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Cannabis in history

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Cannabis Sacrament Minister.
Cannabis Sacrament Minister.

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PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2004 11:33 pm    Post subject: Cannabis in history Reply with quote

While the Magiian and Hermetic Gnostics believed that Christ was a state of being, the Christian Gnostics were obsessed with the idea of a physical manifestation of the Supreme Being of Christ. When Christianity rose and joined with the Roman Empire to form the Roman Catholic Church, all Gnostic sects were dismantled, the Magiian and Hermetic Gnostics being driven underground or destroyed along with all other pagan cults, while the Christian Gnostics were swallowed into the metamorphosis of the Church. All of the ancient secrets of conscious flux were lost from the public.

It is quite probable that Jesus himself was an initiate of the Mithra and the Zoroastrian Gnostics. The Gnostic faith was very popular in Egypt at the time of his birth and adolescence, and many of the sayings and quotes from him, both in the New Testament and in other sources, showed Jesus had an indepth understanding of mystical out-of-body experiences and the Oneness of the Youniverse. His impressive philosophy of love, peace and forgiveness was very similar to that practised by Gnostics and very unlike that practised by the Jewish priesthood of the time. It is thought that once he passed through the initiation stages at age 30, Jesus proclaimed that all people should openly have access to this knowledge and power. He openly preached about a direct relationship to God which could be experienced by everyone without the guidance of spiritual specialists. He sought, with the help of other initiates who later became his apostles, to teach this faith openly to the world. He knew the power of the archetype of Christ, the Jewish prophecies regarding a Messiah, and understood human nature itself. He lived out the prophecies to the fullest, even faking his death on the cross to fulfil the Resurrection Myth of ancient times. Jesus undermined the authority of all institutions of his time by empowering individuals with an example of how one person can make a dramatic differences in the world.

There is evidence which suggests that the 'old vinegar' which was passed up to Jesus when he was on the cross was, in fact, concentrated THC. This was probably what gave Jesus the appearance of being dead to the Roman Guards, just like Juliet appeared dead to Romeo, in Shakespeare's play, after she drank the friar's potent brew. This ended his public life, something which was becoming increasingly at risk as both traditional Jewish priests and underground secretive religious cults were after him for revealing secrets, challenging customs and defying authority. Jesus was a rebel of the highest order.

On that website is very detailed information on Cannabis and it's history in religion. I guess it will take some time to read it all but it is very much worth it.
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PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2004 1:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice find bro thanks for sharing.
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PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2004 1:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

that was fansinating! thanx for posting that ferre! Very Happy bigok
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