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Soma, Amanita muscaria and Cannabis sativa

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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

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Isis is said to have conjured the invincible God of Eternities, Ra, to tell her his secret and sacred name, which he did. This name is equivalent to the Lost Word of Masonry.

According to Christian mysticism, when the Lost Word is found it is discovered in a stable, surrounded by beasts and marked by a star.

-"The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall

Let the star guide you, THE STAR SIRIUS, THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM, THE DOG STAR, and as you read on the mystery of mystery's will unfold and be understod.

What I am writing is building upon the findings of the following authors:

GORDON WASSON: "Soma: divine mushroom of immortality"

JOHN MARCO ALLEGRO:"The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross"

JAMES ARTHUR: "Mushrooms and Mankind: The Impact of Mushrooms on Human Consciousness and Religion"

CLARK HEINRICKSEN: "Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy"

JAN IRVIN & ANDREW RUTAJIT:"Astrotheology and Shamanism: Unveiling the Law of Duality in Christianity and other Religions"

In few words, the writings of the above mentioned authors shows that Jesus the Messias is the anthropomorphization of the sun and Amanita muscaria.


Amanita muscaria, the KING.
Cannabis sativa, the PEOPLE.
The tale of the alchemical wedding is about to begin.

Star of the Order of the Elephant, brilliants and pearls on gold and enamel. Possibly made c. 1770 by J.F. Fistaine. (Denmark) (Amanita muscaria with the flame of the holy spirit).


After finishing reading "Astrotheology and Shamanism: Unveiling the Law of Duality in Christianity and other Religions", I was left with the question, what is The Holy Trinity in relation to As above, so belove. Based upon some of the indoeuropean myths, legends and artworks I have come to the following conclution. I submit that the Trinity is: Man, Amanita muscaria and Cannabis sativa.

I base it on the following:

From "Alchemy and Mysticism" by Alexander Roob, page 351.
To get the elixirs of the white and red roses, what is required above all is the right source material. The rose wears a green dress, says Maier. The wise man plucks it without being pricked, while thieves "have nothing but pain from it".

Page 404.
"Make of man and woman a circle; when you add the head to the tail, you have the hole tincture." (Hermetic saying)

So two things are needed, then you can add the head to the tail, (that is drink your urine).

I will ask the reader to keep in mind that in paradise there is two trees. Adam and Eve only ate of the one that gives knowledge of good and evil , and not of the tree that gives eternal life.

What got me considering this thesis (that the Trinity is: Man, Amanita muscaria and Cannabis sativa) was the myth of Kadir.

In "Green gold, the tree of life, marijuana in magic and religion" (Chris Bennett, Lynn Osburn and Judy Osburn), it says:

Page 213.

The early records of the Order of the Garter are lost. Its patron saint was St. George, who is equated in Syria, where his cult originates, with the mysterious Khidr-figure of the Sufis. It was in fact called the Order of St. George, which would translate direct into Sufi phraseology as Tarika-i-Hadrat-i-Khidr (the Order of St. Khidr). It became known as the Order of the Garter. The word "garter" in Arabic is the same as the word for the Sufi mystical tie or bond.

Page 214.

Scholar Sula Benet made the following comments on a tale that closely resembles that of Saint George : “In the Ukraine there is a legend of a dragon who lived in Kiev, oppressing the people and demanding tribute. The dragon was killed and the city liberated by a man wearing a hemp shirt.” (Sula Benet, Early Diffusion and Folk Uses of Hemp.)

This linkes St. George, slayer of the dragon to Cannabis sativa, because:

The Green Prophet, Khizr, Islam's Patron Saint of Cannabis, finds the Fountain of Life by placing two fish in some water. After drinking it he is the only one to attain immortality. More about this character can be found here.

Notice that Cannabis sativa takes the nausea and vomiting away, when one has ingested tea made from dried Amanita Muscaria.

Here Khidr is portrayed standing on a fish crossing the river of life.

This got me started really good, because two fish meant Jesus. And suddenly St. George made sence, as the tamer of the dragon.

This picture tells the story of The Holy Trinity. As above, so belove. Belove the Trinity is made up of Man and two Birds/Lions. Aquila (byrd in the bottom right corner) brings the young cupbearer to Zeus. So Aquila brings that which caries the ambrusia (Shivas moon). Phoenix is in the other corner. This is the two birds (Khyung and Khading) which became Garouda in the myths of the Himalayas and are identified with the Aryan soma. ("Shamanism and Tantra in the Himalayas" by Surendra Bahadur Shahi, Christian Rätsch and Claudia Müller-Ebeling, page 68). The man on the right with the horns, The horned God Cernunnos, is the king of the forest, the God of the trees (Pan, Herne). This indicates that the dobbel lion in the middel is green on the right side and red on the left side (Phoenix).

Lions and birds are central symbols in alchemy and in the lives of the royal families of europe.

The Order "de l'union parfaite", instituted in 1732 by Sophie Magdalene to commemorate her happy marriage. The first order in Denmark which could also be worn by women.

Here we see Christian V's coronation in the chapel of Frederiksborg Palace in 1671. Sketch for an engraving, painted by Michael von Haven. Notice the two lions. There was a third lion behind the throne, which you can`t see on this picture. This puts the King in a triangel of 3 lions, as the all seeing Eye of Horus . (Denmark).

Regal symbols.

Saint Peter the Apostle.

The church has the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Notice that there is 2 keys. Also notice the cross with moons.

Pius II (Pope), coat of arms.

From "Purgatorio" by Dante Alighieri. ("The Divine Comedy").

And on the upper step, God’s angel – seated
upon the threshold, which appeared to me
to be of adamant – kept his feet planted.

And from beneath that robe he drew two keys; the one
was made of gold, the other was of silver;
first with the white, then with the yellow key,
he plied the gate so as to satisfy me.

