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OLD LEAVES/BUDS - safe for cooking?...sometimes YES!

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PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2003 9:07 am    Post subject: OLD LEAVES/BUDS - safe for cooking?...sometimes YES! Reply with quote

Sometimes I get asked... "Hey mate... I have bags and bags of weed in the garage/shed thats about between 1-3 years old.... can I use them to make cannabutter?

Often the answer is YES! as long you check them carefully for moulds, pests, webs, insects, etc etc... as long they are clean been stored well... I don't mean "airtight stored"... this is not important, just as lontg they are clean and not too "dusty".. because when you are making cannabutter.... you are just exracting the THC.... wink

I had a mate made some cannabutter from some old leaves that was almost 4 years old, and the plant was completed shit smoke, very weak to "his standards"... and he made some cannabutter at the end... and it was even over 10 times more potent than when he smoked it!.... the trick was that he slowly simmered for over 10 hours... he started when he woke up at sunset and stoppep/drainned just before he went to bed... because over time, age can break down the THC strength, but instead he simmered the butter for longer to make up for the weak THC leaves/tips/buds.

I tired this method once... but I don't reckon I will do it again... once I had this old leaves that was given to me which was almost 8 months old, so I made some cannabutter, and quick boiled then simmered for 13 hours then I just turned off the stove, covered the pot left it overnight, then I filled up with bit more water and started boiling all over again for other 7 hours.... gee it was very very potent but I realised that I had a lot less butter at the end because the long simmering process actually eveporated some butter out.. but didnt need to use much... it was just too much hassle, I just did this as a "experiement" out of curiousity.. I mean you never know unless you tired least once right? Razz If you have the time and the engery to check the cannabutter every hour or so for two days straight... be my guest and go for it Rolling Eyes

But this method was pretty good in someways but too much hassle because you actually only needed less, and you hardly taste weed at all.... but I am just too lazy and I just use herbs, spices, etc etc instead to mask the tastes Wink

Anyway... back to the orginal topic... yeah old leaves .... yeah yeah they are great and can use them as long they are CLEAN and FREE OF MOULDS!

Cheers again from down under.

Urbanhog Cool
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