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speculation/discussions on cannabis and desire

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Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2008 8:12 am    Post subject: speculation/discussions on cannabis and desire Reply with quote

if one is to obtain enlightenment/nirvana/heaven/fullfillment, it is NESSESARY 100 percent to end DESIRE. desire is what spins the wheel of samsara. im just curious..............i know that cannabis has shown me many revelations of the lord...................
however it would seem ultimatly we would have to DROP the desire to smoke cannabis. you cant hold on to a tool forever. eventualy you must get out of the boat. it got you where you were going.
yet at the same time i believe MAYBE there is a means of using cannabis without desiring it. of course this is impossible. cannabis is the tree of life, which represents the desire of nirvana. the knowledge of good and evil (not that either exist or that certain thigns are moraly wrong, but the relization that good and evil are the same thing and it takes BOTH of them to equal all. duality, existentialism. or even as christians and mormons would put it......"there must needs be opposition in all things"
this is a realization.
therefore i am finding i MUST MUST MUST HAVE UTMOST RESPECT for this plant. i must not abuse it, or worship it, i must not crave it. in the past i have felt addicted mentaly to the feeling and that is EXACTLY what i DONT need to be doing. its telling me to let go..... how to use this herb respectfuly?
dont use it just becasue you desire a buzz. use it ONLY when god directs you to, in order to communicate better with the most high. i believe it is like food, water, and other medicines. all great tools for humans to reach their ultimate goal. but all must be dropped. so here on earth, i sing praises to god the lord, and to cannabis and all the other beautiful creations on this earth. im confused but somethign tells me to be still and stop wondering. things will come to me when they need long as i live ritcheously by gods law....i will be guided through all things. i want to again give thanks to the devine for everything i have been through (odd to say that when ive been walking through hell)....
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