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Cannabis Sacrament Minister.
Cannabis Sacrament Minister.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2004 12:19 am    Post subject: LIVE MUSIC UNDER ATTACK - FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS Reply with quote

Narrow-minded policymakers are working to shut down radio shows, TV shows, concerts, and other events they don't like. In the last couple of weeks, the federal government has fined Clear Channel and Infinity Broadcasting over a million dollars for daring to air radio shows considered offensive by bureaucrats. The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a bill making television stations pay massive fines if they air television shows Members of Congress find "indecent". The Justice Department is using the RAVE Act to scare nightclubs away from playing certain kinds of music. The entire entertainment industry is under attack.

Now, Congress is considering legislation that would hold bands, DJs, bartenders, promoters, venue owners, radio stations and others liable if a patron uses drugs at a nightclub or concert. If enacted, music lovers could soon be unable to see their favorite band, DJ or other entertainment live. The economic impact on the music industry could be devastating. (For more detailed information on this legislation see the link at the bottom of this alert.)

Following the lead of local groups around the country, the Drug Policy Alliance is making April 24th a Day and Night of Outrage to protest these proposed laws, raise awareness among voters, and raise money to stop them. Already, music lovers in Billings (Montana), Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Santa Fe and Washington DC are planning events. Without the help of people like you, this legislation could become law.

Continued below...

Repeal the RAVE Act!

Tell your Members of Congress that you support the protests against the RAVE Act
occurring around the country on May 31st. Tell them the RAVE Act was passed without
debate and without a full vote of Congress, that it violates fundamental civil
liberties and that you want it repealed or amended to protect innocent business owners,
public health, and free speech.

1) Fax Senator Biden:
Urge him to repeal the RAVE Act or amend it to better protect innocent business
owners, public health, and free speech. Copies of the fax will also go to the Members
of Congress that represent your district.

2) Forward this alert to friends and family. Send it to e-mail lists and post it in
chat rooms.


Sponsored by Senator Biden (D-DE), the RAVE Act (also known as the Illicit Drug
Anti-Proliferation Act) was first introduced last year. It proved so controversial
then that two of its original co-sponsors withdrew their support because they feared
it would send innocent business owners to jail. Business owners collected over 20,000
signatures in opposition to the bill.

Protests against it were held around the country and tens of thousands of voters urged
their elected official to oppose it. Controversy over the bill stalled it last year,
but Senator Biden attached it to the popular "Amber Alert" bill without public debate
or a vote of Congress earlier this year and snuck it into law.

It only takes one minute to fax Senator Biden:

Also, our new action alert is below. Please forward the alert to your friends, family,
e-mail lists, etc. You're making the difference!

*** Tell Senator Biden, "Repeal the RAVE Act"
*** Send a Free Fax:
The Chill Is On: Fighting Raves, Squelching Speech

When the legislation was debated last year, critics argued that it could be applied to
any event that attracts drug users, including not only raves (Biden's main target) but
rock concerts, political rallies, even backyard barbecues if guests happened to smoke
pot. The objections were so loud that the bill, then called the Reducing Americans'
Vulnerability to Ecstasy (RAVE) Act, never came up for a vote.

This year(2003) Biden avoided debate by introducing his legislation under a new name
and quietly attaching it to a wildly popular bill establishing a national alert system
for abducted children, which was signed by President Bush on April 30. Barely a month
later, critics of the legislation were proven right by the incident in Billings.

The law, which Biden sponsored, makes it a federal crime to "knowingly and
intentionally" make a place available "for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing,
or using any controlled substance." Violators are subject to $250,000 or more in civil
penalties, a criminal fine of up to $500,000, and a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

Halting Drug Reform

An ACLU online feature on this case, including links to court papers, is available at:

For more information on the RAVE Act see:

For more information on the DEA and the Eagle Lodge see:
* Students for Sensible Drug Policy:

Members of Congress think the American people won't stand up for their rights.
On April 24th we're going to prove them wrong.

What you can do:

1) Organize a protest. Go to our sign-up form if you're willing to take on the responsibility of organizing something in your area:

2) If you're a musician, consider donating some or all of your income from that night.
You can also convince the venue you're playing at to donate money. As D:FUSE says, "Artists have a responsibility to raise money for this campaign to protect live music. Not only can this legislation shut down the venues we play at, it could even land artists in jail.":

3) If you're a promoter, get musicians and venue owners to donate some of their proceeds from that night. Promoters in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC are already getting DJs to play for free that night, in exchange for the venue giving money to the campaign:

4) If you're a club owner consider donating a percentage of your proceeds from that night. An easy way to help out is to simply add $2 to that night's cover charge, and donate that money to stop federal legislation that could be used to shut down your business.:

5) Fax your U.S. Representative and tell him or her to oppose this legislation:

6) Distribute flyers l=25496 and petitions l=25497
at music shows, record stores, and festivals

7) Donate money now to help make April 24th a success:

Cool Forward this e-mail to musicians, promoters, venue owners, and music lovers.
Encourage them to take action.


I declare Peace on war!
Please read the Board Rules and Posting, and you
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Rev. Chazman
Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

Joined: 15 Nov 2003
Posts: 1037
Location: Illinois - USA

PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2004 3:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah they have been pulling this for a while now. I agree it has got to stop.

Dont blame me... I voted for Kerry!! And so did my home state.
THC-Ministry "we use Cannabis religiously and you can to"
Take nothing but memories, Leave nothing but footprints.
CDXX Peace Time IV:XX ** Rev.Chazman-Cannabis Sacrament Minister
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