“Whenever one of these keys fails, not turning
appropriately in the lock,” he said
to us, “this gate of entry does not open.

One is more precious, but the other needs
much art and skill before it will unlock –
that is the key that must undo the knot.”

Cannabis sativa (hemp) is precious, you can even win wars with it, and Amanita muscaria is difficult to use.

The Gospel of Thomas.

(39) Jesus said, "The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge (gnosis) and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You, however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves."

Banner of St George.

Banner of St George according to Jan Dlugosz (1415-1480).

This is from "The Book of Lambspring", A Noble Ancient Philosopher, Concerning the Philosophical Stone.

The sailors are trying to get our attention. Look at the flag on the ship.


The Sea is the Body, the two Fishes are Soul and Spirit.

The Sages will tell you
That two fishes are in our sea
Without any flesh or bones.
Let them be cooked in their own water;
Then they also will become a vast sea,
The vastness of which no man can describe.
Moreover, the Sages say
That the two fishes are only one, not two;
They are two, and nevertheless they are one,
Body, Spirit, and Soul.
Now, I tell you most truly,
Cook these three together,
That there may be a very large sea.
Cook the sulphur well with the sulphur,
And hold your tongue about it:
Conceal your knowledge to your own advantage,
And you shall be free from poverty.
Only let your discovery remain a close secret.


The Spirit and Soul must be united in their Body.

The Sages do faithfully teach us
That two strong lions, to wit, male and female,
Lurk in a dark and rugged valley.
These the Master must catch,
Though they are swift and fierce,
And of terrible and savage aspect.
He who, by wisdom and cunning,
Can snare and bind them,
And lead them into the same forest,
Of him it may be said with justice and truth
That he has merited the meed of praise before all others,
And that his wisdom transcends that of the worldly wise.

These animals change place with each other. Here we have the deer and the unicorn.


In the Body there is Soul and Spirit.

The Sages say truly
That two animals are in this forest:
One glorious, beautiful, and swift,
A great and strong deer;
The other an unicorn.
They are concealed in the forest,
But happy shall that man be called
Who shall snare and capture them.
The Masters shew you here clearly
That in all places
These two animals wander about in forests
(But know that the forest is but one).
If we apply the parable to our Art,
We shall call the forest the Body.
That will be rightly and truly said.
The unicorn will be the Spirit at all times.
The deer desires no other name
But that of the Soul; which name no man shall take away from it.
He that knows how to tame and master them by Art,
To couple them together,
And to lead them in and out of the forest,
May justly be called a Master.
For we rightly judge
That he has attained the golden flesh,
And may triumph everywhere;
Nay, he may bear rule over great Augustus.

The unicorn is a mythical animal that has changed in appearance over the many thousands of years of it first being recorded. In the Middle Ages it was thought of as being a strong and fierce animal associated with chastity and virginity (and could only be captured by a virgin) and also with Christ’s love of mankind.

From "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall, the author writes concerning the unicorn:

Great virtues are attributed to it, in expelling of poison and curing of several diseases.................. J. P. Lundy believes that the horn of the unicorn symbolizes the horn of salvation mentioned by St. Luke which, pricking the hearts of men, turns them to a consideration of salvation through Christ. Mediæval Christian mystics employed the unicorn as an emblem of Christ, and this creature must therefore signify the spiritual life in man.

If one of the animals mentioned above became a lamb, this scene suddenly makes sense.

Now you might say whats Buddha got to do with it. Well for a start Buddha jumped around on one leg when he was born. This is what his footprint looks like.

Here Buddha is portraited under Amanita muscaria/fallos.

And what about thise pictures from the same tempel. (Ajanta Caves).

From "Plants of the Gods" by Schultes & Hofmann.

Page 97.

The Tibetans considered Cannabis sacred. A Mahayana Buddhist tradition maintains that during the six steps of asceticism leading to his enlightenment, Buddha lived on one Hemp seed a day. He is often depicted with "Soma leaves" in his begging bowl and the mysterious god-narcotic Soma has occasionally been identified with Hemp.

A gigantic serpent-genie, known as a Nagawho dwelt in the roots of the Bo Tree under which the Buddha attained Nirvana. Muchalinda saved the meditating Buddha from the storm by winding his coils around him, thus shielding the Buddha until the tempest had passed.

There's a famous saying in Buddhism.
If you ever meet the Buddha on the path, kill him.

Like Buddha both Jesus and Shive seems to have a connection to Cannabis. In some gnostic myths, Jesus was crucified on wood from a branch of the tree with knowledge of good and evil, from paradise. Looks like a leaf of hemp to my.

Painting of Christ as "The Man of Sorrows". It is painted according to Christian IV's vision at Rosenborg Castle, 8th December 1625. (Christ had the greatest sorrows on the cross, beliveing that God had deserted him. I would call the picture Jesus with stick of Cannabis sativa, in other words "Jesus on the Cross").

Here a branch is taken from the tree in paradise and is given to what appears to be two Amanita muscaria. (Birds love hemp seeds).

Amanita muscaria looks like this when it has been lieing down. When you returne home with the days harvest, some of the mushrooms will have turned their caps.

Like this figure of Shiva with the moon in his hair. The moon (Aquila) carryes the Soma.

From "Plants of the Gods" by Schultes & Hofmann.

Page 92.

Tradition in India maintains that the gods sent man the Hemp plant so that he might attain delight, courage, and have heightened sexual desires. When nectar or Amrita dropped down from heaven, Cannabis sprouted from it. Another story tells how, when the gods, helped by demons, churned the milk ocean to obtain Amrita, one of the resulting nectars was Cannabis. It was consecrated to Shiva and was Indra's favorite drink. After the churning of the ocean, demons attempted to gain control of Amrita, but the gods were able to prevent this seizure, giving Cannabis the name Vijaya ("victory") to commemorate their success. Ever since, this plant of the gods has been held in India to bestow supernatural powers on its users.

