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Bob Barr the UnLibertarian

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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

Joined: 29 Dec 2003
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Location: Santa Cruz Cannafornia

PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 6:57 pm    Post subject: Bob Barr the UnLibertarian Reply with quote

First he tries to stop Cheryl from her Ganja meds,
blocking her wheel chair, arresting her friends.
Then he blocks the Rx Ganja vote in DC,
First time in History. How many have been murdered by him?
He was overturned as UnConstitutional, a Libertarian?
Then the Patriot Ax comes along,
and who signs it? Barrbarian Bob.
CIA lawyer what does that mean?
More paranoid of clean air than Hairy Brown River RIP.

Then out of the Georgia blue sky,
after getting his butt whopped and thrown out of Congress.
He sees the light and joins MPP and get this, the ACLU.
Reformed? Still wants to bomb Colombia,
and get his cut of the Drug War profits.
All this Un-Libertarian activity,
and then the voting sheople think Kubby might mention Ganja.
Send the wrong message? To who, their boss' Bush and Cheney?
Once again Nader is the only American running...

Bob Barr is the Libertarian Candidate for President DWR

Reformed drug warrior Bob Barr has been named the Libertarian Party's nominee for President.

Update: Root will be VP nominee

Bob Barr, Civil Libertarian Jesse Walker
The right wing of the ACLU December 2003

Marijuana: Bob Barr to Lobby for Marijuana Policy Project

Vote blocked by Barr 10/21/00

Bob M Barr S Kills American Vote Linx 07/11/01
Legislation Introduced to Overturn DC Initiative In Congress, hard-line drug warriors -- principally Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia -- prevented the vote in Washington DC from even being counted for more than 10 months.

MMJ Use Advocates Stage Protest at Barr's Office 11/10/00

Barr amendment is unconstitutional 11/10/00

Results Are Out: Marijuana Initiative Passes Barr 11/10/00

Pot Users Invade Barr Office

Bob Bob Barr Bob Bob Barbarian! 11/10/00

Barr Continues His Assault On Democracy 05/02/00

Cheryl Heart Foundation

Gary Storck
Drug Policy Forum of Wisconsin

Former DEAth Merchant's Delusions

Uphold The Law By Steve Kubby (thread)
Orange County Register November 05, 1999

Mr. Kubby, who lives in Laguna Beach, played a key role in the Proposition 215 campaign in 1996 and was the Libertarian Party candidate for California governor last year.

He and his wife, Michele, both of whom use medical marijuana with a doctor's recommednation, were arrested for marijuana cultivation and sale several months ago when they lived in Placer County. Their trial was postponed to early next year.

As Governor George W. Bush recently observed, medical marijuana should be left up to the states to decide, not the federal government. Unfortunately serious opposition to medical marijuana still exists within the law enforcement community, which believes that the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 is some sort of hoax, or worse, not a law to be obeyed. continued...CN/3589

They that start by burning books...

"In a time of universal deceit,
telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell


Follow-up on USA Today ads by Ron Crickenberger

Dear Libertarian: 28 Feb 2002
Ron Crickenberger RIP
Libertarian Party Political Director

Two days have passed since we ran our full-page ads in the Washington Times and USA Today, so I want to give you a follow-up report about their impact.

Before I do, I want to again thank everyone who contributed to this project. YOU made it all possible.

Here's the quick summary of the ad's aftermath:

* We generated a solid amount of media coverage -- although not the "breakout" coverage we had hoped for. (I'll explain the missing ingredient that kept us from getting more media attention.)

* We triggered a weird -- almost surreal -- response from the Drug Czar's office.

* We galvanized the drug reform movement, and generated more positive comments from them than we have for ANY previous project.

* We TRIPLED the number of daily visitors to our website.

* We proved that we can react quickly to events, raise a substantial amount of money via the Internet, and have a genuine impact on public policy debates.

* Most importantly, we achieved our main goal: We spit in the eye of America's foremost Drug Warrior. Here's the details: cont.

Libertarian Ron Crickenberger Made Drug Policy Key Issue

Terrorism Link in Drug Ads Whips Up Backlash

Drug War' Opponents Blast White House Policy

Drug Czar Accused of Supporting Terror

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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

Joined: 29 Dec 2003
Posts: 364
Location: Santa Cruz Cannafornia

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2008 11:35 pm    Post subject: Re: Bob Barr the UnLibertarian Marc Scott Emery Reply with quote

Re: Bob Barr the UnLibertarian Marc Scott Emery

In 1998, I donated $5,000 to help finance Ballot Initiative 59 in Washington, DC that, if passed, would have legalized medical use of marijuana in the capitol district. After a tussle with the Board of Electors to get the measure on the ballot, the U.S. Congress--urged on by one Robert Barr, a Republican Congressman from Georgia’s 9th District--passed the “Barr Amendment” to the 1999 District of Columbia Appropriations Bill. The Barr Amendment, passing 333 to 92, prohibited “the use of any funding to legalize or reduce the penalty for the possession, use, or distribution of any controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act.” Initiative 59 was on the DC ballot in the November 1998 general election, and exit polls showed it passed 70 per cent to 30 per cent, but the ballot results were never announced because no money was legally appropriated to count the ballot votes on the measure, let alone to implement the Initiative. Barr’s amendment nixed the needle exchange in DC too, a situation that, ten years later, is still the same.

