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Jerry Brown Losing Control

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:35 am    Post subject: Jerry Brown Losing Control Reply with quote

Jerry Brown To Challenge Court's Ruling on MMJ By Tim Reiterman
CN Source: Los Angeles Times June 05, 2008 San Francisco, CA

State Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown said he would ask the Supreme Court
to overturn the state Court of Appeal in Los Angeles,
because it inhibits the state's attempts to control
abuses while protecting legitimate access to cannabis.

Court Overturns Medical Marijuana Senate Bill 420 By Paul Boerger
CN Source: Mount Shasta Herald June 04, 2008 California

“We're reviewing the decision.
We think the court went too far and will likely appeal the decision.”
-- Gareth Lacy
Attorney General Jerry Brown's spokesperson

“Under Proposition 215, with no rules,
how does law enforcement determine whether it's for legitimate use or profit?
-- Kirk Andrus
Siskiyou County District Attorney

“Prosecutors have been applying statutory limits that are unconstitutional.
The state Attorney General and county District Attorneys
have been instructing line deputies to enforce a statute
which is unconstitutional and has resulted in wrongful convictions,
I've seen people drug through the courts who are within the plant limits.
People have been incarcerated, had to make bail, pay for lawyers,
the county has paid for lawyers and then the case is dropped.”
-- Lael Kayfetz
Siskiyou County Public Defender

"Legitimate Use"? Of a joint? Ya smoke it stupid...
It ain't a back scratcher...

Top Ten Reason for SB420

* LEO's wimpering it may not be for "Legitimate Use"
Nothing worse than seeing a grown cop cry.

* Need an amount Rednecks can count.

* Cost more to print the #12 than the #6.

* Preventing stress, the base of illness, is not legit.
Booze and Drug stores, Treatment Only! No Profits No Peace!

* Having a good time is strictly forbidden.
Sheriff suspects some may be having a good time.
Best to not chance euphoric spells and blissful moments.
Only legit good times, pharmaceuticals and liquor, Gawds way.

* Nixon lied to schedule cannabis #1,
Is following an illegal law legitimate?

* If you still have symptoms after you're over the limits, tough it out,
that illness is from sin, Jerry the "Liberal" says you deserve it.

* If the local cops can't waste taxes busting local potheads
they waste taxes treating their own obesity and heart disease
from consuming too many doughnuts cigarettes and cups of caffine.

* Best they waste taxes that brings kickback from the courts, rehabs and prisons.

* Drunk Ukiah drug worriers fearing the worse by losing SB420,
thanked by the drug czar waldo for their unwavering paranoia, racism
and dedication to his cause, getting rich from fear. Missed the absentee
ballot count and now have to hear the news with a hangover. k-a-r-m-a

Calif. Appeals Court Tosses Medical Pot Caps

CannabisNews Medical Marijuana Archives

California Senate Bill 420 (HS 11362.7)
Medical Marijuana Implementation
AUTHOR(S): Vasconcellos
(Principal co-author: Assembly Member Leno).

SB 420 was a compromise that considered much input from patients and reformers.
It clears up certain implementation issues surrounding Prop 215 (HS11362.5)
and formulates a voluntary system to protect patients from arrest.
It sets biased and unrealistic standards as the default baseline for protection,
but also empowers localities to adopt scientific local medical marijuana guidelines.

compromise / käm-prə-ˌmīz
Settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions.
Something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things.
A concession to something derogatory or prejudicial (a compromise of principles)

con·ces·sion / kən-ˈse-shən
The act or an instance of conceding.
The admitting of a point claimed in argument.
Something conceded.

con·cede / kən-ˈsēd
To grant as a right or privilege.
To accept as true, valid, or accurate.
(the right of the state to cage sick people is generally conceded)
To acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly.

The Website for Cultural Survivalists

California medical marijuana law, SB 420

Proposition 215 and You

Text of Prop 215 (Cal HS 11362.5)

Medical Marijuana / California Prop 215
It's the law. Cannabis (marijuana) was listed in medical texts
to treat over 100 different conditions, prior to its ban in 1937
over the objections of the AMA. Medical use is still allowed
under the UN Single Convention Treaty on Narcotic Drugs.
The California Supreme Court has ruled that marijuana is as legal
as any prescription drug under State law.

Groups Endorsing RxGanja

Effort To Disguise a Medicine as an Illegal Drug

Lock 'em all up, for Crist's sake!

Woman’s Christian Vengeance Union

How Pot Became Demonized

Doctors Organization Scales Back Proposal

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