The Mahashivratri is Shiva's Great Night. On this day Lord Shiva was married to Parvati. On this day Shiva drank the poison and held it in his throat (turning blue) by binding it with a snake. On this day, after the churning of the ocean, demons attempted to gain control of Amrita, but the gods were able to prevent this seizure, giving Cannabis the name Vijaya ("victory") to commemorate their success.

From " Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission", 1893-1894, Bombay

So holy a plant must play a leading part in temple rites. Shiva on fire with the poison churned from the ocean was cooled by bhang." Note on the religion of Hemp. James M. Campbell. C.I.E., Collector of Land Revenue and Customs and Opium, Bombay

Here the green lion holds the sun in its mouth, just like the moon of Shiva holds Soma.

Its all about the marriage of the sun and the moon. We know what the sun is Jesus/Amanita muscaria, so what is the moon. I submit that it is Cannabis sativa. Amanita muscaria is masculine, comming out of the earth like a phallus (one uses the feminine part, the cap, but takes away the sexual organ so only the red masculine part is left), and Cannabis sativa is femenine (only the sexual organ of the virgin female plant is used.)

Here we have the sun and moon plants.

In The Bible, Song of Solomon 2, one can read the following.

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

I submit that the sun plant and moon plant is the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. Jesus is the rose of Sharon. The lily is Virgin Mary.

Mary Nazarene. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1857). Mary is planting a lily and a rose bush beside a stream.


The Orb (Amanita muscaria).

The Orb, gold with enamel and table-cut stones. Made in Hamburg for Frederik III's coronation in 1648. Used at anointings during the period of Absolutism. (Denmark)

So what is this (the Sceptre), if not a branch of the tree from paradise.

A lily.

The Sceptre, gold with enamel and table-cut diamonds. Made for the coronation of Frederik III in 1648 by an unknown goldsmith in Copenhagen. Used at anointings during the period of Absolutism until 1840. (Denmark)

Here is some other pictures that points towards the importans of the "Trinitys" symbolic meaning. Again I submit that they point towards the drugs that made the King "KING". Amanita muscaria in one hand, and a Cannabis sativa stick in the other making you the "KING".

Christian IV's Bedroom. Ceiling painting. Hera Queen of the Heavens, and wife of Zeus, were painted by Abraham Wuchters. Zeus is holding the thunderbolt (Amanita muscaria/orb) in his left hand, Hera is holding the septer in her right hand. (Denmark)

In "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall, the following can be found about Isis, Queen of Heaven.

This Egyptian deity under many names appears as the principle of natural fecundity among nearly all the religions of the ancient world. She was known as the goddess with ten thousand appellations and was metamorphosed by Christianity into the Virgin Mary, for Isis, although she gave birth to all living things--chief among them the Sun--still remained a virgin, according to the legendary accounts.

Plutarch translates the name Isis to mean wisdom.

Plutarch further asserts that the Greeks recognized in Osiris the same person whom they revered under the names of Dionysos and Bacchus.

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, the founder of Egyptian learning, the Wise Man of the ancient world, gave to the priests and philosophers of antiquity the secrets which have been preserved to this day in myth and legend. These allegories and emblematic figures conceal the secret formula for spiritual, mental, moral, and physical regeneration commonly known as the Mystic Chemistry of the Soul (alchemy).

The mysteries of Hermeticism, the great spiritual truths hidden from the world by the ignorance of the world, and the keys of the secret doctrines of the ancient philosophers, are all symbolized by the Virgin Isis.

The ancients gave the name Isis to one of their occult medicines; therefore the description here given relates somewhat to chemistry. Her black drape also signifies that the moon, or the lunar humidity--the sophic universal mercury and the operating substance of Nature in alchemical terminology--has no light of its own, but receives its light, its fire, and its vitalizing force from the sun. Isis was the image or representative of the Great Works of the wise men: the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of Life, and the Universal Medicine.

And in the middle of the crown, just on her forehead, there was a smooth orb resembling a mirror, or rather a white refulgent light, which indicated that she was the moon.

The Druids of Britain and Gaul had a deep knowledge concerning the mysteries of Isis and worshiped her under the symbol of the moon.

The moon was chosen for Isis because of its dominion over water. The Druids considered the sun to be the father and the moon the mother of all things. By means of these symbols they worshiped Universal Nature.

The Druids had a Madonna, or Virgin Mother, with a Child in her arms, who was sacred to their Mysteries; and their Sun God was resurrected at the time of the year corresponding to that at which modern Christians celebrate Easter.

Plutarch describes the requisites of a follower of Isis in this manner: "For as 'tis not the length of the beard, or the coarseness of the habit which makes a philosopher, so neither will those frequent shavings, or the mere wearing [of] a linen vestment constitute a votary of Isis; but he alone is a true servant or follower of this Goddess, who after he has heard, and been made acquainted in a proper manner with the history of the actions of these Gods, searches into the hidden truths which he concealed under them, and examines the whole by the dictates of reason and philosophy."

During the Middle Ages the troubadours of Central Europe preserved in song the legends of this Egyptian goddess. They composed sonnets to the most beautiful woman in all the world. Though few ever discovered her identity, she was Sophia, the Virgin of Wisdom, whom all the philosophers of the world have wooed. Isis represents the mystery of motherhood, which the ancients recognized as the most apparent proof of Nature's omniscient wisdom and God's overshadowing power. To the modern seeker she is the epitome of the Great Unknown, and only those who unveil her will be able to solve the mysteries of life, death, generation, and regeneration.