My $5,000 investment in medical cannabis legality went up in smoke, and I’ve had Bob Barr on my Top 10 Enemies List for many years since then. In his Congressional heyday, Bob Barr was the poster boy for vindictive Southern social conservatism on the drug war. Barr even voted for and lobbied for a ban on industrial hemp products even entering the U.S. When Barr lost his Congressional seat in the 2002 Republican primaries, the U.S. Libertarian Party was overjoyed, trumpeting on their website the end of “U.S. Rep. Bob Barr, the worst drug warrior in Congress.” However, over the last four years, Barr has spoken, written and commented more and more frequently on the rise of U.S. government power and how it was the greatest menace to American citizens. Barr began to regret his unconstitutional incursions into the lives of Americans, including his support of the Patriot Act and state medical marijuana laws. Ultimately, he renounced his drug warrior past in late 2006, joined the Libertarian Party in 2007, and is now the 2008 Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party. Over the past two years, the well-heeled Marijuana Policy Project (with $2-$3 million annually from Progressive Insurance founder Peter Lewis), a lobby group that operates in all 50 states, had hired Bob Barr as a Congressional lobbyist to--get this--repeal The Barr Amendment and any other federal impediments to implementing state medical marijuana initiatives.

Bob Barr will be a formidable Libertarian candidate in the November general election, appealing to old-school conservatives, Clinton-haters (Barr led the House Impeachment Republicans), Southerners, and constitutionalists. Additionally, Bob Barr appears to have become a Ron Paul protégé, while Paul himself is still in the race for the GOP nomination. Ron Paul has $5,500,000 from his campaign in the bank and no plans to use it, plus an email and volunteer list of 400,000 zealous donors, converts, and activists. Short of Republican presumptive nominee John McCain having a heart-attack (though, considering his age, it’s not that unlikely), it’s likely Paul will not get the Republican nomination; so, ruling out any support of John McCain, and with his close acolyte Bob Barr getting the Libertarian Party nomination, that $5.5 million and massive contact list is a potential McCain killer in the November election--as if McCain weren’t already behind the eight ball. But it’s clear that Ron Paul Revolutionaries will play a deciding role in the November U.S. election.

Congratulations to Bob Barr on the nomination! I think Steve Kubby represented the cannabis culture well at the convention and ought to get a job on Barr's campaign staff to rein in the 25 million cannabis consumers into the Barr Libertarian campaign. These pothead voters are in the Ron Paul or Barack Obama camps right now, but Paul is not going to be the nominee and Obama is very tepid on even medical marijuana, so Barr clearly trumps Obama there.

I believe Barr's conversion is real and the Libertarian Party candidates across the USA can indeed jump on Barr's coat-tails to the highest vote totals ever. I think Bob Barr is the best thing to happen to the LP and Barr will certainly be getting all the help we can throw his way in the general election.

Bob Barr the UnLibertarian

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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

Joined: 29 Dec 2003
Posts: 364
Location: Santa Cruz Cannafornia

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:13 am    Post subject: Demonizer Barr Reply with quote

I think Barr wants to side with McCain's disenfranchised religious cross burners, fascists and the isolationists Dobbs Birch Society, and sucker the rational Libertarians for support, then if by fluke he wins, cut em loose. Or make a deal with McCain for an admin job, and still drop the Kubby Browne Libertarians. Ending the Ganjawar clashes with their agenda... and profit margin. LIEability... DdC

How Pot Became Demonized

Drugwar Lies Linked to Schizophrenia

Virtues' of Ganja

I want to be invisible. I do guerrilla warfare.
I paint my face and travel at night.
You don't know it's over until you're in a body bag."
-- Ralph Reed, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, 11/9/91

