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Rt. Rev. Greg v State of Georgia 2007CV129302

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Right Rev. Greg
Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:23 pm    Post subject: Rt. Rev. Greg v State of Georgia 2007CV129302 Reply with quote

Hey now!

In, Right Reverend Gregory Karl Davis, GDC 203057, EF 545174, Universal Orthodox Church, Diocese of Georgia, U.S.A. versus Chief Kenneth Morrow, Fulton County, State Board of Pardons and Paroles, State of Georgia, AND Commissioner Greg Dozier, Georgia Department of Drivers Services, State of Georgia a Civil Action in Habeas Corpus has been filed. A Cannabis Church takes on the State of Georgia for freedom.

The story goes back deep and includes the gifted KNH BSM partaken by the gleeful crowd on the Georgia Capital steps at the ‘Smoke In’ while the Legislature was in session one hot summer day back in the 90’s. The life of a marijuana monk for the Church of the Widow began with a 90-day letter from the IRS. I quit the System comrade and sent back my SS# and Drivers License # according to the order of the Behold Researchers out of Oregon City, Oregon. My life on the streets brought me here to you.

On June 19th 2002 my friends asked, “What’s wrong, we have never seen you so upset?” I told them, “I am leaving now to go get busted.” They asked, “If you know you are going to get busted, why are you going?” I hope this story will answer that question. What happened then and continues on into today will be briefly attempted to explain here now to you. Because it is the straight up truth, I was told if I stepped into the shit, He would tell me, “the secrets of the universe.”

North out of Atlanta above the Cobb County line in Bartow County I got picked up by the Emerson City patrol. They lit me up for ‘window tint’ violation. I threw 4 lbs of loose KNH BSM out the window for 3 or 4 miles before stopping my 1973 Cadillac. The Georgia State patrol did a rolling roadblock while Sheriff’s deputies searched out and found a 1/4 lb that got away in a bag. They found a chunk of KNH BSM in the backseat. WSB TV helicopter filmed the comedy for the 5 pm news. “Stone Mountain man” gets busted they said. But they didn’t show it again. Someone must have figured out how stupid it was to cause a traffic jam all the way back to I-285 on a hot summer Friday at 3 pm.

They tried to arraign me but I bucked. I had a camera in the courtroom and ostensibly filmed it for People TV for the show “Busted in Bartow”. I withdrew the ‘not guilty plea’ judge Howell entered for me later. I played my first attorney after losing the Motion to Suppress by telling him to arrange a “Notice of Hearing for entry of Plea”. I put into the record a Notice to fire him for Conflict of Interest. You see, he is a baptized Coptic Orthodox and to reveal the ‘secret knowledge’ would profane his religion. I put in, “Was Jesus a Stoner’ as Exhibit along with Chrismation doctrine of that Church. Judge Howell came into the courtroom and whispered into the ear of judge Smith. They both split. Deputy District Attorney Mickey Thacker asked, “Does anyone know what is going on around here?” I told him, “I just fired my attorney.” “Oh”, he said when looking at me.

It was right after getting out on bond that my good friend the Rev. Roland A. Duby showed me that issue in High Times. It hit me hard. All this pot mystery is the ‘secret knowledge’ of the priests, I instantly recognized. “But there must be a doctrine to go with it,” I implored. “Tell me, please, I don’t blame you if you don’t. I’ll probably screw it up just like I did before (deep shit, let’s not go there now). And then I went to the Internet and up jumped Later, I met with Bishop Youssef my attorneys Coptic Orthodox archpriest and I asked him, “What is the third term in Moses holy anointing oil for Exodus 30:23.” “Why do you want to know this thing,” he asked. “Because the priests of the General Church of the New Jerusalem need to know,” and then I explained. “There is an new revelation in the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg but they cannot be understood without knowing. The priests need to be ordained according to order.” “Who is this Swedenborg, I have never heard of him, what about the Lord does it acknowledge Jesus?” he asked. “Yes,” the doctrines do affirm Him. “What about the Trinity,” he asked. Then things got dicey. I explained the concept that the body is the Son, the soul is the Father and the Holy Spirit is the arm or a description of how the Divine operates. “This is heresy,” he exclaimed. “No, according to your Church this would not be heresy but profanation,” I observed. “This has been decided a long time ago in Council, I will pray for you,” he dismissed me. “Oh no, I’ll be all right I objected,” holding up my right hand to him palm facing, “I’m going to be allright, “ I told him knowingly.

