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PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 12:56 am    Post subject: Open House/Event Update... Reply with quote

I'm sending this out just to remind everyone of what we've got going on.

This Friday/Saturday will be our second Open House. My plan is to keep these running indefinately so long as people keep showing up. Word is out to several local drum groups as well as professional musicians, I'm hoping to get a music circle/barbecue going at one of the many local parks that are within walking distance of my apartment.

In a few months, as the nonprofit gets bigger, we'll be either converting my home or making arrangements to acquire another property and convert it into what is known a Sudbury House.

A Sudbury House, also known as a Healing House, is where free meals and other hospitalities are provided in a comfortable living environment in order to encourage healing and education through positive human contact. The students that are enrolled in our community schooling program will be learning how to manage this environment by selecting the courses that they wish to attend and assisting in the operation of the home, thus teaching them valueable life skills. We will also be using the home to plan a variety of field trips and outings. We're already working with another nonprofit to get a bus donated to our cause, all we'll need after that is a volunteer with a CDL License.

By inviting musicians, teachers, artists and other people that may have skills that they are willing to share to take part in this program, this will allow the Sudbury House to act as a learning center for any one interested in coming around to learn.

This is the starting point for an artist co-operative which will hopefully get big enough to put up an increasing number of artists and performers, and the beginning of an artist colony. A wholely interactive living/learning environment.

Word is already out to a number of travelling musicians and groups, which will hopefully be staying at the home on a regular basis in order to share their skills and their time with our students.

For the musicians, artists, merchants and families that are a part of our cooperative, these Open Houses are no big obligation or any kind of organized affair. I'm only looking for people to get together and have a good time. You don't have to bring anything but yourselves, but if you want to bring a musical instrument or some food around it'd be much appreciated. I'll try to always have at least enough on me for beer & barbecue stuff.

Representatives from several local businesses and nonprofits (including a few groups of home schoolers) have already expressed an interest in showing up over the next couple of weeks. I would like to eventually get something organized with Food Not Bombs to bring this affair into the downtown area around afternoontime on Saturdays--when the Open House concludes whatever business it needs to do and is ready to move on. We can wrap up the weekend by feeding some homeless people and then go out to have a good time in the Flats or something. So long as our little nonprofit is generating donations, it'll always be able to pay the bill.

But the key is in generating public interest by staying visible and active in our community as a group of well-meaning, pro-active, creative people. So long as we're always active, the cooperative will always be there to get people out of trouble and allow them to have a good time.

Yesterday, I started looking into an arrangement with Sarah's Circle, a Local Art & Music Therapy Center and they're interested in having us in their space during the day. This will give me a chance to bring out some of my toys and do some of my own art therapy. Among the volunteers that have expressed an interest so far we have some caligraphy, acoustic guitar, yoga, english, math, history, philosophy and graphic design. I'm also trying to line up some auto mechanics, computer technicians, political science and some small business management courses.

We're also talking about organizing a drum circle that will take place there once a month.

On July 15th we will be having our second Night of Games. Donations will be collected for the school. We're asking for a $10 donation for access to the keg, which will be tapped at 10 o'clock. Other than that, anyone that shows up during the evening will be able to play all night for free on 12 networked computers, 2 big screen TVs and 2 projection TVs.

I'm also in the process of organizing a number of Open Mics at a few other locations around town, more information on that as it comes.

If you want to know more or somehow get more involved, please email me at

I hope to see you all around soon.

Here's to burning one down with god.
Don't forget to look behind you every once in awhile
and always exhale with a grin.

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