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the banquet of the Lord

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PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2004 9:40 am    Post subject: the banquet of the Lord Reply with quote


1. Verse 5:

(1) "Thou anointest my head with oil."
(2) "Anointing" was an ancient custom of courtesy,
healing and consecration.

2. The setting:

(1) The same as in verse 4.

(2) A colorful oriental banquet in a brilliantly-lighted
banquet hall.

(3) The arrival of happy and excited guests.

(4) The gracious host welcoming his arriving guests.

(5) The host anointing the head of each guest with
precious, aromatic and expensive oil.

(6) The fragrance of the oil would fill the banquet
hall and remind the host of his guests for many days
after the banquet.

(7) The fragrance would also linger on the garments
of the guests for many days, reminding them of
the happy hours they had spent in the presence
of their host.

3. A beautiful New Testament example:

(1) Mark 14:3-9.

(2) On Wednesday night before his death, Jesus attended
a banquet in Bethany, in the home of Simon the leper.

(3) Mary invaded the banquet hall and anointed Jesus
with the precious oil of spikenard.

(4) The fragrance would linger on Jesus through the
dark hours between the banquet and the cross.

(5) It would strengthen Jesus in the hours of his
indescribable suffering.

(6) It would remind him of the love and devotion
of one true friend.

(7) The fragrance would also linger on Mary through
Christ's death and burial.

4. In this verse, David declared:

(1) The life of faith is a banquet.
(2) We are the invited guests.
(3) God is our host.

5. The spiritual implications;

(1) We have been invited to God's final, never-ending

(2) "The marriage supper of the Lamb." (Rev. 19:9)

(3) "The supper of the great God." (Rev. 19:17)

(4) "The city had no need of the sun, neither of
the moon, to shine in it; for the glory of God
did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof."
(Rev. 21:23)

(5) This verse anticipates our arrival, welcome,
anointing, and lingering fragrances at God's
final banquet.

6. Now, hear it again: "Thou anointest my head with oil."

7. Consider these words in the light of the following

I. The Human Race Was Anointed

1. In every human life:

(1) There are special gifts.
(2) And special talents.
(3) And special inspirations.
(4) And special rays of light.
(5) We possess qualities of life that are never
deserved or understood.
(6) Sometimes the sheer joy of living overflows
our hearts.
(7) Some would call this euphoria.
(Cool Some would call it serendipity.
(9) Some would call it charisma.
(10) Some understand that it is God's anointing.

2. Progressive blessings of life:

(1) The miracle of birth.
(2) The wonder of a mother's love.
(3) The amazements of infancy.
(4) The vitality and glory of youth.
(5) The absence of worries, burdens, sorrow,
suffering and depression.
(6) The memories of banquet-like hours, places,
and experiences.
(7) The love and companionship of friends.
(Cool The memories of fellow pilgrims.
(9) The fragrances that still linger, and strengthen,
and bless us.
(10) "Think on these things." (Phil. 4:Cool

3. We are promised that our anointing will be renewed
each time we approach God.

4. The vast variety of approaches to God:

(1) Burdened with sin.
(2) Wracked with guilt.
(3) Torn with doubt.
(4) Broken by failure.
(5) Steeped in depression.
(6) Angry, rebellious, accusative.
(7) Abusing and condemning ourselves.
(Cool Confessing, promising, vowing.
(9) With prayer, thanksgiving, praise and blessings.
(10) And when we approach in penitence, God renews
and repeats our anointing.

5. Exodus 30:30-38

(1) Moses recorded God's recipe for a special
oil of anointing.

(2) This special oil was limited to the anointing
of the tabernacle, ark and priests.

(3) It could never be used on others, and must
never be imitated.

6. Leviticus 14:18

(1) Here, Moses magnified a "remnant of oil."

(2) The word "remnant" has been interpreted by some
scholars as "the last drops" or "the final drop."

(3) There is an ancient Jewish legend to the effect
that there was a special efficacy in the last drop
of the "remnant of oil."

(4) Some believe that Paul had this verse and legend
in mind when he wrote: "I am now ready to be offered."
(II Tim. 4:6)

(5) The word "offered" indicates a sacrifice, or a
libation poured out to God.

(6) With this in mind, Paul's "I am now ready
to be offered" may be translated as: "The final drop
of my own sacrifice is about to fall."

(7) The time will arrive when the final drop of our own
sacrifice will fall on God's eternal altar.

7. But until then, we will cling to his strengthening
assurance: As a human being, we belong to God's
anointed human race.

II. Jesus Was Anointed

1. Three prophecies and promises:

(1) "Kings and rulers form an alliance against the
Lord and his anointed." (Psa. 2:2)

(2) "Thy God hath anointed thee with the oil of
gladness above all thy companions." (Psa. 45:7)

(3) "I will make the horn of David to bud:
I have ordained a lamp for my anointed."
(Psa. 132:17)

2. Isaiah 61:1-3 and Luke 4:18-19

(1) In both of these passages, we are listening
to the voice of Jesus:

(2) In Isaiah: "The Lord hath anointed me to
preach good tidings . . . to bind up broken hearts
. . . to proclaim freedom . . . to open prisons
. . . to comfort all that mourn."

(3) In Luke: "God has anointed me to preach to the
poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to set captives free,
to give sight to the blind, and to set at liberty
those who are bruised."