From "Green Gold: the Tree of Life, Marijuana in Magic and Religion"by Chris Bennett, Lynn Osburn, and Judy Osburn.

Page 450.

In light of the Goddesses early connection with the Tree of life, it is not at all surprising to find that the Goddes can also be connected with the star of the holy hemp plant:

There are many legends which tell how the Goddess was born of a star. Sirius (Sept.) was regarded as the sacred star of Isis (Aug-Sep), it is called the "grandmother" by the Bush (wo)men and it is of graet and sacred importance to the Dogon people of Mali.
-Monica Sjoo, "New Age And Armageddon".

The Dogon people recognize Sirius as the planet from which their holy cannabis came from. (See chapter 6, Egypt.) A number of scholars have pointed to an earlier Egyptian influence on the Dogon cosmology; and the Queen of Heaven, Isis, connected with this star.(3)


3. "Ancient Egypt may have contributed its share of the gorgeous symbolism of the Catholic Church as well as to the pale abstrations of her theology. Certainly in art the figure of Isis suckling the infant Horus is so like that of the Madonna and child that it has sometimes recieved the adorations of ignorant Christians. And to Isis in her later character, as patroness of mariners the Virgin Mary perhaps owes her beatiful epithet of Stella Maris, "Star of the Sea," under which she is adored by tempest-tossed sailors. The attributes of a marine deity may have been bestowed on Isis by the sea-faring Greeks of Alexanderia. They are quite foriegn to her original character and to the habit of the Egyptians, who had no love of the sea. On this hypothesis Sirius, the bright star of Isis, which on July mornings rises from the glassy waves of the eastern Mediterranean, a harbinger of halcyon weather to mariners, was the true Stella Maris, "the Star of the Sea."" (J. G. Frazer, "The Golden Bought", 1922).

Stella maris.

"Green Gold: the Tree of Life, Marijuana in Magic and Religion"by Chris Bennett, Lynn Osburn, and Judy Osburn.

Page 106.

The ancient Egyptians believed that humans held the potiantial for becoming godlike. They maintained that a sacred plant was a major part of that transhumanization. It is written in the Harris Papyrus 501, dated 311 BCE:

...and a like measure of the divine schrubs to prompt the speech of the star gods.
-Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge, (1910).

The Ancient Egyptian prototype - nothing less than the quest and prescription for the release of humanity`s nascent divinity, in turn enabling the rejoining of a world and an already functional community of highly advanced beings who welcome the newcomers to joyous puissance.

The principle agent of this transformation was "the divine food" which, like what some super royal jelly could do for bees, would stimulate metamorphic neurosecretory organs in the human central nervous system and enable a superbiological process to take place to mature a higher body that can transcend at death and is capable of furnishing a sensorium to perceive and function in a world freer than the transient three-dimensional one in which we are currently confined. This was the ageless promise that Ancient Egypt held forth most explicitly. And this is the essence of any religion worthy of the name that is to be more than a mere excuse for the seizure of power and control.
-Charles Muses, "The Sacred Plant Of Ancient Egypt." (12)

Another papyrus, No. 10,477, sheet 30, in the "Egyptian Book Of The Dead", states the speech of the star gods, was prompted by the Divine Shrub, adding:

I am Yesterday and Tomorrow, and have the power to regenerate myself... The hitherto closed door is thrust open and the radiance in my heart hath made it enduring. I can walk in my new immortal body and go to the domain of the starry gods. Now I can speak in accents to which they listen, and my language is that of the star Sirius.
-Charles Muses, "The Sacred Plant Of Ancient Egypt." (13)

What is so interesting about the above statement is that the Egyptian influenced Dogon tribe (14) claims cannabis came from Sirius.

Their "Dagga" cults believed Holy cannabis was brought to earth by the Gods, in particular from the "two Dog Star" system that we call A and B. "Dagga" literlly means "cannabis". Interestingly, the surviving Indo-European word for the plant can be read as "canna", "reed", and "bi", "two", as well as "canna" as in canine; and "bis", meaning two (bi)-"Two Dogs".
-Jack Herer, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes".

These linkages more than hint at an ancient astronomical awareness of the "dark companion" star of Sirius discovered in modern times by Alan G. Clark in Mass., on January 31, 1862, following the calculations of his colleague, Truman Safford. It was later (1960) established by van den Bos, working in South Africa, that the very dense "dark companion of Sirius circles her once in exactly fifty (50,09) years, their next approach or periastron occuring in April, 1994.
-Charles Muses, "The Sacred Plant Of Ancient Egypt." (15)


12. "Gateways To Inner Space", Christian Ratsch, ed. (The theme of cannabis as an evolutionary agent appeared again and again while collecting research for this book, as will be shown.-CB)

13. Idbid.

14. Idbid. Astronomical information was preserved by the Egyptian-influenced Dogon tribe, as the works of ethnologists Germaine Dieterlen and Marcel Griaule has shown.

15. Idbid. Muses credited much of the research he used to "The Lion Path", Musaios, 1985. However, Muses mistakenly chose Khat, which is compared to coffee in its effects, for his identity of the Egyptian`s sacred shrub.

Interestingly in "Flesh Of The Gods" Peter T. Furst mention that some of the earliest Sanskrit names for Cannabis sativa is cana and sana. (Page 224, 225)

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall.

The dog, because of its faithfulness, denotes the relationship which should exist between disciple and master or between the initiate and his God. The shepherd dog was a type of the priestcraft. The dog's ability to sense and follow unseen persons for miles symbolized the transcendental power by which the philosopher follows the thread of truth through the labyrinth of earthly error. The dog is also the symbol of Mercury. The Dog Star, Sirius or Sothis, was sacred to the Egyptians because it presaged the annual inundations of the Nile. the mercury of the philosophers, essential to material existence.