During this time, I had moved in Rev. Donald K. Rogers. He is dysfunctional priest of the General Church of the New Jerusalem who quit the religion after losing his mind. I put him to work driving me and gave him the position as art curator for the International Artist Guild, Inc. Later, he ordained me with the gifted blessed ‘oil’ from Rev. Roger Christie. My studies took me to Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania the home base of that religion. I met with Rt. Rev. Alfred Acton the head of the translation committee for the Writings. I told him about the mystery of KNH in the Word and the mystery of calamus in the Writings. He told me that if the General Church of the New Jerusalem were to accept my work in translation, they would pay a reasonable invoice and expense.

The ‘prophet’ ordination took place at Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta. This was the sight of my old angst over religion and need to find redemption. Back in the day . . . well like I said let’s not go there. Anyway, lawyer number two was a trip. The firm of Vaughan and Evans in Cartersville is comprised of David Vaughan the former elected prosecutor for the Cherokee Judicial Circuit. My attorney is his partner Don Evans. You may recall the trail of tears started here. And they put me up for crazy after reading my Public Notice of Civil Death. “Listen to this Don,” David Vaughan quoted, “foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but Gregory Karl Davis has no permanent place of abode.” And then they quizzed me. “Mr. Davis do you understand that it is against the law in the State of Georgia to possess marijuana?” I answered, “You mean the Violation of the Controlled Substance Act of Georgia.” “Yes,” David Vaughan replied. “Which conforms to the federal Violation of the Controlled Substance Act, correct?” “Yes, Mr. Davis that is correct,” he said. “Which conforms to a treaty between the United Nations and the federal government!” “That does it! He does not exhibit criminal intent!” Don Evans jumped to his feet.

During this time, I had quit attendance at Morning Star Chapel in Alpharetta, Ga. And began attending Saint Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Atlanta. The Spirit brought me there after I got my book “The Dancing Column” by Rykwert. I figured it was time to see the Ethiopians at the Church of Rock and Roll. And out front waiting for me was Abba Tsige Dengle and Solomon #1 to interpret. “Is he the priest,” I asked Solomon. “Yes, but I will need to interpret,” he said. “What is calamus,” I asked and it did not register. “The third term in Exodus 30:23 is KNH BSM what is that in English,” I asked and it registered. The discussion got intense. And I was told, “It cannot be spoken.” “What about if I write it down on paper, can you give me and answer on paper,” I asked. And again the discussion got intense, “it cannot be written.” Solomon told me. Later, after having a Blues Brothers moment after drinking the Ethiopian Holy water after the first service, I had more opportunity to discover the mysteries. Patriarch Abuna Merkorios the Ethiopian Holy Synod in Exile put me through the ‘shoe ceremony’. When I got out of prison he blessed me by name, “Greg”.

Back to the lawyers, they really were trying to get a handle on how to present a religion defense. I explained about the angst of youth and the revelation to Mr. Vaughan earlier but at the end of the day, I got the phone call on Friday. “This is Vaughan & Evans office calling,” the message on the answering machine said. “You need to come in on Tuesday at 9 am and enter the guilty plea comrade and pay the fine.” Or words to that effect. But I had a better plan. I got certified copies of my sending back their court notices marked Return to Sender Venue Denied from the Clerks Office on Monday. That evening I told Don Evans he can just meet with the Deputy District Attorney Scott Smith and Judge Smith and tell them I won’t be there. Just like I haven’t been there for the last 5 calendar calls.

