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HEMP, save us from Fed-Troop that fails multi-choice tests

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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

Joined: 18 Apr 2003
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2003 10:30 pm    Post subject: HEMP, save us from Fed-Troop that fails multi-choice tests Reply with quote

The Bush Administration defines the makers of F-Troop as more than inspired, by the Cold War. I would like takes on F-Troop character analysis, which you all may have, in light of the following facts.
F-Troop is, in my view, a deja vu series, like many other fine media. Other examples are of interest to me, but the obvious analysis of F-Troop composite characters produces clear parallels as character aspects both physical and behavioral, in:
Pres. G W Bush- 'Wilton,' who struggles to make grade, and got coke? That'll make him sneeze and comp-character switch, to Wild Eagle! He finally got Texas some DNA evidence, but forgot to legalize the POT(6% of our farmland for this supplies all our energy needs, never mind Alaska, OPEC, OR the Middle East), so the oil game could yield another war of need, that is really a war of GREED. Take a look, when the industrial revolution happened, the British had no North Sea reserves, so they headed for Greece, and finished the Ottomans, after Allenby. Then, OIL.
Got Israel but no PALESTINE OR KURDISTAN? Got CIA on TV? SNEEZE! Then you've got today's F(ederal)-Troop, in Iraq, with many deaths caused by FOX, the CIA, and unregenerate geeks in various jingo-dingo media, risking troops, embedded reporters, and civilians, for their happy, blabbing, over-paid pie-holes! President Bush learned to shut up about Arafat after his first year-remember what happened? Clinton and Bush sucked a few airliners into some buildings, is what. That's manifest destiny, 2001, for ya. They BOTH ignored good sense and Sandy Berger, among others who do the jobs I'd want, if I were connected:
Sec'y of State Powell- Sgt. O'Rourke, who made the secret Hekawi treaty
HS Sec'y Ridge- Corporal Agarn, eating his hat from tension, caused by his idiot troopers (Got drug war? WHITE MAN GOT NO MORE INFRASTRUCTURE. Needed hemp/energy and homeland security, all along! Heap big cost debacle, with only meatheads to sort cost accounting and economics- so maybe I'm Crazy Cat, after all, trying to earn money the old fashioned way.) But Rumsfeld is really the comp, of the Don Diamond/Crazy Cat, Jimmy from Dallas/Trooper Dobbs, with the WORST BUGLE-PLAYING WE CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE! I could never play an instrument that badly; ask Mr. Vampire, oops, Mr. Van Halen, and feed your birdies, for the good information, there.
Wrangler Jane- God only knows, comp of Jenna Bush, Condi and other 1st females, who haven't much to say about earning money the old-fashioned way, so they might have to get married and shut up. In Condi's case that would be hot. She was off the tube during the hot war, for good reason; she is as dangerous as FOX-hole Bill O'Reilly, to Coalition Troops and non-combattents, with her talk, despite her better appearance and mind.
Trooper Dobbs- DOD Sec'y Rumsfeld, blowing it last week re his off-the wall gob about former Coalition partner Syria, getting real troopers DEAD, with collateral damage, just as if he were his comp-character alter ego, Crazy Cat (Don Diamond) or that idiot Dan Rather, who my bud from Nam said is stupid, and now that Rather blew off on Syria, I can see the past, and the future, and don't build nuclear power plants, if you grok Vanderbilt! I hope no other Marine EVER gets as crooked as Rather did, getting all that dough to heat up MORE bad beef. Semper Fi, and watch out for Sponges and how they form, in YOUR HEAD.
Other dangerous idiots are FOX-troop's O'Reilly, Hannity, Kondrake, Cavuto, Colonel DAVID JONES, and more. Nobody else really digs killing both our economy AND our soldiers quite as much, since Rupert Murdoch, or at least his many corporations, will accumulate assets, as our economy winds down to wherever, from tax-and-spend induced cost spirals. Geraldo and Arnett? Only a geek like Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury) would suggest these are not heroes who sneezed, but check his website! FOX and the lot put up an ugly, old CIA guy who induced the fake surrenders, and Arnett and Geraldo reacted in a timely fashion, to distract the angry Saddamists, WHO WERE MOTIVATED AND INCITED TO THIS MAYHEM, by FOX-holes and CIA geeks, at home in the USA. Getting our troops dead is nothing to sneeze at, but hey, FOX and CIA lead the league in those hits. The LA Dodgers need a new owner, PERIOD, NOW, IMMEDIATELY.
TROOPER VANDERBILT- Deadly composite character, the Death Star of F-Troop, made from Ari Fleischer and Energy Sec'y Spencer Abraham. Look out for incoming! Abraham will build nukes, from hemp/energy suppression and CORRUPTLY INDUCED INFORMATION AND POWER VACUUMS, corrupt Democrats and media have helped suppress hemp as a vital Resource-Product-Market component, to impose bureaucratic costs, based on false morality and erosion of Roman Law as Malum in Se, for false morality as MALUM PROHIBITUM. The DEW-line was an obvious dig by Vandy back in '65, but this week, I see the truth.
So hey: Fleischer keeps trying to trim the Arafat, but he will incite death, from the obvious (to me) inequity of US-media lying about oil interests and trying to destabilize the Middle East with Sharon's Israel. Got 9/11? We guarantee the Likud's oil supply and pay for their F-16s and Apaches. But hard new ordinance is cropping up, that will make any nuclear power plant a severe, costly liability, for anyone arrogant enough to impose corrupt media and might, BOTH, then build expensive, nasty targets of opportunity, for a known-motivated foe. That O'Rourke luck better be up!