In alchemy there are three symbolic substances: mercury, sulphur, and salt.

Sulphur because of its fiery nature was also associated with the sun.

The black and white ibis was sacred to the moon; but all forms were revered because they destroyed crocodile eggs, the crocodile being a symbol of the detested Typhon.


Hermes, as the personification of Universal Wisdom, is here depicted with his foot upon the dack of Typon, the vanquished dragon of ignorance and perversion. To the Egyptian initiates Typhon, the devourer of souls, signified the lower world which swollows up the spiritual nature of the individual who, being imperfect, is forced to descent from the higher sphers and be reborn into the physical universe. To be swallowed by typhon therefore signifies the process of rebirth, from which man can only release himself by vanquishing his mortal Adversary.

In one hand Hermes carries the Caduces, a winged rod with two fighting serpents entwined about it; in the other, the immortal Emerald, upon whose surface was inscribed in raised letters the sum of philosophy. The figure wears the ancient Egyptian Masonic apron according to the pattern discovered by Belzoni, the eminent Egyptologist. The two small circles contain the forms and symbols most closely associated with Hermes. In the upper circle is the ibis, whose curious characteristics have caused it to be particulary associated with the medical art. In the initiation ceremonies the Egyptian prists wore masks in form of the ibis head to signify that they represented the attributes of Thoth, or Hermes. The lower circle contains the dog, an animal always associated with Hermes because of its intelligence and devotion. Upon the forehead of Hermes appears the uræus, the secret symbol of the constallation of Scorpio, which represent the regeneration of the same power that in the form of a dragon lies helpless under his foot. The scarab over the heart of Hermes represent the presence of the spiritual and regenerative light within his own soul; the collar typifies by its circles the orbit of the heavenly bodies. The three points of the tail of Typhon which end in arrovs indicate the three destructive expressions of unicersal energy - mental, moral, and physical perversion. The entire diagram signifies mastery through the regeneration of the body, the illumination of the mind, and the transmutation of the emotion.

The Bible.

"You are the salt of the earth...
You are the light of the world" (Mt 5:13-14)

From "When the Gods Drank Urine" by Mike Crowley.

In passing it may be worth mentioning that the Tibetan word for Cannabis and its drug products is So.Ma.Ra.Dza. This appears to be a direct borrowing from the Sanskrit soma-raja (Eng.: “King soma”, “Royal soma”). The term soma-raja is glossed as "king soma, the moon" in Monier-Williams' Sanskrit dictionary although the Rig Veda, in its hymns of praise to the drug, refers to it frequently as "King soma" (8.48.8, 8.79.8 etc.) [O'Flaherty, pp. 121, 135, et passim.]. It would thus appear that either Cannabis was used as a soma-substitute or that the identification of soma with psychoactive plants in general was once recognized in India and that this tradition is preserved in Tibet.

The lily is the symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Fleur de Lis.

Jesus crucifyed on a Fleur de Lis.

Ecce Ancilla Domini! Alternately titled: The Annunciation. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1850).

The Girlhood of Mary Virgin. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1849).

The Beatles - Let it Be.

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be. yeah
There will be an answer, let it be.

And when the night is cloudy,
There is still a light that shines on me,
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be.
I wake up to the sound of music
Mother mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be,
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

Lily and Amanita muscaria. Jesus is the aurora (dawn). Do you see the STAR. The picture can be seen in a better reproduction in "Alchemy and Mysticism" by Alexander Roob, page 241.

Ph.O. Runge, "Der kleine Morgen", Hamburg, 1808.

From "Alchemy and Mysticism" by Alexander Roob.

Page 241.

Lily and the dawn symbolize the rise of the age of the Holy Spirit.

I contest that the lily is Cannabis sativa.


This part is the most interesting. In "Ploughing the clouds. The search for Irish Soma" Peter Lamborn Wilson tells how Indra, with the help of the Maruts, slays the dragon. Indra can not slay it alone. In the story Indra symbolizes the nobility and the Maruts the people.

Pages 78 - 79.

Before the Maruts were born, Indra tried to kill them, but later they became his allies and helped him to slay Vrtra. An interesting variant (1.85.9-11) describes how the Maruts help a sage named Gotama by splitting open a mountain and releasing a fountain of water - a replication of Indra`s freeing the Waters from Vrtra`s mountain. "Blowing on the reed-pipe, the Maruts performed joyous deeds in the ecstasy of drinking Soma." In RV 1.165, Indra and the Maruts engage in an uneasy dialogue. The Maruts boast of their dandyism (they "adorned themselves like women" (1.85.1)), and of their power in yoking both horses ond gazelles (or deer) to their storm chariots. "Indra, you have always acknowledged our independent spirit." Indra answers, "Where was that independent spirit of yours, Maruts, when you left me all alone in the fight with the dragon?" The Maruts save face with a few more boasts, but then capitulate and begin to sing Indra`s praises. Indra now forgives them: "Thus they shine forth facing me, the blameless band who take to themselves fame and the drink of ecstasy."
In the Brahmanas (IV,3,3,6-11) we find an elaboration of this uneasy relation between Indra and his merry Maruts, and the explanation of their reconciliation. The point of the passage is to explain why the Maruts recieve a share of the Soma sacrifice, but only in the name of Indra:

Then as to why he draws the Marutvatiya cups (the cups for the Maruts). Now this, the midday pressing feast, is Indra`s special (nishkevalya) feast: thereby he strove to smite Vrtra, thereby he strove to vanquish him. But the Maruts, having on that account withdrawn, were standing on an asvattha tree (Ficus Religiosa). Now Indra is the nobility, and the Maruts are the people, and through the people the noble becomes strong: therefore the two Ritu cups (they say) may be of asvattha wood; but in reality they are of karsmarya wood.

