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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 3:39 pm    Post subject: Rasta Reasonings Reply with quote

Found these inspiring Rasta reasonings on a forum, I found interesting and inspiring:

The Herb is the chariot which I an I use to ride into the cosmic
Ites. The herb known to the world as Cannabis Sativa is also known as
MARIJUANA why this name? isnt mari juana some woman in mexico
somewhere (LOL). The Ila Herb is infused with the Inergy of The
Goddess so of course babylon knew this so they cleverly called the
herb MARIJUANA. The Word Marijuana comes from MARE(mother of
creation,the waters,the earth,wisdom) JHANA (Wisdom) Literally
Marijuana means THE WISDOM OF THE GODDESS. The herb makes one become
RECEPTIVE to the wisdom that comes from within.

The Herb is also known to I an I as Kali Weed. Kali is the black
goddess, she who absorbs the illusion of the world into the blackness
of I Ites. Kali cuts down falsehoods with her sharp sword, she
copulates with I an I to take I an I to the 7 it is her IRIT that is
within the hola herb.

Cannabis means Canine Anubis the herb came to earth by the way of
sirius, the herb is the soma which the gods used to have vision
beyond the plane of existence, Ha! babylon wonders how the dogon saw
beyond this earth into the cosmos it was thru the herb which is the
goddess energy.

The canine star is Sirius the canine star is also represented by the
pentagram the 5 point star which symbolically represents I 2+ 3=5 is
sirius number, the number five is also connected to metaphysical
concept of G is US (Jesus). Haile Selassie the Emperor of Ethiopia,
also the FOCUS POINT for the liberation of the mind is connected to
the number 5 for he is the hierophant in the tarot cards, the
hierophant is the REVEALER of the I within the word Hierophant means
literally To see HOLY.

The Herb leaf has 7 leaves which represents the 7 chakras. The Herb
causes the breathing process to balance opening the 7 chakras. In
this we see how Haile Selassie I thru the WISDOM of the goddess
opened the Seven Seals of I.

Love Iternally Love Mamma for it she who gave life

IAM Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen I


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If in your soil it takes to heaven A thousand thanks be given; And say in the land, it goodley goes, Where the Pantagruelion grows.
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