3. Other New Testament passages:

(1) "Thou hast anointed thy holy child Jesus."
(Acts 4:27)

(2) "God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost,
and with power." (Acts 10:3Cool

(3) "God hath anointed thee with the oil of
gladness." (Heb. 1:9)

4. Within the word "anoint:"

(1) "Make coequal."
(2) "Consecrate, dedicate."
(3) "Sanctify, set apart."
(4) "Endow, empower."
(5) "Give light, make to shine."
(6) "Glisten and glow."
(7) "Expand and soar with outstretched wings."

5. Jesus was anointed as:

(1) Son.
(2) Prophet.
(3) Priest.
(4) King.
(5) Messiah.
(6) Lord.
(7) Savior.

6. A gripping Old Testament drama:

(1) I Kings 1:1-45.

(2) This chapter presents a dramatic series of events
in the history of the nation of Israel.

(3) David was on his deathbed, at the close of his
40-year reign. (verse 1)

(4) Adonijah and Joab hatched a devious plot to usurp
the throne, and the kingdom. (verses 5-9)

(5) The nation was poised on the brink of anarchy.

(6) Nathan and Bathsheba formed an alliance which
thwarted the plot of Adonijah and Joab. (verses 11-30)

(7) At Gihon, Solomon was anointed to be the king.
(verses 38-39)

(Cool Especially notice: Solomon was anointed with
"A horn of oil out of the tabernacle." (verse 39)

(9) The drama climaxes in verses 44-45 as Jonathan,
the messenger, breathlessly cries: "Solomon
has been anointed as king!"

(10) "And the city rang again with rejoicing!"

7. Today, in our modern world:

(1) So many dying, departing and fallen rulers.

(2) So many empty and impotent thrones and seats
of government.

(3) The near-anarchy condition of the entire world.

(4) The ever-increasing decadence, depravity and
degradation of our own nation.

(5) The multiplicity of scientists, sociologists,
psychologists, politicians, preachers and
self-appointed experts raving, ranting and
telling us exactly what we need.

8. Our greatest need:

(1) Breathless messenger proclaiming: "God has
anointed Jesus as Son, Prophet, Priest, King,
Messiah, Lord and Savior."

(2) Then: Our world would also ring again
with rejoicing!

9. A New Testament proclamation:

(1) I Corinthians 15:25-26.

(2) From the highest peak of this mountain-top chapter,
Paul cried: "He must reign 'til he has put all
enemies under his feet. The last enemy that shall
be destroyed is death."

10. We do not yet see or understand this; but we shall,
we shall!

III. God's Children Are Anointed

1. Revelation 1:5-6

(1) From his lonely exile on the isle of Patmos,
John could have written words of self-pity.

(2) Instead, he wrote words of praise:

(3) "Unto him that loved us, and washed us from
our sins in his own blood, and made us kings and
priests unto God."

(4) "To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever."

2. Was John writing about:

(1) A mystical dream, or a beautiful reality?
(2) A foolish fancy, or an eternal fact?
(3) An unavailing pursuit, or an undeniable promise?
(4) Something to pray for, or an already-accomplished

3. It is an already-accomplished fact:

(1) It was long ago settled in God's mind.
(2) It is promised in God's word.
(3) It is ours to appropriate, or to scorn.

4. We are anointed with promise:

(1) To Jacob. (Gen. 28:15-1Cool
(2) To servants. (Isa. 54:17)
(3) To the persecuted. (Mat. 5:10-12)
(4) To John on Patmos. (Rev. 1:17-1Cool
(5) To all believers. (Rev. 11:15)

5. We are anointed with invitation:

(1) We are invited to God's eternal banquet,
"The supper of the great God." (Rev. 19:17)

(2) Our invitation is personally delivered;
not only by servants, but also by his son.

(3) The invitation: "Come, for all things
are ready." (Luke 14:17)

6. We are anointed with welcome:

(1) We are welcomed by the host.
(2) We are anointed by the host.
(3) The fragrance lingers on and on.

7. We are anointed with joy and gladness:

(1) In the Bible, from Exodus to Revelation,
"joy" and "gladness" ring up toward 400 times.

(2) The Old Testament world was in dire need
of joy and gladness.

(3) Our modern world is still in need of joy
and gladness.

(4) There are great masses of lonely and
hurting people all around us who need to see
and hear happy faces and cheerful words.

(5) If you are a stranger to joy and gladness
in your own life, you will automatically
have crippled your service to lonely and
hurting people.

(6) If your church never reflects joy and
gladness in its doctrine, activities and
worship services, it has automatically
crippled its service to its lonely and
hurting world.

(7) Remember how Paul, from the cell of a
stinking and vermin-infested Roman jail,
again and again cried, "Joy! Joy! Joy!"

8. We are anointed with unction:

(1) I John 2:20.
(2) "You have an unction from the Holy one."

9. Regarding "unction:"

(1) The Hebrew word from which "unction" came was
(2) From "krismah" came the Greek word "chrisma."
(3) From "chrisma" came our overly-used-in-recent-years
word "charisma."
(4) All of these words are derived from, and still
convey, the original meaning of "anointing."
(5) "Unction" possesses a few gentle suggestions
for interpretation, which allow the following:
(6) "The anointing of God."
(7) "The endowment of the Holy Spirit."
(Cool "That which provides what is needed."
(9) "That which soothes and comforts."
(10) "Unction" accomplished what learning and eloquence
can never attain.
(11) With "unction," God's message will pierce the
hearts of men.
(12) Without "unction," the most eloquent words will
fall like broken arrows at the feet of an archer.
(13) We know when "unction" is present, and when
it is absent.

10. My favorite comment on "unction:" A black pastor
once told me, "I don't fully know what unction is,
but I do know when I ain't got it!"


"Thou anointest my head with oil."
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