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Marijuana Farming

It’s a story about fate, suppression and ambition.

By sudeep sharma , 11/28/2005

Christmas is in the air. Father Christmas is bringing hope and joy to millions of Christians. After more than 2000 years Jesus has his eyes fixed on the kingdom of heaven on earth. Tired eyes are searching for a Jesus figure amongst the billions on earth. Wars have ended our peace. Inequality, injustice and insecurity has further burdened our souls. Billions are thirsty for spirituality and end of violence amongst religions. A heavenly dream of tomorrow is being tarnished by the darker vision of reality today. And there is Narayan.

In the sunny state of Florida at Miami, Narayan is talking about Marijuana farming. Amongst those marijuana plants he wants to write a story of his own kind. A tale of humanity, a tale of love and hatred, a tale of equality and inequality mixed with hypocrisy.

Narayan is a twenty four year old male. He is about average in height- 5-5, olive skinned, slim and quite handsome with black hair. He used to smoke weed and when he was high he used to see a vision of his world of love, justice and equality. His deep eyes fixed as if on a mission, he conjures up his story full with his reality and his vision of a better tomorrow. On the laps of Himalayas where the Mt. Everest lies is a small country, Nepal. Narayan was born amongst those mountain ranges in Nepal - one of the poorest countries in the world. With a lot of luck and some hard work, Narayan set his foot in the wealthy nation of United States. Narayan was able to enter U.S.A on a student visa. All that Narayan intended to do - was to study here in a college, earn some money and go back to his own country. But if and only life was that easy, the world would have been a different place. Narayan's luck flipped flopped and he fell ill, he became bipolar, (a mental condition), in a strange way. He underwent two terms of severe bipolar disorder which resulted into his expulsion from his college against his wish. So here Narayan ends up in Miami working illegally to help his family back home while saving himself from the disgrace of not being able to do anything fruitful even in USA back home in Nepal.
But these days Narayan is afraid that whenever INS chooses they can send him back to his country. Narayan's one characteristic is - he does not bow down his head and accept the servile conditions he faces in the USA for not having a proper US id. Wherever he goes he confronts this problem of not having his identity card. That for instance holds him back from having a proper bank account in his name or simply entering the clubs and bars. Now that is exactly the kind of problem he wants to solve not only for himself but also for the estimated ten million illegal residents in the United States. If his plan succeeds he might free the whole world from the injustice that goes on to humans in the name of nationality.

You might be wondering what his plan might be. It is simple, these days he talks a lot of his ambitious plan of marijuana farming some where in the remote part of Nepal. As you might wonder what is the link with his plan of growing marijuana in one of the remotest part of the world to freeing all the humans from the injustice that goes in the name of nationality. But, again Narayan is not an ordinary man. Narayan knows what he is after.

Narayan is by birth mysterious. According to his mother Kalika, who is also a nurse, Narayan was born with a tooth in his mouth. The extraordinary thing about this tooth is that after seven days this tooth vanished automatically. His mother kept this truth from everyone even his father for about ten years until Narayan won a prestigious scholarship to study in one of the best schools in Nepal. He went to Budhanilkantha School. It is the same school where the sons of late King Birendra studied.

The school is located in Narayansthan on the laps of mountain Sivapuri. The name Narayan also belongs to the highest god in Hinduism. Narayan is also called lord Vishnu. There is the statue of sleeping Narayan in Narayansthan. The wall of Budhanilkantha School almost meets with the Narayansthan temple. There is a strange story about Narayansthan temple as the fable goes- one of the shah dynasty kings saw a dream in which the sleeping Narayan appeared and told him not to let any of his descendants to visit his temple or else his dynasty would end. And the rumor also has that the shah dynasty ends after its thirteenth king. The thirteenth king many Nepalese suppose is King Gyanendra Shah- not the late King Dipendra, because he did not have a coronation ceremony.