The ficus religiosa is Siva`s (or Rudra`s) tree. I do not understand the point about asvattha and karsmarya wood, but perhaps they symbolize the nobility and the people, or vice versa.

Indra called on them, saying, "Do ye join me that with you as my force I may smite Vrtra!" They said, "What will be our (reward) then?" He drew those two Marutvatiya cups for them.

"Marutvat" is an epithet of Indra as leader of the Maruts.

They said, "Having put aside this one (cup) for our vigour, we will join thee." Having accordingly put it aside for their vigour, they joined him. But Indra sought to obtain it, thinking, "They have come to me after putting aside their vigour."

It is not quite clear what`s happening here, although it seemes the Maruts are holding out for a greater share of Soma.

He said. "Do ye join me with vigour!" - "Then draw a third cup for us," they said. He drew a third cup for them, with, "Thou art taken with a support, - thee for the vigour of the Maruts!" They then joined him with vigour, - and he conquered with them, and smote Vrtra with them; - for Indra is the nobility, and the Maruts are the people, and through the people the noble becomes strong. Hence he now bestows that strength on nobility, and therefore he draws the Marutvatiya cups.
Let him draw them for Indra Marutvat (accompained by the Maruts), and not for the Maruts likewise. For were he also to draw cups for the Maruts, he would make the people refractory to the nobility. He thus assigns to the Maruts a share therein after Indra, whereby he makes the people subservient and obedient to the nobility: therefore let him draw the cups for Indra Marutvat, and not for the Maruts likewise.
But he was afraid of their desertion, - "Lest they should desert me, lest they should take to some other (party)," so thinking, he by that (share in the libation) made them unwilling to desert him. This is why he should draw the grahas for Indra Marutvat.

Page 80. Brahmanas 18 - 21.

The Soma sacrifice needs something to be free from danger and injury. I submit that it is Cannabis.

18. When the head of the sacrifice was struck off its sap, running, entered the waters; those gandharva Soma-wardens watched it.

19. The gods then said, "Those gandharvas, surely, are a great danger to us here, how can we carry off the sap of the sacrifice to a place free from danger and injury?"

20. They said, "Well, the gandharvas are fond of women; let us go together with the wives! The gandharvas, surely, will hanker after the wives, and we shall carry off that sap of the sacrifice to a place free from danger and injury."

21. They went with the wives; the gandharvas did indeed hanker after the wives, and they (the gods) carried off the sap of the sacrifice to a place free from danger and injury.

Page 81. Hymn 10.85 (40, 41).

Soma marry Surya, daughter of the sun.

40. Soma first possessed her, and the gandharva possessed her second. Agni was your third husband, and the fourth was the son of a man.

41. Soma gave her to the gandharva, and the gandharva gave her to Agni. Agni gave me wealth and sons - and her.

Page 106.

Surya journeyes to her husbond Soma.

7. Intelligence was the pillow; sight was the balm. Heaven and Earth were the hope-chest where Surya went to her husband.

"Thought was her chariot and the sky was its canopy" - a rather psychedelic sounding metafor.

12. The two luminaries were your wheels as you journeyed; the outward breath was made into the axel. Surya mounted a chariot made of thought as she went to her husband.

This chariot now becomes yet another image of Soma.

16. Your two wheels, Surya, the Brahmins know in their measured rounds. But the one wheel that is hidden, only the inspired know that.

I submit that the known part of Soma (known wheel) is Cannabis sativa, the unknown is Amanita muscaria.

Page 90.

Although Soma is usually related to the Sun, in one late hymn of the Rg Veda it becomes the Moon as well.

3) One thinks he has drunk Soma when they press the plant. But the Soma that the Brahmins know - no one ever eats that.

4) Hidden by those charged with veiling you, protected by those who live on high, O Soma, you stand listening to the pressing-stones. No earthling eats you.

5) When they drink you who are a god, then you are filled up again. Vayu is the guardian of Soma; the moon is the one that shapes the years.

O`Flaherty comments on the moon as the container of Soma:
Verses 3-5 play upon the different Somas: the plant that is pressed, the god that the Bramins know, the god protected in heaven, the plant between the pressing-stones, the juice that they drink, the moon that is drained of Soma and filled again, waxing and waning.

The plant Soma (Amanita muscaria) is watching, while bhang (part of the drink Soma) is being prepared.


It takes two substances to get anointed.



Egyptian Scarab (the god Khepri). Symbolizes sun/Amanita muscaria.

In "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall, the following can be found:

Initiates of the Egyptian Mysteries were sometimes called scarabs; again, lions and panthers. The scarab was the emissary of the sun, symbolizing light, truth, and regeneration. Stone scarabs, called heart scarabs, about three inches long, were placed in the heart cavity of the dead when that organ was removed to be embalmed separately as part of the process of mummifying. Some maintain that the stone beetles were merely wrapped in the winding cloths at the time of preparing the body for eternal preservation. The following passage concerning this appears in the great Egyptian book of initiation, The Book of the Dead: "And behold, thou shalt make a scarab of green stone, which shalt be placed in the breast of a man, and it shall perform for him, 'the opening of the mouth.'" The funeral rites of many nations bear a striking resemblance to the initiatory ceremonies of their Mysteries.

Amanita muscaria with Cannabis sativa on top of head.

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall.

Concerning the seven planets.

In the second and third chapters St. John delivers to the "seven churches which are in Asia" the injunctions received by him from the Alpha and Omega. The churches are here analogous to the rungs of a Mithraic ladder, and John, being "in the spirit," ascended through the orbits of the seven sacred planets until he reached the inner surface of the Empyrean.
"After the soul of the prophet," writes the anonymous author of Mankind: Their Origin and Destiny, "in his ecstatic state has passed in its rapid flight through the seven spheres, from the sphere of the moon to that of Saturn, or from the planet which corresponds to Cancer, the gate of men, to that of Capricorn, which is the gate of the gods, a new gate opens to him in the highest heaven, and in the zodiac, beneath which the seven planets revolve; in a word, in the firmament, or that which the ancients called crystallinum primum, or the crystal heaven."

