.)

And remember the sunshine! Sunshine is an excellent way for you to get adequate amounts of vitamin D (for strong bones, a healthy immune system, muscle strength, and more), lower blood pressure and blood sugar, balance hormones, and restore a positive attitude. Try to get at least ten to fifteen minutes each day, or more if it’s cloudy or wintertime, especially if you live in the northern latitudes, such as in the northern regions of the U.S. or Canada.

(You can read more about the importance of sunshine and Vitamin D in this article.)

6. Eat more fiber.

In addition to exercise, you need to include fiber in your diet to help get rid of toxins from your body. Fiber is found in all raw plant-based foods. Think of it as an intestinal broom that sweeps things along in your colon so you can have optimal bowel movements for proper waste – and toxin – elimination.

When you are going through a diet change, especially during the first 90 days, we recommend you use an all-natural herb and fiber product such as Fiber Cleanse* to help cleanse the colon, restore optimal bowel activity, and ensure timely elimination of waste and toxins from the body. After 90 days, we suggest you transition to freshly ground organic flax seed or our B-Flax-D™ for the fiber and additional nutrients.

* Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women or for prolonged use.

7. Reduce or eliminate all animal products from your diet.

Yes, that includes all meat, dairy, and fish. Why?

Consider this: the consumption of animal products contributes to most of the health problems in the world today, especially here in the US. That is a significant reason why the conclusion of every health study conducted today is that people should eat more vegetables and fruit to be healthy!

Add to that the fact that you can get an abundant amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and many other health-enhancing nutrients from plant sources. That’s why we strongly suggest you begin to reduce your consumption of meat, fish and dairy products, with the ultimate goal of eliminating them from your diet completely.

8. Begin to eliminate processed foods.

When a food is processed, it has gone through some sort of treatment during manufacturing, whether it has chemicals added as preservatives or nutritional elements taken out to improve color or texture. The addition of man-made ingredients and the removal of nature-made nutritional components can contribute to all types of illness and disease.

For example, refined flour and most products made from it have virtually no nutritional value due to the removal of the grain’s bran; most convenience and snack foods have hydrogenated oils and fats added for improved taste and texture; and both are contributing to the rise in obesity, diabetes, and other chronic disease rates in this country today.

As you take processed foods out of your daily meals and snacks, and start eating more of the naturally delicious fresh vegetables, fruits, and juices instead, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel!

9. Get adequate rest and resolve spiritual and emotional stress.

The best sleep occurs in the hours before midnight, so try to go to bed early and get a good eight hours of restful sleep.

And focus on Godly thoughts of love, joy, peace, and faith. Continual thoughts and feelings of anxiety, stress, fear, bitterness, and envy trigger improper releases of stress hormones and neurotransmitters, which can exacerbate physical illness or even cause new ones. So to ensure proper hormone secretions and keep your body balanced, release your mind from harmful thoughts and replace them with Godly thoughts..

10. Reach out for support.

Each one of us can use a bit of support at some time or another, and when you take on something as life-changing as adopting The Hallelujah Diet®, know that there are people everywhere who are happy to support you in your goal of excellent health. Seek out one of our local Health MinistersSM; get involved in a Get Healthy! Stay BalancedSM program; use our website forum to converse with others about health issues; or join a support group. And pray for God’s help in your journey.

We know the amazing health benefits that you can realize with this healing process, and we pray for your commitment and success. Remember that you CAN have excellent health because it is your God given birthright, and these ten steps will help you along your journey to achieving it.

And once you have incorporated each of these ten steps, you are well on your way in actually LIVING the Hallelujah Diet & LifestyleSM!

Now you’re ready to incorporate the entirety of The Hallelujah Diet® in your life!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 1:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Thats how I live my life. I think its to do with a lot of common knowledge.

The nurse at my doctors ask my wife how I was today. I said to the wife that's because I talk to her about my beliefs on the green and they are fascinated about my honesty and how well I look. Very Happy
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