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Laning Koffee shop raided again

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:51 pm    Post subject: Laning Koffee shop raided again Reply with quote Laughing

This is their website

Cafe History
Here is a history overview of the Hole In The Wall Cafe since its' launch in January 2007.
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The Hole In the wall koffeeshop opened in January 2007. It did not open under a storm of protest, in fact most of the local residents had no idea that the place was anything other than an industrial unit. People came and went and there was little to see from outside the premises. Inside the place was well decorated and had a warm friendly atmosphere. Massage chairs took up one end of the building and a snack bar serving hot drinks and snacks was at the other. chairs and tables complete with chess boards and comfortable seating for patrons.
To begin with the koffeeshop had a good relationship with the local police. They were invited in for refreshments and snacks whenever they turned up and even tried out the massage chairs!! Local residents were also looked after. the koffeeshop ran residents morning every tuesday providing free snacks and drinks and offering the local residents a time to give their views and suggestions about the cafe. Only two residents ever attended. They both said they liked the place! Police told the cafe regulars that street crime in the area had dropped by 30% since the cafe had opened.
The koffeeshop put out leaflets to all local houses offering help to anyone who was old or infirm that may have required assistance with shopping or gardening etc. No one was interested. They also gave out an emegency line for residents to ring if they experienced any problems related to the cafe or its patrons. No one called it.

In July The police raided the cafe in dramatic fashion. Dressed head to toe in body armour and wearing SAS style helmets and respirators they attacked a wall with a battering ram. After the initial shock patrons opened the front door allowing police access to the premises. A couple of grams of cannabis were recovered from one or two of the people inside. Three people were arrested for alledgedly being connected with the establishemnt. The police damaged much of the interior during there heavy handed search which turned up nothing. The three people arrested were released without charge soon afterwards.
Things returned to normal but the building was slightly fortified amid fears that battering rams may cause people inside injury from falling debris. Residents began to complain after police knocked round to each local house informing them of the "druggies" that occupied 1 freshbrook road. The police propoganda machine went into full swing and they held a meeting which was attended by around FIFTEEN locals! Most of which were of pensionable age and had clearly been fed misinformation. Residents complained that scooters were waking them at 2am and blamed the cafe (which shuts for the night at 8pm).
In Oct the police really went to town and raided the premises using a tractor. Without warning the tractor was hooked up to a window frame using large chains and then the tractor pulled backwards. This pulled the entire end wall off leaving the roof dangerously close to collapse. Police were prevented from entering the premises for some time due to the structure being unsafe. Patrons were too scared too leave. The air was full of smoke and debris causing one lady to suffer an asthma attack. Police finally came in and were extremely heavy handed. They did not allow anyone to leave the building despite it being dangerous and would not allow the lady suffering with asthma to have medical attention or even a galss of water. Two people were arrested as they were believed to be involved in the management of the venue. They were released without charge some time later. No drugs were recovered.
Again police began a propaganda war but neglected to accept any responsibility for recklessly endangering peoples lives in the name of cannabis possession! The koffeeshop reopened 5 days after the raid repaired, redecorated and fortified further amid fears that even more reckless steps might be taken in further raids. the building was surrounded with a trye wall and razor wire and the windows were blocked up. CCTV covered all areas of the building to act as a warning to patrons who might be injured in a repeat of the tractor performance. A height restrictor was put on the driveway complete with a sign bearing the words "no tractors"!
The police harrased patrons going to and from the cafe but never found anything other than small ammounts of cannabis which you would expect to find on any cross section of the public. This went on until Dec 2007 when the police raided again but this time used different tactics. They knocked the door politely and were let in by the patrons. Police searched everyone inside and conducted a search of the premises but found nothing. They then sat on the driveway in shifts in an attempt to stop and search everyone who came either in or out of the building. Two patrons turned up and were apprehended walking onto the driveway during the evening. They happened to have some legal knowledge and were both rather large and experienced weight lifters. The police were physically removed from the cafe drive as it was private property. After this the police left the area with their tails between their legs as again their poorly thought out tactics had turned up nothing.

All went quiet again and the cafe continued to run with no problems. Chess games, tournaments and several charity events took place. Apart from the chilled out stuff there were also weight lifting comps taking place and various strongman events. Many of the regualars are competitive sportsmen. Sporting feats include a 222k bench press at just under 15 stone in bodyweight, a 270k Squat, and 6 reps with a captain of crush #3 gripper. Regulars also include matrial artists and boxers at the top of there game and a competitive bodybuilder who is usually not far from comp condition!
The place was now heavily fortified and recieved a fair ammount of press attention, as a result of this comments likening it to a military bunker were not uncommon!! Police realised the days of breaking in were long gone.
Forward to early february. The Police raid again using the knock at the door approach. This time they were a little more heavy handed and were clearly frustrated. Again the raid turned up nothing more than 2 grams of cannabis which lets face it could be found in any pub or social gathering in the UK.
February the 14th and the cafe is raided again. This time police turn up with Bailiffs who try to repossess the buidling. They refuse to accept payment for the small ammount they are seeking and are obviosly being guided by the police. After much arguing over the phone a payment is made and the bailiffs leave. Before the police get a search warrant a uniform inspector is recorded on cctv stealing the "no tractors" sign on the drive. This footage has been forwarded to a solicitor, he contacted the I.P.C.C. and professional standards and they are looking into possible proscecution of the officer for theft. The police conducted another search of the place and its people but once again leave empty handed.

After there complete inability to close the cafe using bully boy tactics things changed a little and a local MP became involved.
He jumped on the anti cannabis bandwagon with a suprisingly ignorant and poorley informed article published in the local press. It was not backed with any stats or data and simply stated that in his opinion cannabis use led to anti social behaviour. Never mind that Lancing is plagued by drunken youths who are busy vandalising property and each other, The real problem according to Tim Loughton are cannabis smokers!! He went so far as to raise this opinion in the house of commons (his 5 minutes of fame) and was told he would be supported fully in his anti weed crusade. So far nothing has come of this but it is with interest I note that cannabis has now been changed to a class B drug despite doctors, judges, police chiefs and the drugs advisory board all being against the decision.
The cafe continues to stay open and recently launched this website which it hopes will attract like minded patrons and also alert people as to how there taxes are being spent. The cafe is running its usual comps and the patrons are happily playing cards and chess. An outdoor seating facilty will be launched for summer beginning on 26/5/08 (bank holiday). Hopefully it will continue to be left alone by authorities as it has been now for some months.

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