In the opening chapter of the Apocalypse, St. John describes the Alpha and Omega who stood in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks. Surrounded by his flaming planetary regents, this Sublime One thus epitomizes in one impressive and mysterious figure the entire sweep of humanity's evolutionary growth--past, present, and future.

The solar system was organized by forces operating inward from the great ring of the Saturnian sphere; and since the beginnings of all things were under the control of Saturn, the most reasonable inference is that the first forms of worship were dedicated to him and his peculiar symbol--the stone. Thus the intrinsic nature of Saturn is synonymous with that spiritual rock which is the enduring foundation of the Solar Temple, and has its antitype or lower octave in that terrestrial rock--the planet Earth--which sustains upon its jagged surface the diversified genera of mundane life.

The Greek initiates also recognized a fundamental relationship between the individual heavens or spheres of the seven planets, and the seven sacred vowels.
When these seven heavens sing together they produce a perfect harmony which ascends as an everlasting praise to the throne of the Creator.

The head of Isis is sometimes ornamented with a crown of gold or a garland of olive leaves, as conspicuous marks of her sovereignty as queen of the world and mistress of the entire universe.
A serpent interwoven among the olive leaves on her head, devouring its own tail, denotes that the aurific unctuosity was soiled with the venom of terrestrial corruption which surrounded it and must be mortified and purified by seven planetary circulations or purifications called flying eagles (alchemical terminology) in order to make it medicinal for the restoration of health. (Here the emanations from the sun are recognized as a medicine for the healing of human ills.) The seven planetary circulations are represented by the circumambulations of the Masonic lodge; by the marching of the Jewish priests seven times around the walls of Jericho, and of the Mohammedan priests seven times around the Kabba at Mecca. From the crown of gold project three horns of plenty, signifying the abundance of the gifts of Nature proceeding from one root having its origin in the heavens (head of Isis).

Amanita muscaria.

From "Green Gold: the Tree of Life, Marijuana in Magic and Religion"by Chris Bennett, Lynn Osburn, and Judy Osburn.

Page 233.

One of the most famous engravings from European alchemy is a woodcut esoteric mandala designed by alchemical adept and doctor of medicine, Hienrich Khunrath, for his masterful treatise Amphitheater of Eternal Wisdom published in 1604. The alchemical mandala engraving titled “The First Stage of the Great Work” is a circle that contains the alchemists’ workshop where all the elements in it are drawn in perspective toward an offset center which is an open door above which is written in Latin “While sleeping, watch!” On the left side the alchemist kneels in supplication near the opening of a Scythian-like tent. In the left foreground before the tent is a large censor with smoke billowing forth from it. In the smoke is written in Latin, “ascending smoke, sacrificial speech acceptable to God.”

To the right of the center is laboratory equipment and high above everything else alone near the ceiling beams is a curious seven-leafed chandelier that is out of perspective compared to the converging lines in the beams. The chandelier looks more like a seven-fingered marijuana leaf with a flame at the tip of every finger. The only other flame in the engraving is in the tent itself. The plaque below the flame in the tent says “Happy is the one who follows the advice of God.” On the cross beam above the seven-fingered marijuana-leaf chandelier is written “Without the breath of inspiration from God, no one finds the great way.”

St. Lucia representing Light (lux). Look at what she has in her hands.

St Justina with the Unicorn. By Moretto da Brescia.

Click on picture in this link to enlarge.

Are these women holding Cannabis in there hands? One is having oak leaves in her hair, the other red and white.

Look at the 3 trees. They are all host trees for Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantherina.

This is a picture of Saint Jerome. Notice the cross on a root of a birch tree (host tree for Amanita muscaria), the stone in Jeromes hand and the lion.

Crown Jewels (Denmark).

Clitoris on penis. (Cannabis sativa and Amanita muscaria).

Dried Amanita muscaria. The heart of Jesus/Bacchues/Dionysos. Breasts.



Mithra slays the bull, Amanita muscaria. Notis the blood/Cannabis leaf/trident.

In "Flesh of the Gods" by Peter T. Furst, p.217, you can read the following:

The most detailed early account of the uses of Cannabis sativa in early China is to be found in the Shu-King,written in 500 B.C. (Bretschneider, 1870). When the plant grows under favorable conditions, the main stem becomes highly lignified, or woody. It was the practice of the early Chinese to carve this wood into the likeness of a serpent coiled around a rod (not unlike the caduceus or Staff of Aesculapius, which had its origin in the Greco-Roman world and is still with us as the traditional symbol of the physician). This image was used in curing rituals; a relative of the patient beat on the sickbed with the snake rod in order to dispel evil spirits.


Jack and the Beanstalk.

From "Astrotheology and Shamanism: Unveiling the Law of Duality in Christianity and other Religions" by Jan Irvin & Andrew Rutajit.

Page 108.

In the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk", Jack climbs an entwined ladder made from a giant beanstalk leading to the heavens. In the story, he steals from the giant (representing God) the golden egg of alchemy, the eggs in the basket, the Amanita muscaria. This can also be seen as the shaman climing the world tree (Axis mundi) to the heavens where Cepheus is found.

From "Green gold, the tree of life, marijuana in magic and religion" (Chris Bennett, Lynn Osburn and Judy Osburn).

Page 225.

If people wanted to survive the Dark Ages and use cannabis they had better be discreet in referring to it. Both Rabelais and the medieval European farmers used the word “bean”(21) in conjunction with hemp . The Europeans used the term in a celebration, King and Queen of the bean, done in the hopes of having a tall hemp crop.