Narayan is unsure whether the late king Dipendra and the late prince Nirajan visited the Narayansthan temple or not but Narayan is sure that both of the princes saw his face. Prince Nirajan once chided Narayan for starring at his face for long. He shouted – "Is monkey dancing on my face?" While late King Dipendra entered Narayan's room and told a beautiful joke to him. The mystery deepens as Narayan claimed he was lord Bishnu in flesh therefore the Kalki before being taken to the mental hospital for being bipolar. Kalki is a Hindu god who is supposed to be born in this age.

The way Narayan fell ill is strange. Narayan used to visit Yahoo chat rooms in the internet. In one of the rooms he met someone beyond any sort of description. For simplicity let’s call him Christopher. Christopher told Narayan his exact birth day according to the English calendar. This is so strange since no one not even Narayan's own mother knew his day of birth according to the English Calendar. The Calendar that is used in Nepal is a different one and it is a Hindu calendar. Narayan had once converted his day of birth to English Calendar but he was even confused between his day of birth 4th or 6th March. Christopher told him exactly when he was born. Christopher even knew that the date that was recorded in Narayan' passport was a mistake in translation.

Christopher told Naryan that he was the Christ and started teaching him meditation techniques. The meditation techniques were so amusing and the method of meditation was so unique that nobody else can copy it. Since it involved that Christopher knowing whatever entered into Narayan's mind and clearing those thoughts out of his mind. It also involved physical connection with the spiritual meditation. For instance Narayan could feel his nerve endings cooling off. Narayan had written about those meditation techniques for his paper in world religion class. The topic of the paper was "Gospel of Thomas".

Narayan's paper on "the gospel of Thomas" was an instant hit in the college. Many students read his paper- on the account of the paper many people started observing Narayan's moves. Narayan used to imagine getting bugged in the house. Narayan used to listen to the music in his room. His roommates used to feel that he could answer them anything they ask through the music being aired at that moment on radio stations. Seeing this one of his roommates even pleaded not to punish her calling him god even after Narayan was treated for being bipolar.

Christopher who taught him meditation also had told him that he was going through the acting lessons in order to become the Messiah – the King in Making.

For Narayan the computer screen used to carry answers to any questions he put forward. Narayan's own future was being told accurately in any chat room that he visited. Christopher knew what classes Narayan had next hour, what color of clothes Narayan was wearing and so on. His communication with that Christopher would then lead into the future of the world. Narayan was told for instance about the third world war that will follow soon. This third world was to destroy Asia, China and India would be nuked thoroughly. The third world war would be the war for religion. The war would be amongst those who believe in god and those who are against god. Narayan knows which side he was on.

Narayan equals religion to humanity. Hinduism believes that each person has god inside them. Those who realize this respect each other and help one another. Inhumane governments in the world are unreligious. In order to encourage people to kill, communism rules out religion from daily life of people. Communist China, Cuba and North Korea are irreligious countries. These countries will rebel against the wishes of god. Therefore the last war for this age would bring destruction to these countries.

Narayan was told that the third world war was to start from California. California elected Arnold for their governor. Arnold is famous for his role of terminator in movies. For instance Christopher told him that California would be nuked. That would start a full war, the final battle amongst those who believe in humanity and those who do not. In other words the war will dictate the true norms and truth about god.

The Muslim population believes in strict inhumane laws such as Sariah laws. Muslims also believe that women should be kept under the veil. This concept came to an illiterate Mohammed for his wife was much older than him and he could not bear the shame of having married an old widow. So Muslims who believe in inhumane nature of god will meet their fate of being inhumanely killed. Narayan thinks that god is liberal and would only be willing to change the future only if the governments in the world would finally declare that since every person in the world is equal in the eyes of god, everyone should be treated equally in all countries.

Narayan knows that inequality is rampant in Hindu religion that is based on caste system. In order to destroy this inequality there will be a huge war in India. India that produced such an inequality based in caste system is doomed to see its own decay. Out of this turmoil will Dalai Lama arise and Tibet will be freed from China too.

As for Narayan, Christopher told him that his life would start to go down hill.