9/11 was due as soon as the Likud enjoyed the 11/03/95 hit of Rabin and Interim PM Sharon's re-up of illegal settlements.
Fat that must go, soon, is Spencer the nukester Abraham. And Fleischer is now compromised. The Euro must move to Japan, to abate dollar diplomacy. Got an A in history? Watch out for Feds and their fake facts!
The idea that terrorism is not INCITED is a remarkable American media imposition, which uses all untruth, including suppression, disinformation, and the BIG LIE. Would you go to some place your ancestors lived, buy a bit of land, announce your intent to rule, start fights, buy a bit more, ethnically cleanse more, then end up at peace after several WARS, then blow off Oslo, the way the Democratic-Republican-Likud Axis did, and expect to win arguments with a world, that does not want to ramp its war efforts on the costly schedule of Pres. Daddy, who pulled Gen. Norman's CHENEY in 1991? NOT WITHOUT OIL and ISRAEL IN THE REGION, WITHOUT A PALESTINE OR KURDISTAN, ALREADY!
Hey now, someone got an F in history, and still wanted to claim to determine FACTS. That someone may have been the stupid American cousin, of a British Imperialist, which imps wanted oil as soon as the Industrial Revolution was on!
The producers, sponsor, and cast of US TV-sitcom F-Troop (1965-67) are surely soldiers from the mind of God, as were the Star Wars group, which shows what will happen to the Death Star, one day.
FOX-Troop, assorted other media, and the CIA killed our soldiers. 'Oh, yeah, that's not Saddam.' "Oh, well, we aren't really surrendering!" May Rupert Murdoch rot, with any other unregenerate overlords who would not allow or negotiate surrender of the CIA-installed Saddam Hussein (seen Mike Wallace's show about this?), since the installers incited the players, then started the latest fight, with Camp David and various disparagement of the justifiably angry Islamists.
Saddam Hussein REALLY HAD TO DIE, not because that would end the war. He had to die because he is a material witness, AGAINST THE STINKING, SNEAKING CIA, which showed him and the Ba'athists just how to layer management and kill to stay in power! And then, the profitable incitements accrued as petro and military anti-industry.
AH-freaking-CHOOOO! Gonna build NUKES and flop, eh Vandy? Got some SHUGS for ya! And they will have nano-weapons, material-specific enzyme weapons, battery-powered EMPs, all kinds of 21st century sabots, and worse, more effective flying forms, that the FOX-troop wants to suck, through someone else's window! I can't believe I actually saw all this, on TV, before it happens. But I did. I guess you can tell I was doing homework, on the side.
Don't laugh too hard at Trooper Vanderbilt's double-boom gig (Actor Joe Brooks used to climb the Fort Courage watchtower, looking blinder than Fleischer, the cannon would go off, and down he'd come). It may be foreshadowing our own destruction, at the hands of the current White House administration, which has Powell and Ridge for talent, and dangerous idiots all through the rest of the house.
Reason is, Democrats still cherish their Jim Crow infrastructure, with a little bit of sugar on it, and they sell elections to pay for blow and so. Hey now, who invented the drug war? Not Nixon. He just made a few nasty improvements, so proceedings could be multiplied, and kids would eventually have to learn the trick about catching a monkey with a cocoanut, where monkey reaches in, grabs rice, won't let go, gets caught, freedom, nevermore! Drug war or infrastucture? The Americans export the drug war, on behalf of petro, nuke, and war anti-industry. Good luck getting information into enough brains, so minds and democracy are relevant and material to decision-making! The US-centered Media-Government Axis always suppresses and disinforms, to abet the big LIE. Or haven't you noticed that Citizen Kane Toads drummed up Teddy Roosevelt, and this fashion determined Stalin, Tojo, and HITLER?
Don't know why folks can't cut drug war costs, since it's a shrug and Shug (killer-bee-type Native Americans in F-Troop) scene that makes trade deficits from budget deficits.
Got Crazy Cat? Am I that guy? I just gotta know. I'm gonna hit the web, review characters, and you all give me a take or two, if you have the history in hand. Character analysis is hot, as per THE UNFORGIVEN, featuring the 5150 Sharps rifle as prop.
THESE are F-Troop times, friends.
• Ken Berry as Captain Wilton Parmenter
• Forrest Tucker as Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke
• Larry Storch as Corporal Randolph Agarn
• Melody Patterson as Wrangler Jane Angelica Thrift
• Frank DeKova as Chief Wild Eagle
• Don Diamond as Crazy Cat
• James Hampton as Corporal Hannibal Dobbs
• Bob Steele as Trooper Duffy
• Joe Brooks as Trooper Vanderbilt
• John Mitchum as Trooper Hoffenmueller
• Edward Everett Horton as Roaring Chicken
The end of the Civ-il War was near when quite ac-ci-den-tal-ly
A he-ro who sneezed ab-rupt-ly seized retreat and re-versed it to vic-to-ry
His med-al of hon-or pleased and thrilled his proud lit-tle fam 'ly group
While pin-ning it on some blood was spilled and so it was planned he'd com-mand
F Troop!
Where In-di-an fights are col-or-ful sights and no-bo-dy takes a lickin'
When pale - face and red - skin both turn chick – en . . .
When dril-ling and fight-ing get them down they know their mo-rale can't droop (oil/wildcat inference)
As long as they all re-lax in town, before they re-sume with a bang and a boom (war inference)
F Troop!
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Cannabis Sacrament Minister.
Cannabis Sacrament Minister.

