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George W. Bush...............who is he?

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2003 3:54 pm    Post subject: George W. Bush...............who is he? Reply with quote

When exposing the folly of George W. Bush being portrayed as a "Christian conservative", I realize that I'm trying to reach a majority of people who either don't want to know the truth, or just don't care, but here I go anyway. He may outwardly seem conservative, and present an image of Mr. family values. But let's look at the facts: He opposed about the only post September 11 legislation that made any sense at all, that is, to allow airline pilots to carry guns in the cockpit. He is in favor of opening up the floodgates of illegal immigration even more than they are now. He opposes clamping down on the flood of illegals coming over the Mexican border, and wants to give them resident status.
He has appointed open homosexuals to high positions in his cabinet. He may claim to be "pro-life", but has not lifted one finger to stop the slaughter of millions of unborn children each year. In fact, he has secretly fought to keep the partial birth abortion ban from coming to his desk to be signed into law. He has created intrusive "Big Brother" type national police organizations (Homeland Security) that remind one of the gestapo. The "Patriot Act", and "Patriot Act II" legislation he is pushing makes anyone who opposes Big Brother a potential terrorist. If you read the fine print, it also completly undermines the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, and so on.

He is a past, and current, member of the satanic Skull & Bones. Skull and Bones is deeply and darkly Satanic; it's sister German secret society, The Thule Society, had trained Adolf Hitler into the deepest and darkest of Satanic Black Magick. If George W. were truly a Christian, as he claims, he would repent of his past involvment and boldly reveal the terrible plans that the Skull and Bones have for America. Has George W. Bush repented and come clean? No!

Instead of taking this opportunity to tell the truth about what the forces behind the scences are doing to America, and repenting of his involvement in it, George W. has simply gone along with the wishes of the puppet masters behind the scenes, and lead us closer to UN controlled one world dictatorship, all the while pretending to be a "Born again Christian". This all absolutely screams the truth about George W. Bush and the lack of genuineness about his claim to be Born Again. The President of the United States is the most important single political position in the world to the international bankers and their cronies. If anyone ever came into this office and tried to turn against the Illuminati, they would attempt to assassinate him. We have one primary example of just one President who turned against the Illuminati once he was in office; his name was President John F. Kennedy. Consider these facts, against the backdrop that Kennedy was assassinated in Novermber, 1963:

Spring, 1963: President Kennedy announced that he was going to withdraw American forces from the Vietnam War. September, 1963: President Kennedy announced that he would have 1,000 "American boys" home by Christmas. President Kennedy was planning to use the powers of his office of the presidency to fully inform the American people of the Illuminati plan to enslave us, he was going to end our enslavement to the Federal Reserve Bank, put a stop to all illegal covert CIA operations, and was going to end our involvement with Viet Nam. Only weeks later, he was assassinated.

His assassination was carried out by the CIA, under orders of the secret forces that control our government and media. Had George W. Bush really been Born Again, he could take the course Kennedy chose, to reveal the evil Plans of the secret forces behind the scenes. The fact he's done nothing of the kind tells the discerning Christian all he needs to know about George W. Bush. There is no forgiveness without repentance, and we have seen no repentance from Bush concerning Skull and Bones. And we HAVE seen him do nothing but promote the United Nations Globalist agenda behind the scenes, while outwardly trying to appear "conservative".

Another event that offered us a glimpse into the true psychological makeup and qualities of G.W. Bush, happened in 1998. "Please don't kill me". Look at the still photograph of Bush in action, mockingly mouthing these words for an interview with Talk Magazine in 1998, in which he was making fun of a supposed (but not true) plea from a woman he put to death, Karla Faye Tucker. After shooting heroin since the age of 10, the call girl daughter of a prostitute drug addict, Karla Tucker had spent two weeks awake on a drug-speed high when she and 'friends' ended up at the apartment of the couple she allegedly killed in 1984.
She was 24 years old at the time. The crime was not premeditated. The chief witness against her was given a deal by the prosecution. She never had a chance. She became a Christian during the first year of her imprisonment. Those who knew her knew she was a new creation. She was the kind of Christian who is unusual, because her faith was truly alive. That made her vibrant, happy, and caring to everyone who came to her for help, seeking her out in her separate world, behind bars. And many did. That's the kind of spiritual life that nothing can kill.

She was executed, after exhausting all avenues. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted to deny her request for clemency. Her last hope, after more than a decade on Death Row, was commutation of the sentence of execution by Governor George W. Bush. She had already signed an agreement to waive the possibility of parole for the rest of her life. She only wanted to live so that she could help others avoid making the same mistakes that she made. As for Governor Bush, he lied when he ridiculed her soon after the execution. She never said, "Please don't kill me."

In his book entitled "A CHARGE TO KEEP" Bush's ghostwriter told a story about the governor's "struggles" the evening she was given the lethal injection. "6:26, prisoner strapped to gurney... I felt like a huge piece of concrete was crushing me as we waited. 6:28, needle inserted. No one said another word." Then we see George W. Bush mugging for the camera, mockingly pursing his lips when he spoke about the woman whose life he could have saved. "Please don't kill me." Bush ran as a "compassionate conservative" in 2000. I suppose by compassionate that means executing people with lethal injection, instead of hanging them. All of this is just one aspect of George W. Bush that I, and most halfway decent people would find objectionable.
Let all American's understand, as I stated earlier, Bush was indoctrinated into Skull and Bones at Yale in 1968. At the ceremony, Bush had to kneel down before a man in a black robe, who represent's lucifer, and swear an allegience to all things evil. This is the man that most people assume is a "conservative Christian". He cannot be a Christian and a satan worshipper at the same time. Witness what he has done since 9-11. Everything possible to bring about the dictitorial one world satanic government, around the world, and here in the U.S. As we saw with Karla Faye Tucker, compassion and respect for life are not a part of his persona.

Naive Americans will soon see just how much freedom they will have to preach or broadcast under the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America. And they will see just how "Christian" their President REALLY IS! The Bible declares that "a tree is known by it's fruit." Regardless of what name you call the tree, it is BETTER known by the kind of fruit it produces. And of course, so is a bush. And "a Bush" that coldly puts people like Karla Faye Tucker to death, and produces deadly fruits of NWO repression, detention camps, "Office of Homeland Security," and worse, cannot and must not be trusted. Now you know the truth about George W. Bush. Are you courageous enough to see it? Truly, "no one is so blind as he who will not see". Is that you?
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 8:47 am    Post subject: not blind by choice Reply with quote

i am doing my best to try and understand where satan fits into this whole picture.
why is bill buckly still kicking if he was skullandbones yet espouses legalized cannabis? is it because maybe he wants to tax it or does he live in a fortress.

seriously digging most of your views

alcohol abuse is when beer is taxed
(edit: john kerry and yale frats?)
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