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new movement in michigain

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Rev.Holden Greene
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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 2:30 am    Post subject: new movement in michigain Reply with quote

Win-the-War has developed an innovative approach to regulate cannabis like alcohol by relying on States’ right to regulate intrastate commerce.

Our founding fathers understood the potential for an overbearing federal government, so they limited that power by allowing states to manage commerce within their own borders. With input from numerous attorneys, we have developed an approach so that states can certify, label and sell cannabis products grown in their state to adults just like alcohol or tobacco.

We have defined this issue around decimating the black market and thereby destroying hard drugs, reducing crime, protecting kids, saving billions of dollars and promoting liberty. We send a better message to kids by emphasizing the danger

of hard drugs and we argue that traffic safety is not a significant issue and can be enforced with sobriety tests and use of camcorders. We point out, that in the long run, cannabis consumption will actually decrease as consumers spend less time worrying and thinking about procurement. These are the obvious lessons from Prohibition and over 25 years experience in the Netherlands.

You can support this effort by becoming a VOLUNTEER, making a donation, or by purchasing a raffle ticket or magnetic bumpersticker. This year’s effort is focused in Michigan, a progressive state like California or the northeast, with plans to roll out this approach to other like-minded states.

If you live in Michigan and are eligible to vote, you can PRINT a petition, collect a few signatures and mail it in! Or you can check the calendar and pick up petitions at one of our events. If you don’t live in Michigan, you can become an on-line campaigner and be compensated for your efforts, just like all our fund raisers.

Join the effort to end the madness!
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