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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 6:32 am    Post subject: Question about ths article I read... Reply with quote

The Article:


By Steve DeAngelo

I am the cofounder of Ecolution, a company which imports and distributes
hemp products. Although I am now a businessman, my background is a lifetime of
human rights activism. From the beginning, I have had to balance these
different aspects of my life.
When Ecolution was born in 1992, we made a decision to produce only 100%
hemp products. It was an instinctive step, not a calculated business decision.
It flowed out of my deep love for the cannabis plant, and a gut feeling that
cotton wasn't such a great thing, (after all, the American slave trade was
originally organized to serve King Cotton). Over the years, many lucrative
opportunities to handle products with cotton and hemp blends have been
presented to us. In my role as a businessman, I could not reject these
opportunities simply on the basis of instinct. I needed facts and figures; so I
began to educate myself about cotton. Here is some of what I've found:
Every year 250,000 pounds of pesticides are sprayed on cotton crops in the
US alone. This is fifty times the average rate for other crops, Rain washes the
chemicals into streams, rivers, and oceans. Marine life is killed, habitats are
destroyed and drinking water supplies for humans and animals are contaminated.
Today, traces of pesticides can be found in the drinking water of most large
cities. Every cotton garment carries a hidden cost of environmental
destruction. The amount of petroleum needed to produce the herbicide and
pesticides used in the production of one light cotton jacket is 1 quart. This
petroleum weighs more than the jacket itself. In addition; fifty pounds of top
soil are blown away in the course of producing the same jacket, Today, many
areas of our planet are experiencing severe environmental devastation due to
widespread cotton cultivation. The Aral Sea in Kazakhistan used to be the
largest body of fresh water in Eurasia today it is a dried up wasteland. The
destruction was caused in the course of just a few years. after Russia diverted
two rivers to irrigate cotton. In the Southern United States, some cotton
fields are so saturated with chemicals that they qualify for federal
government's Superfund toxic dump clean-up program.
After this education in the horrors of cotton, we made a firm decision
never to handle goods made with cotton/hemp blends. We would sell only products
made from 100% pure cannabis sativa hemp textiles forever! At the time, that
meant there were some products we just could not sell - because nobody was
making them from 100% hemp. Some people said it would always be impossible to
make certain products from hemp - sweaters or t-shirts for example. However,
recent breakthroughs in hemp technology have proven that early position to be
misinformed. 100% Hemp t-shirts, sweaters, socks, jeans, etc. of a very high
quality are now available to larger customers. New non-chemical softening
methods make hemp textiles as soft as cotton.
Today, anything that is made with cotton can be made with hemp.
That is why I find it infuriating that an ever-increasing number of products
made with a cotton/hemp blend are being introduced to the market, and labeled
deceptively as hemp products. In some cases, these products contain far more
cotton than hemp. For example, one popular hemp hat sold at convenience stores
and amusement parks is made with a crown of hemp - and the rest of the hat is
pure cotton. Regrettably, this trend is not confined to small and obscure
quick-buck artists.
Two of the largest and most successful hemp companies in America have begun
marketing hemp t-shirts with a 65% cotton content, If there is no technical
reason to mix cotton with hemp, then why are these companies doing it? The
unfortunate answer is that they are doing it to make money. Cotton fiber costs
a fraction of what hemp fiber costs. If you mix hemp with cotton, it is
possible to reduce costs - and sell a hemp product at less than hemp prices.
At a time when many excited, but relatively uneducated consumers are entering
the hemp market, such a strategy allows unscrupulous operators to reap windfall
profits. The consumers of hemp products hold the power to chart the future
course of the industry. Is it to be a short lived - novelty boom? Or will hemp
live up to its potential, and replace toxic raw materials (like cotton) in the
sustainable economy of the future? Is adulterating hemp with cotton really a
good way to encourage greater use of hemp? Or is expanding the selection and
quality of 100% hemp products a better way to do it? The dollars you spend on
hemp products give you the power to decide these questions. If you reject
cotton blends, manufacturers will stop making them. Consider the issues.
Educate yourself, Read the content labels carefully. Act consciously and buy
consciously. The future of the planet is in your hands.


Last year Ecolution contributed 5% of its
net profits to the following activist groups:

Hempower Utah
Colorado Hemp Initiative
L. Kriho Defense Fund
Friends of Prop 215
Californians for Medical Rights
Cannabis Action Network
Alameda Med. Marijuana PAC
T. McCormick Defense Fund


So why does hemp cost more to produce then cotton and can this be changed if they grew hemp instead?
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Rev. Chazman
Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 7:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here are some things to consider... At this time Hemp clothes cost about twice as much as non-hemp clothes..

But they last four to six times as long....

Cost certainly could come down if the market was more open and more Hemp was available localy. But even as it is, you are still getting a bargin I think.

Peace Smile
I praise good thoughts, good words, and good deeds and those that are to be thought, spoken, and done. I do accept all good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. I do renounce all evil thoughts, evil words, and evil deeds. ---Avesta: Yasna
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Don Quixote
Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 6:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hello all
just thought i would stick my oar into this subject!

ok.there is 1 thing that confuses the hell out of me.

you take some hemp seed , you throw them on any old bit of marginal land , you come back 4 months later and you have tons of raw material (ie.hemp.)

there are no pesticides , no fertilisers or any expensive chemicals need for intensive agricultural techniques and you are growing a crop that produces one of the highest levels of bio-mass per acre of any known crop.

so can someone please explain how the hell hemp is more expensive than cotton??!

am i stupid.?did i miss something!? cotton is one of the most expensive and intensive crops produced!hemp must rank as one of the cheapest and least intensive crops to produce AND it gives a higher yield per acre.

something dosn't add up here.ask the dea in america how hard it is to eradicate hemp.ITS A WEED.IT GROWS WILD.its almost FREE!!!

i am writing on the subject of producing bio-gas from a mixture of hemp and animal slurry so i am very interested to know ...WHY IS HEMP SO EXPENSIVE TO PRODUCE????

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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 7:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Don Quixote, I do not know for sure but, considering that very few people can have a licence to grow hemp, I not even know how much they pay for the licence. Probably it's expensive. Probably the legal growers are subject to some taxes I am not aware of? And what about the demand? If the demand is low, the prices go up to make a reasonable living?

OK, I answered with more questions. But I think is these issues you have to look into.
Tom Petty wrote:
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Don Quixote
Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

Joined: 11 May 2005
Posts: 547
Location: london

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 3:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

oh no

not another one of my pessimistic posts!!!sorry about that rev.crookedeye!!!

to be clear:- i fully support your ideals and principles especialy the bit about using ONLY 100% hemp in your products.i wasnt trying to put you down , sorry if it sounded that way.

hi echo , i think you raise a very good point there , the current state of legislation and public demonisation of cannabis are simultaneously choking production AND demand.under these circumstances it is little wonder that hemp ,as a raw material , is so expensive.

people like rev.crookedeye get up off their asses and do something about it.that is the real way to affect change in this world.if you think something is wrong then work to change it!
actions speak louser than words!!!!!!!!

PEACE and good luck to you brothers and sisters
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