Its been four months since Narayan started working in a gas station in Miami. At first, he did not know how to work in a gas station besides he did not have enough documents to work anywhere he wanted. One of his friend helped Narayan find the job in the gas station. The gas station was then being run by Ajay. Ajay was an illegal immigrant from Germany. He told Narayan to work for him and learn the work too. Narayan worked for Ajay for a month. Ajay gave Narayan just one hundred dollars for his work of more than two hundred hours. Ajay used to manage the business for his father in law. His father in law was nice in words with Narayan. So Narayan used to call Ajay's father in law uncle. Though nice with words Ajay's father in law also refused to pay any money to Narayan. Narayan is unable to take neither Ajay nor his so called Uncle to the court. He himself was illegal and both Ajay and Uncle knew about it. Besides Ajay had told Narayan to work for him without writing down his hours in the schedule. However Narayan could count his number of hours by matching his work hours with that of his friend who helped him get that job for him. Though Narayan looks defeated and humiliated by events like this, he is poised to hit back his enemies through by talking about their deeds to the larger popula.

Christopher told him that the lines that come to the computer screen are his own. It was designed to happen the way it did by Narayan himself. Since Narayan himself was the real boss of the Universe he was born with a self defense strategy, for his death against his wishes would mean the end of the world. Narayan disguised himself with others by being born just like a human.

The time predicted about the second coming of Christ has already been fulfilled. Bush attacked Iraq, the Babylon of ancient times. Narayan knows that Christ had foreseen that a person would kill the beast. Narayan had dreamed about the beasts. In the dream he saw a ten headed beast coming out from Kathmandu and as soon as it appeared Narayan killed that beast by slaying it. He dreamt of a second beast coming to life at Vatican. The third was seen in United Kingdom. He killed all those beasts. It was exactly the dream that Christ saw in his life time. What Christ foretold after seeing things in his dreams was being done in Narayan's dream as well.

Narayan is an American baby. Every pointer that Narayan accumulated that leads to his belief that he is god came from his being in United States. So Narayan keeps a close look at the politics in the United States. Through the help of ballots counted at Florida, Bush was able to secure a victory against Bob Dole. Yet Bob Dole had the majority of votes. Similarly though Kerry was defeated by George Bush, Kerry had the heart to go to the battle in Vietnam against the communists. So Narayan wants to thank his boldness by making him the president of U.S.A and conquering the whole world with him. Narayan has plans to form a grand kingdom of god. The kingdom of god would have a voted president and would span the whole world. Exactly for that purpose Narayan is writing this story–"Marijuana Farming."

Narayan's love life is a complex one. The way he loves is very different from the way others understand love. For him love leads to humanity and therefore divinity as well. Narayan never lived a good life. He always seemed to be out of place. For instance that he won a scholarship to study at Budhanilkantha School which is mainly a place for the elites and of course he never earned enough to make more than the poverty line defined by the US government. Therefore that restricted his love life to a greater part. Yet he used to love beautiful girls. He was in love with the beauty of his classmate Marta. She was from Belarus. He had promised to give Marta a job as an accountant in New York. Narayan used to work in McDonalds restaurant in Fulton. There he fell in love with Alicia and Morgan. But he could never tell them how much feelings he had for them. Morgan offered her virginity to Narayan, therefore these days Narayan is thinking of starting a possible relationship with her. Narayan is too much touched with her pure innocence. Unlike what the church or other religion teaches Narayan does not favor marriage. He knows that everyone can possibly fall in love with another person in his life time. The future possibility of love cannot be killed in the name of strict marriage. Divorce is a perfect tool to accept oneself therefore the humanity.

Narayan knows that once his story gets published, U.S.A would probably deport him to Nepal where he is thinking of farming Marijuana and while being high on Marijuana he would tell his story of being a Marijuana Farming to a greater detail. Narayan knows not where truth shall lead him. It would make up a perfect story to tell to anyone while being high since in reality the world is full of injustice and is unable to feel and hear the cries of human hearts like that of Narayan.

Narayan welcomes you all at his future Marijuana farm.



I hereby declare Peace on war!
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