Joined: 14 Apr 2003
Posts: 2550
Location: Amsterdam

PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2003 1:43 am    Post subject: wow Reply with quote

That whas a long read,...but worth it Shocked . Thank you bobgnote, and welcome to the Ministry. Rolling Eyes
I declare Peace on war!
Please read the Board Rules and Posting, and you
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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

Joined: 19 Apr 2003
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2003 11:28 am    Post subject: all that is...shall be.... Reply with quote

wow thats was huge amount of info...and defintely worth the read........nice to see theres a good number of people out there fighting the fight rather than lying down and taking it........

peace Laughing
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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

Joined: 18 Apr 2003
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2003 3:07 am    Post subject: Took a big rousting out here, Saturday 4/19/03, SF peninsula Reply with quote

For stuff like this and probably for prior RICO et al, concerns, I just got a big rousting by four agencies, including San Mateo Co. PD and Palo Alto PD. It's a little too hot, for ME to get a 'scrip, huh? They didn't "do their jobby-job," is what. Got any first Amendment out there, somewhere?

I want to move, where I can freely associate, and work, on somethin' . . . Evil or Very Mad
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getting into high spirits
getting into high spirits

Joined: 18 Apr 2003
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2003 11:46 pm    Post subject: TV and Nostradamus have the same job. Reply with quote

Exclamation Shortly after all the F-Troop shock wore off and the pigs rousted me around a bit more than they usually do (not the first time for me), Colin Powell got on TV and blasted Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, preceding release of some power to the new PM. Israeli PM Sharon has hedged on his promise to back of from the illegal settlements in West Bank and Gaza. Death will be the result, for people queered by the US and Israel and their media-supported buggery of all opportunities for good-sense politics for the rest of the world.

Mr. Powell's remarks preceded the recent bombings and dissipation of NATO. I suggest that Red Dwarf and Star Wars have also come full circle, as deja vu shows.

Rimmer on RD suggests Rummy, DOD Secretary, and the oreo-faced Imperial Storm Troopers suggest Powell, whose gigantic blunder on TV followed a spate of appearances by US Pres. anti-candidate Bob Graham, an anal, dewlap-sporting Florida cracker. Sen. Graham lost some weight, but his dewlap-daddy TV party with a Syrian moderate who had to explain HEZBOLLAH to all the cracker-asses made an ominous opening for Powell's remarks, about a bloody month ago.

Since Powell is the US administration's registered independent, he has betrayed his creed, to a degree that has caused a sever reaction, with loss of life directly attributable to his gross negligence. That he ever assimilated the Stanford-CIA-cracker-ass positions at all is tragic; that he blurted crap about Arafat on TV is bloody stupid, but what am I to expect?

Matrix Reloaded, MRs with guitars, no chance for rock, every player is a PUNK. SS, DD, in the USA, and it hella-stinks, not bud-like at all.
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