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My Experience with Holy Anointing Oil

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 7:16 am    Post subject: My Experience with Holy Anointing Oil Reply with quote

My Experience With Holy Anointing Oil

This past week I had the opportunity to be anointed with Holy Anointing Oil.

In preparation for the anointing, I practiced the A-khrid Ngondro practice from the Yungdrung Bon tradition. It involves taming, purifying, and perfecting the body, speech, and mind.
The practices include meditating on the impermanence of life, generating the compassionate mind of enlightenment, taking refuge in the enlightened beings, admitting ones misdeeds and karmic crimes and purifying and repaying karmic debts, offering the entire universe and all that it contains,and unifying one's mind with the mind of all the masters that have gone before. After performing these practices one sits in contemplation for 15-20 min.
Completion of all the practices took me around an hour and a half.

After dedicating the merit of the practices, I offered the Holy Anointing Oil to the sublime objects of refuge. I took refuge in the lineage of Cannabis Sacrament, from before the time of Moses and onward.

I smelled and welcomed the light, expansive, reminiscient aroma of the Oil. Placing three drops on my left wrist pulse points, I rubbed my wrists together in a circular fashion, allowing the oil to absorb into the pulse points.
Next, I rubbed my wrist on my nostrils. With each breath I felt an expansion, an uplifting of my being.
Filling half a dropper, I anointed my crown, on the aperture of Brahma, where the fontanel plates join. I lightly massaged it and with the oil on my fingers from massaging, I anointed my forehead, throat, and heart, respectively the places of enlightened body, enlightened speech, and enlightened mind.

Feeling uplifted, I noticed an exquisite clarity of mind. It felt as though my head were opening like a lotus flower and casting light upwards and all around. I felt as though I had been meditating for 3 days straight.

My whole body began to feel light, almost immaterial. At the same time, I felt grounded, fully present and mindfully aware of myself and my surroundings. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had anointed myself outside. I began to feel like a child. I felt like unning and hopping and laughing, which I did Smile
A feeling of reminiscence began to consume me, pulling me to a place of familiarity which I could not recall, only resonate with in its dissolution into present time awareness.

Then I anointed my little kitten, she promptly zipped around as if she had been super-charged.

I smoked sacrament a couple of times after my anointing, nothing before.
The rest of the day included Tantric Yidam practice and prayers to the Queen of Existence, the Mother and mantra recitations. My sleep was completely eventless and I was thoroughly refreshed the next day.

My experience with Holy Anointing Oil was unlike smoking sacrament or eating sacrament. The experience I related was of a sublime and subtle nature. The meditation practices I performed prior to anointing allowed me to be aware of my own subltle energies and be able to notice to slightest shifts in state of consciousness and awareness. Perhaps one of the most powerful Cannabis experiences I've had.
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