The case went to Judge Nelson. The Grady Hospital doctors told me that did not know what was wrong with me. I took the records with me to my Bondsman’s Office during calendar call. They grabbed me there and took me straight to jail and then to court for trial. I fired my attorney. Don Evans had filed a Plea in Abatement because I had not been arraigned. I did not give them a chance to waive it. Judge Nelson said I could appeal. I asked him if I should go over the Voir Dire questions with him before the panel came in. He fell for it. I harangued him with most screwy questions he ever heard on KNH and crazy. At the end of the day, my attorney and I had changed places and I asked him to get me the Alford Plea deal. I entered a plea the next day for KNH KNH BSM, Driving with a Suspended license, Eluding, and DUI KNH BSM. Within 30 days I entered a Motion in Arrest of Judgment with Exhibit my Affidavit in Rescission of Drivers License Application. The judge wrote me a threatening letter. Around 5 months later he ruled against me. I appealed to the Ga. Supreme Court. Bartow County deleted the rescission of Drivers license Exhibit. They bounced it down to the Ga. Court of Appeals because that is where it was supposed to be filed (I knew that). I got out after having two big buck surgeries, read the Arcana Coelestia, studied deep into the Word the mystery of KNH and the Anointed in the Hebrew and Gospel, lost 50 lbs excersizing and studied up on how to beat these bastards.

After getting out I caught them on the record but held off going back to Bartow County. The illegal sentence made them lose jurisdiction according to the record. The rescission document they deleted is a Fulton County Superior Court record. The habeas corpus is filed in Fulton County where I was paroled.

Since I got out I have written these studies and sent them to representative priests of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, the General Church of the New Jerusalem and Rev. Roger Christie: Doctrine of Divine Truth, Doctrine of Genuine Truth combating Doctrine of Spurious Falsity, Questions, Concerns, Declarations and Pontifications, Doctrine of Heaven and the Love of Truth. Also, Invoice 1 of 2 and Invoice 2 of 2 was sent to the General Church of the New Jerusalem upon their acceptance by acquiescence the mystery of KNH BSM. The bums did not pay. So, I sent them the dun letter entitled Ignorance of Invoice and Truth of Doctrine. These two studies are in the founding documents of the Universal Orthodox Church and are part of the habeas corpus record.

The founding of the Universal Orthodox Church was ordained on June 19th, 2006 according to the Orthodox rite in the Prayer Tower at Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta. That is the anniversary of the Last Judgment Day. What a hoot. The officiating minister was Reverend Paul A. Ready. The blessed ‘oil’ was administered upon my naked body after the keystone cops and the security guard tried to intervene and failed. I was covered with the ‘green edged robe of holiness’ that was gifted by Abba Tsige Dengle the monk/priest at Saint Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Church on June 18th. The order of worship was according to 2 Kings 9 the elevation of Jehu. That record is in Fulton County Superior Court Deeds Misc. Book 12 Page 350.

After this ceremony in July the Chief Morrow pissed tested me and I busted it and they busted me. Later, I busted out another test after performing my duties as Bishop of the Orthodox Church preparing the blessed ‘oil’ for His Church. The KNH BSM in that batch was gifted by Reverend Roland A. Duby, which was acquired from the garden of Jack Herer. The essential oils were from the Real Fat Freddy to this ministry. The ongoing controversy is that I was put in jail for 7 days and told that I would not be given my parole certificate completion if I did not attend and report Anonymous classes.

This case puts the State on Notice that the Universal Orthodox Church will baptize according to order with the Holy oil of Moses. The discovery in the “Cave of John the Baptist” makes it clear what was up back in the day. The doctrines of the Saint Cyril of Jerusalem and Saint Athanasia of Alexandria the Word and all the Church Fathers agree. The Holy oil of Moses is of required use for His New Church.

Your brother in the Anointed, literally

In Jesus Anointed who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit now and forever and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.
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