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The Herb and Healing

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A SilverSpirit
Happy to be here
Happy to be here

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 12:19 am    Post subject: The Herb and Healing Reply with quote

The herb helped heal me in many ways. I was always depressed because I was mistreated, and when I got older I found people to party with. Although I did smoke too much, it kept me from being more depressed than I was. It also kept my glaucoma away for many years. I'm convinced I would've gotten it sooner without Cannabis. There were times I was too down to eat, and a few hits got my appetite back. It helped me sleep at night and was a great tool for socializing, which I'm not very good at. It helped me think and enhanced my creativity.
My only regrets are, I wish it was legal here, and I wish I hadn't overdone it. The good thing about having to quit is I realized I could do the same things I did when I was high if I put my mind to it. I remember once in meditation I felt as if I was high, though I hadn't touched the stuff in awhile. I still get the urge for it sometimes, but I can live without it, which is good because I'm in control of myself, not the herb. It should be treated with respect, as a valuable medicine, and remember it comes from a plant, which is a living being. When we abuse it we are being disrespectful to it as well as to ourselves. I'm not telling anyone how to live their life, I'm just sharing my experiences and thoughts.
Why I feel it should be legal is not just for it's recreational use, but for it's proven medicinal value which predates history.
Although I don't use it anymore, I believe it's not as harmful as alcohol, though it still requires responsible use.
The herb has given much comfort and helped ease my saddness and I'm glad for that. I've talked to many people, including those with glaucoma who are certain it's helping. I met a lot of very nice people and many were very responsible, hard working, law abiding citizens who just like to smoke sometimes. They went to work sober, and took care of themselves and their families. They were kind, loving, generous people who treated me better than those who supposedly cared for me.
As far as depression goes, it's not a replacement for therapy, and I don't just mean the conventional ones, but the natural healing of various activities, music, nature, fragrance, among others, and having someone to listen and talk to. Friendship is a great healer. The herb is a great suppliment to many "treatments" for depression. As long as there is someone the person can talk to who really cares, and helps them find other ways to help them solve their problem. Cannabis is not a substitute for handling problems. I learned that the hard way, just ask my lungs. I know many of you are sitting there right now with your stuff and saying, "Yeah but it sure helps," and it does to an extent. It doesn't take away our problems, though it does help ease our pains. As one who gives counsel I cannot recommend it. Even if it were legal I'd still be very careful about that.
Maybe someday certain "leaders" will see the obvious, and quit this stupid war they're waging on the people, or they'll be enough overwhelming support for it they'll have to back down. I bet many who are yelling about drugs are using it themselves, those hypocrites.... they just want it all to themselves, those bogarts... hahaha... heeheeheehe!
Those of us who understand, know the truth about the herb and it's healing.

Sincerely, Silver Smile
Healing begins with finding inner peace.
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