21. Rabelais used the bean as a symbol for his dear herb “Pantagruelion.” In 16th century Europe we find “(y)et another quaint custom related to hemp growing involved the election of King and Queen of the Beans on the twelfth day (the Epiphany, January 6).” (Abel) This celebration commenced with the hoisting of the King and Queen on to the shoulders of the participants so that they could make crosses on the beams of houses to protect them from evil spirits. This celebration was believed to give the participants a glimpse into the future at next years crop. If the man was taller, then the male hemp plants would be taller; if the lady was, then the female plants would be taller. (The Europeans felt they got a better fiber from the male plant.)

The stealing of the golden eggs corresponds to the stealing of the Soma as described by Peter Lamborn Wilson in "Ploughing the Clouds : The Search for Irish Soma"


Robin Hood the green man, waiting for Richard the Lionheart his king to returne, while evil powers rule in his absence. Upon the kings returne peace and prosperity prevails.


And again red and green in an old rusian fairy tale. "Tales of the Malachite Casket--Hostess of the Copper Mountain."

This is a story from the mysterious Ural Mountains. It comes from a time when the spirits of forests and mountains still moved among humans, watching them, searching for those who could be taught their secrets before such ancient wisdom was lost forever. One such spirit was especially revered for her magic and great beauty. Some people knew her as an ancient mountain goddess; others called her the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, or the Malachite Lady, a name taken from the lovely green stone so often found in areas rich in copper...........

............Turning back to Katya, she reached into her flowing sleeves and pulled out a malachite box. "I entrust it to you, Katya. I've already given Danila the secret of the Stone Flower, but to you, I give of my own essence." Katya opened the box and gasped. It was filled with pebbles and jewels in all the colors of the rainbow. She picked up a plain stone of polished granite and saw the goddess blur into a spirit of grey mists and fog with a laughter as rich as summer thunder. Then a piece of amber, and the mists swirled downward and turned into a small woman in golden robes embroidered with pine needles. A ruby, and the goddess grew tall, dressed in snapping flames. Lapis Luzuli, and she turned into a cosmic mother whose robes were the night sky scattered with stars. She smiled at Katya. "Back in your world, you'll no longer see me as you just have, but the power remains coiled in each stone, responsive to a heart wise enough to understand."
Then she vanished.

Flag of St. George (cross of St. George).

Agnus Dei.

The Gospel of Thomas.

Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the all.


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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 12:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The wise man plucks it without being pricked, while thieves "have nothing but pain from it". ("Alchemy and Mysticism" by Alexander Roob, p. 351)

It seems to me this better describes a cactus of some sort?

Father (God), Son (us), Holy Spirit (sacrament)
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 3:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That does sound quite a bit like a cactus in my experience; I am unaware of any other Sacred Teacher with spines or thorns...unless you count Datura, the Thorn-Apple.

Ren, I just noticed your location; have you tried growing San Pedro or Peruvian Torch in your yard (if you have one, lol)? It would flourish in your climate. I used to live in Broward, and my grandmother still does, so I sent her a San Pedro cutting and it grew 5 times its size in a matter of a couple months.
Experience things for yourself.
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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 5:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


No I haven't simply because i dont have a source, i have other ornamental cacti growing
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 1:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have 19 San Pedro cuttings going in my house that I've had for a couple of years, I can't leave them outside over the winter in VA, and I have 7 1.5 year old seedlings of Peruvian Torch going as well. I got mine off of Ebay from a guy in Cali. He's a nice guy, but he's pretty snide when it comes to growing tips. Every time I ask him if there's any tricks to maximize the amount of new tips or growth, he replies, "It's called GARDENING!"

If you get some from Ebay, definately get it from Zircon6...all of his cuttings are the same genetic line so you'll get a lot of uniformity of strength. A link to one of his that's up now is:

I, unfortunately, don't have any large enough that I'd feel comfortable parting with right now, I only give them away in the fall after I've made my cuttings.

To give you an idea of just how fast it grows, i only bought three stumps from him, and I have 19 new tips growing now, the largest is 3 feet which I'm rooting out, and the smallest is 1 inch which just started growing from the first set of stumps I bought from him. I wouldn't advise starting from seed; it takes 3-4 years to get the seedlings up to size, and they're very, very delicate. I started out with 60 seedlings, but after attacks by my kid, ferret (twice), and cat (three times, it's not a litterbox damnit!) I lost all but the few I have left.

Zircon's stock is definately high-quality; I find three pounds of it to be sufficient for any ritual I'm doing. (Too bad for me I've only been able to get that much per tip per year in a pot!) However, there is a trick to maximizing the potential of the log or tip you're preparing for need to prepare it at least a month in advance by cutting it off and letting it set out like you're planning on rooting it without actually rooting it out. Zirc says to leave it in the shade at that time so it doesn't burn, but I have mine under a 100 watt MH and a 100 watt HPS (disemboweled security lights for the win!) Being unrooted for even up to 4 months won't hurt the cactus; what you really want is it to stop absorbing a lot of water, and these cacti are heavy drinkers. When it's not getting a lot of water, it starts to produce a lot of alkaloids for when it does start drinking again, and the potency will increase.
Experience things for yourself.
Please check out my book at:
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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Erik, I'll give him a try

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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 4:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The wise man plucks it without being pricked, while thieves "have nothing but pain from it". ("Alchemy and Mysticism" by Alexander Roob, p. 351)

You throw up if you eat dried Amanita Muscaria without the use of Cannabis.

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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 5:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


"Soma, Amanita muscaria and Cannabis sativa" has now been edited and new findings added. It can be found here.


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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 4:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Moved up.

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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Moved up.
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