Some Ganjawar Liberty Removal articles

MMJ Use Advocates Stage Protest at Barr's Office * Drugs and intelligence agencies * National Agendas Color D.C. Marijuana Debate * U.S. House votes to overturn Init. 59! * D.C. Budget Caught in Hill Standoff * Legislation Introduced to Overturn DC Initiative * Barr amendment is unconstitutional * Results Are Out: Marijuana Initiative Passes Barr * Bobarr addressing Veteran's group in Rome, Ga. * Barr Continues His Assault On Democracy * Pot Users Invade Barr Office * Bob Bob Barr Bob Bob Barbarian! * Making War On Free Speech! * Seizures Help Police Fund Drug War * Asa Isa Assa * Bush Crime Family * Bush. Religious drug treatment in Texas * George Bush: Chapter -XV- CIA DIRECTOR * Drug Kingpin George Bush Press Conference * George Bush Crack Kingpin of the 80's links * George Bush does not deserve an honourary degree! * Bush CIA * Rayguns/Bush Monkey Test * A New World Disorder * America's New POWs * MKULTRA: CIA Mind Control * HASHISH FUDGE Soma and the Wootton Report * Going Dutch * L.A. Forfeiture Squads Kill California Millionaire * America: Who Stole the Dream * What If Marijuana Disappeared? * Marijuana Less Harmful to Lungs than Cigarettes * DRUG PROHIBITION: A PERVERTED INSTINCT? * Corporations That Own Our Media * DEFYING 70 YEARS OF PROHIBITION * Do Guilt and Innocence Still Count in America? * HOW THE NARCS CREATED CRACK * Cannabis Report Challenges `Zero Tolerance' * JUST SAY NO TO AMERICA * The Cold War of the '90's * The Duplicity of the War on Drugs * The Drug War: Suppression Tactics Will Never Work * THE POLICE STATE COMETH by Rep.Ron Paul * THE DRUG WAR IS A FRAUD * Women in Prison * Out of control * In pursuit of truth and justice in California * SENTENCING IS PERVERSE IN WAR ON DRUGS * The Narko News * The Great Marijuana Hoax By Allen Ginsberg * Domination and Control? * Clinton Asks Supreme Court To Overturn MMJ Ruling * John McCain's War of Attrition * Barr's bud 4Mica Squares Off With White House Anti-Drug Chief * McCaffrey's Brain On Drugs * FDA-Approved Medical Marijuana Research Blocked * Government Property Seizures out of Control * shalalgans * Food Stamps Become a Weapon in the War on Drugs * Censoring the internet for talking about hemp. * The Drug War Gravy Train * Drug Czar Seeks To Ban All Hemp Products * Urgent Warning about Industrial Hemp... * Genetic fungus * Spraying Misery * We're Being Shot At! * WoD on the Environment * Copter Stoppers * The Murder of Peter McWilliams * The Invisible Prohibition * Smoke a Joint, Lose Your License * Digging Out the Dope Fiends * State Patrol on prowl for ditchweed harvesters * Spraying Ditchweed Devastate Midwest Game Birds * 99.28% ditchweed * Poison Pot

"We should resist the temptation to identify
our religious convictions with the platform of a party
or the platitudes of favored politicians."
-- Ralph Reed, 1996

'They fight with money and we fight with time,
and they’re going to run out of money before we run out of time.'

'I think that we’re being frog-marched into a corporate fascist takeover of the country.'

I't does appear to me that these fascists that have taken over
have got to get—we’ve got to get rid of them.
They’re not Republicans, and they’re not Democrats up there.
You know, they’re something else. They’re corporate fascists.'
-- Utah Phillips, 1935-2008

Hi my name is Bobarr and I'm a Ganjawar junkie...
Hi Bobarr!

Well, I was feelin' sad and feelin' blue,
I didn't know what in the world I was gonna do,
Them Stoners, they wus comin' around,
They wus in the air, They wus on the ground.
They wouldn't gimme no peace. . .

So I run down most hurriedly
And joined up with the John Birch Society,
I got me a secret membership card.
And started off a-walkin' down the road.
Yee-hoo, I'm a real Lou Dobber now!
Look out you Stoners! continued...

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Cannabis Sacrament Minister
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

Joined: 29 Dec 2003
Posts: 364
Location: Santa Cruz Cannafornia

PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:20 am    Post subject: I Was Wrong About The War On Drugs... Bob Barr Reply with quote

Bob Barr: "I Was Wrong About The War On Drugs"
Huffington Post June 10, 2008 Complete Article

This link was released by Russ Verney,
campaign manager for the Barr/Root campaign

davidmalmolevine June 10, 2008

"Laws do not persuade just because they threaten."
-- Seneca, A.D. 65

I'll admit it, just five years ago I was "Public Enemy Number 1" in the eyes of the Libertarian Party. In my 2002 congressional race for Georgia's Seventh District, the Libertarian Party ran scathing attack ads against my stand on Medical Marijuana. Today, I am their presidential nominee and will represent libertarians at the top of the ticket on November 4th.
-- Bob Barr

While it is clear the War on Drugs has been a failure, it is not enough to simply acknowledge that reality. We need to look for solutions that deal with the drug problem without costly and intrusive government agencies, and instead allow for private industry and organizations to put forward solutions that address the real problems.
-- Bob Barr

I have to say for the record,
I still believe Bob Barr is a fascist.
But, I saw him on the Colbert show,
Joking about toking and forgetting things,
in a laughing manner, maybe strained a bit.
But, on Nationwide TV... he didn't go all pseudo-patriotic.
or get drug war hysteria and squirm in his chair.
He just put it all into perspective.
Said we can't lock up drug problems,
too many prisoners. He saw the light...
The Patriot Ax was also mentioned.
I'm staying a healthy skeptic on this one.
But he ain't the old Barrbarian, so easy to hate before.
Or maybe he's just a better actor than I thought.
Does he just want to privatize caging?DdC

Bob Barr the UnLibertarian

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